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I explored the east and west coast of Florida and was given credit for discovering the Gulf Stream.

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2 I explored the east and west coast of Florida and was given credit for discovering the Gulf Stream.


4 I was a Spanish conquistador and the first to explore the southeast region of the United States. I brought diseases to the Native Americans. I also used the Native Americans as slaves and took some back to Spain.


6 I am credited with being the oldest Spanish settlement in the United States. This settlement is located in Florida and is called St. Augustine.


8 I am credited with showing that the Atlantic Ocean was a bridge connecting Europe, Africa and the Americas.


10 I am credited with being the first explorer to sail around the Cape of Good Hope.


12 I was sent by the King of France to find a suitable place to establish a French colony. I am famous for establishing a settlement for French Huguenots in the New World.


14 I am responsible for creating a colony for debtors. I established the colony of Georgia as a buffer state between the Carolinas and Spanish Florida.


16 I became the first royal governor of Georgia from 1754-1757. I established a governor, a council, and a legislature (that consisted of the Upper House of Assembly and the Commons House of Assembly. I was not a popular governor. I was removed and sent back to England. Lieutenant Henry Ellis replaced me as governor.


18 I was the royal governor in 1771 and tried to stop attempts to weaken ties with Great Britain. I believed that English laws should be obeyed.

19 James Wright

20 We were the three delegates from Georgia that signed the Declaration of Independence.


22 I came from Poland to assist the colonists in the American Revolution. I was made an officer by George Washington. I was killed in the Battle of Savannah.


24 I was a young French nobleman who persuaded the King of France to send an army of 6,000 men to aid the colonists in the American Revolution.


26 I was the Commander of the Continental Army. I knew the Hudson River was the Key to the Continent I knew Great Britain wanted control of the Hudson. If Britain controlled the Hudson they would cut off our supplies. I ordered a Great Chain to stretch across the river from West Point to Constitution Island.


28 I became the first naval hero because of my victory over the British navy on September 23, 1779. I am famous for saying, I have not yet begun to fight!


30 I am famous for writing the Declaration of Independence. In 1803 as president of the United States I purchased the Louisiana Territory for $15,000,000.


32 I saw that the Whiteman had advantages by using their talking leaves. I developed the Cherokee alphabet that used 86 symbols to represent our Cherokee syllables.


34 I was a slave who served under Elijah Clarke during the Battle of Kettle Creek. I was the only African American soldier to fight in the battle. After the American Revolution, in recognition of my bravery, the state of Georgia gave me my freedom and awarded me 500 acres of land in 1786.


36 During the 1880s, we rose to the top of the Cherokee Nation. One of us was a successful planter and businessman. The other became chief of the Cherokee from 1827-1866


38 Although I aided the whites in the War of 1812, I am infamous for selling the Creek land to the whites for $400,000. As a result, the Creeks set fire to my plantation and murdered me.


40 I did not agree with the Treaty of Augusta (it gave away 1,000,000 acres of Creek land to the whites). I led the Upper Creeks in a war against the settlers in the backcountry (Augusta). I was not at war with the whole American States, only the Georgians that had taken our hunting grounds.


42 I was chief of the Yamacraws (part of Creek Confederation) when the first settlers arrived at Yamacraw Bluff. I aided the Whiteman called Oglethorpe in the Treaty of Savannah.


44 I ran a trading post near Yamacraw Bluff. My wife was the daughter of a white South Carolina trader and a Creek chief. Both my wife and I aided Oglethorpe as translators at the Treaty of Savannah.


46 I am famous for writing the propaganda pamphlet Common Sense. This pamphlet explained the issues from the Patriots point of view. I urged the colonists to declare independence and create a New World.


48 I was a farmer in Massachusetts. In January 1787, I led a group of farmers to raid the arsenal in Springfield, Massachusetts where guns were being stored by the British government.


50 We were the delegates from Georgia that ratified the Constitution.


52 For a while I lived in Minnesota as a free citizen. Later I was forced to return to Missouri where they did not recognize my free status. I sued the state of Missouri and lost. I appealed to the Supreme court. They ruled that since slaves were not considered citizens I could not sue in United Stated courts.


54 I was a general for the north during the Civil War. I was responsible for the taking of Atlanta. Following the Battle of Atlanta I led the March to Sea where my army took Savannah and then turned northward to take south Carolina and on to North Carolina.


56 I was a top student at West Point. I really did not want to fight the Union. However, my loyalty belonged to Virginia. I was put in command of the Confederate army by President Davis during the Civil War.


58 I was a general for the Union army during the Civil War. I won the first major victories of the war. Later I was elected president of the United States.


60 I was a general for the Confederate army during the Civil War. My men referred to me as a stonewall. I was fatally wounded at the Battle of Chancellorsville.


62 I was a spokesperson for the south. Although I wasnt the first choice, I became president of the Confederacy during the Civil War.


64 I commanded the blockade runner Lucy during the Civil War. I am also famous for writing poetry. I died at the age of 39 from tuberculosis. Georgia built a lake and named it for me.

65 Sidney Lanier

66 I was president of the United States during the Civil War. I am remembered for the Emancipation Proclamation and the Gettysburg Address. I was assassinated at Ford's Theatre.


68 I owned a restaurant in Atlanta called the Pickrick Cafeteria. When desegregation came to Georgia I still refused to allow blacks in my restaurant. I was elected governor of Georgia 1967-1971. I became Lieutenant Governor of Georgia in 1971-1975.


70 I was elected governor of Georgia on 1941. I opposed the New Deal I was responsible for the Board of Regents controversy and the Southern Manifest.


72 I was appointed Attorney General. In 1942, I was elected governor of Georgia. I established the Department of Corrections.


74 I was elected mayor of Atlanta from 1937-1966. I helped to integrate public schools in Georgia. I established the Atlanta Airport I established Atlanta Zoo.


76 In 1962, I was elected Senator of Georgia. In 1970, I was elected governor of Georgia. In 1976, I was elected president of the United States. I was responsible for The Camp David Accords peace treaty between Israel and Egypt.


78 I was president of Morehouse College in Atlanta. I was a professor and mentor to Martin Luther King I was a leader in the NAACP


80 I donated 633 acres of land to create the first state college in Georgia. Originally known as Franklin College, it is now called the University of Georgia.


82 I worked closely with Martin Luther King Jr. In 1972, I became the first African American Congressman. In 1977, President Carter appointed me ambassador to the United Nations. I was appointed major of Atlanta from 1981-1989


84 I became the first African mayor of Atlanta in 1973.


86 I served in the House of Representatives for 50years. I supported the expansions of the military. I supported the creation of a two ocean navy during Roosevelts Lend-Lease. I helped to expand the ship building industries of Savannah and Brunswick.


88 In 1920, at the age of 23, I was elected State Representative. I served in the United States Senate from 1933- 1971. In 1930 I was elected governor of the state of Georgia. I served one term as governor. I opposed involvement in the Vietnam War.


90 I was a lawyer. I served in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. I supported secession. I helped to write the Confederate constitution.


92 I argued with Benjamin Hill and Herschel Johnson for Georgia to compromise with the north and not secede. However, I also understood Georgias right to secede. I became known as a cooperationist.


94 I believed in secession. I helped write the Confederate Constitution. I was a UGA graduate and cofounder of the school of law.


96 I was an African American barber and entrepreneur (business man) I founded and became president of the Atlanta Life Insurance Company. I became one of the richest men in Atlanta.


98 I began making tufted bedspreads at the age of 12. This technique is known as candle wicking. Later I formed a cottage business. During the new Deal, I moved my business from a cottage industry to a factory.


100 I was born in Savannah, Georgia. I wrote 2 novels and 31 short stories about small towns in Georgia. I died of the disease lupus in 1964.


102 I am 1/8 th African – American and 7/8 th White. In 1892 I sued the state of Louisiana because I was forced to leave the white section of a railroad car. I lost the case Later I appealed to the Supreme Court. I lost again. The Supreme Court ruled that law separating the two races was merely a matter of policy.


104 I was born in Atlanta, Georgia. I was a novelist. I am famous for writing the novel Gone With the Wind.


106 I was born in Atlanta, Georgia. I became a famous singer. I headed a group called _______________ and the Pips.


108 I was born in Columbus, Georgia. When I was 23, I wrote a novel called The Heart is a lonely Hunter. My novel later became a movie.


110 I was born in Dawson, Georgia. I toured with a backup group called the Booker T. My most famous song is Sittin on the Dock of the Bay.


112 I grew up in Macon, Georgia. I am famous for the song Tutti Frutti. I was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986.


114 I was born in Augusta, Georgia. I am known as the Godfather of Soul. I am famous for the song I Feel Good


116 I was born in Albany, Georgia. Hollywood just recently made a movie about my life. One of my most famous songs Georgia on My Mind was made the state song of Georgia on March 7, 1979


118 I was a teacher. In 1895, I made a speech in which I said that I thought African Americans should focus on learning. I believed that African Americans needed to earn respect and demand equality. This speech later became known as the Atlanta Compromise.


120 I was born in Harlem, Georgia. I became part of a famous comedy team during the 1920s, 1930s and the 1940s.


122 I was editor of the Atlanta Constitution in 1880. I supported the New South movement along with John Gordon, Joseph Brown and Alfred Colquitt.


124 I was murdered at the age of 13. My body was found in the National Pencil Factory in Atlanta. The factorys manager was arrested and found guilty of my murder.


126 I am Jewish. In 1913 I was the manager of the National Pencil Factory in Atlanta. I was accused of the murder of Mary Phagan. Before my sentence could be carried out I was hung by a lunch mob. In 1982 Alonzo Mann came forward to say that he had seen Jim Conley with Mary Phagans body. In 1986 the Georgia Board of Pardons pardons me posthumously for the murder.


128 In 1895, I was a sociology professor. I disagreed with Booker Washingtons views. I believed that believed that African Americans deserved equal respect politically, socially, and economically. I believe that African Americans should receive the same information as the whites.


130 I am an entrepreneur. I bought the Brave baseball team and was responsible for bringing the team to Atlanta. I bought a cable network broadcasting station and televised the Braves games throughout the country.



133 Face of Stone Mountain











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