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Educatory Electro Services t/a EE Services Owner, Petrus van Zyl, 25 years experience in Electrical Training: Qualified Electrician, Master Installation.

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1 Educatory Electro Services t/a EE Services Owner, Petrus van Zyl, 25 years experience in Electrical Training: Qualified Electrician, Master Installation Electrician and Qualified Lecturer.

2 Our Mission & Believe EE Services, as an Electrical Technical Training Service provider delivers an accredited training and developing service to clients. Training and development will always be at a high standard and quality, client and market related at the most flexible way possible. The object of our training is to make electrical training excisable to learners at all times. Our training focuses on the technical and legal competencies and registration of the installation related responsibilities of employees and employers. The entire business and training approach of EE Services is to let all staff believe that they will assist every single one of the learners to be the best that they could be.

3 More about us! Electrician Construction Apprenticeship Modules 0 – 7 & Phase A test. Module 0 – 7 training: opportunity for a private person (no contract) to develop himself to become a qualified person in the trade. Unit Standards: 1. Test of electrical installations, single & three phase 2. Completing Certificate of Compliance, single & three phase Trade Test preparation – electrical construction (Pre-Prep) Basic Refrigeration N2 Equivalent & the practical evaluation as required by the Department of Labour for Article 28 Trade Test Option B and single phase tester. N2 Alternative, 18 unit standards on a modular concept. To enable a person to write a Trade Test. Evaluation Test to determine a persons level of knowledge before entering into a Trade Test.

4 Core Module 0: Safety Ohs Act 85 of 1993 Electrical Installation Regulations Electrical Machinery Regulations

5 Core Module 1: Installing Wireways 1.1 Install metal conduit: 1.1.1in cavity walls 1.1.2in chased walls 1.1.3in ceilings 1.1.4in concrete decks 1.1.5on surfaces 1.2 Install PVC conduit: 1.2.1in cavity walls 1.2.2in chased walls 1.2.3in ceilings 1.2.4in concrete decks 1.2.5on surfaces

6 Module 1 continue 1.3 Install flexible conduit: 1.3.1 in fixed appliances 1.3.2 in stationery appliances 1.4 Install trunking: 1.4.1 on surfaces 1.4.2 suspended from ceilings 1.5 Install cable racks and trays: 1.5.1 on surfaces 1.5.2 suspended

7 Core Module 2: Installing Cables 2.1 Install flexible cord: 2.1.1 select cable 2.1.2 terminate socket outlet 2.1.3terminate appliance 2.1.4join cable 2.1.5testing cable 2.2 Install flexible cable: 2.2.1select cable 2.2.2terminate socket outlet 2.2.3terminate appliance 2.2.4joining cable 2.2.5testing cable

8 Module 2 continue 2.3 350–500V Armoured cable: 2.3.1select cable route 2.3.2select cable 2.3.3secure cable 2.3.4terminate cable 2.3.5join cable 2.3.6insulate cable 2.3.7test cable

9 Core Module 3: Wiring of Premises 3.1 Wiring meter box: 3.1.1single phase 3.1.2three phase 3.1.3CT metering 3.2 Wiring distribution boards: 3.2.1single phase 3.2.2three phase 3.2.3load balancing 3.3 Wiring socket outlets: 3.3.1single phase 3.3.2three phase

10 Module 3 continue 3.4 Install / wire luminaire: 3.4.1incandescent 3.4.2discharge and ancillary 3.5 Wiring switching circuits: 3.5.1one way switches 3.5.2two way switches 3.5.3intermediate switches 3.5.4dimmer switches 3.5.5daylight switches 3.5.6looping switches 3.5.7starting switches

11 Core Module 4: Installing Transformers 4.1 380–220 V transformers: 4.1.1mount 4.1.2connect primary 4.1.3connect secondary 4.1.4connect protective devices 4.2 Auto transformers 380–200V: 4.2.1mount 4.2.2connect terminals 4.2.3connect protective devices

12 Core Module 5: Installing DC Motors 5.1 Install DC motors: 5.1.1 mount 5.1.2 aligning motors 5.1.3 connecting supply 5.2 Install starting systems: 5.2.1 connect common starting systems 5.3 Conducting motor test

13 Core Module 6: Install & Maintain AC Motors 6.1 Installing motors: 6.1.1motor test single phase motor test three phase motor test 6.1.2install motor single phase motor three phase motor 6.2 Install connect start systems: 6.2.1single phase start connect capacitor start constant capacitor start

14 Module 6 continue 6.2.2three phase start on line start forward reverse start sequence start automatic start resistance start auto transformer 50kw 6.3 Maintain AC motors

15 Core Module 7: Testing & Fault Finding 7.1 Installation test 7.2 Appliance testing: 7.2.1 testing portable appliances 7.2.2 testing stationary appliances 7.2.3 testing fixed appliances 7.3 Fault finding: 7.3.1 visual test 7.3.2 continuity test 7.3.3 insulation resistance test Using the latest equipment (Portable Appliance Tester), ETS carries out the following testing procedures, including: Physical inspection; Insulation Tests; Earth circuit Test; Continuity Test; Functionality Test; Run / Leakage Test; Polarity wire Test; Visual Inspections Include As per (AS 3760); Check for obvious external damage; Check defects-accessories, plugs or socket outlets; Check defects on connectors; Check supply cords; No exposed inner cords, external sheath not cut abraded or damaged; Check cords are not tangled or exposed for tripping; All flexible cords are securely anchored; and Power boards: Indicator for maximum load is visible and legible.

16 Our Contact Details: Office Tel / Fax:051 – 451 2251 Fax2mail: 086 519 0221 E-mail: Petrus van Zyl Cell:084 401 2239

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