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Writing Informational Text Connected to You For your Autobiography.

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1 Writing Informational Text Connected to You For your Autobiography

2 Lets make it fun!!!




6 A sport? A vacation spot? An Animal? An Athlete? Time in history?

7 20 Note cards – At least 4 different sites. An Informal Outline A Story Board A Slide show – 1 Cover page introducing the topic – 20 informational slides – 1 Work Cited Page You must have at least 2 visuals to go with your presentation!

8 You will learn Research techniques How to make note cards How to write an informal outline How to make a story board How to make an informational slide show How to make a work cited page

9 Go to… Preston School District #201 Preston Jr. High /jr-high-library.html /jr-high-library.html EBSCO Host UserID: prestonjrhigh Password: library

10 Go to… Kids Search Searchasaurus Animals Art & Music HealthHistory People & Places Science & Math SportsStories

11 Kids Search Your topic You can choose any of the titles that appeal to you or you can look for a particular category.

12 Do research on at least 20 important facts about your topic.


14 Note cards




18 Lets do one… 1) Author- Pearson, John, 6)

19 Copy and paste information you might want to use onto a note card. Each topic and/or website you find useful information on should have a separate note card. Label note cards at the top with an appropriate heading. (food, songs, clothes, etc)

20 Put the Work Cited information onto your note card. Type in high-library.html Click on citation machine, then choose whether it is print or non-print, then click on (book, online database, internet, or other) Fill out the appropriate information, then click on create citation below. Copy and paste the citation onto the bottom of your note card. high-library.html


22 Transfer the information on your note cards into your PowerPoint. Use your OWN WORDS! DO NOT PLAGERIZE! Remember you must have 10 informational slides with 1 on Christmas. Any note cards that are used must have the citation listed on the last slide of PowerPoint entitled Works Cited page.

23 Informal Outline Simply take all of your note cards (20 at least) Arrange them in the order you want to do them on your slide show. List the like this….

24 Informal Outline Example A. Australia 1. Location a. Down under 2. Flag 3.History A Prison 4.Government a. England 5.Food 6.Aborigines a. boomerang 7. People 8. Sports 9. Plants 10. Plane Travel to Australia

25 Example (continued) 11. Sidney Opera House 12. Sidney Harbor 13. Sidney Zoo 14. Sidney Flea Market 15. Rotating Restaurant 16. Victoria Shopping 17. Nowera 18.Schools 19.Grocery stores 20.Victoria Falls

26 Story Board ( fold paper ) 1.Australia By Vicky Mather (Flag) 2. Location ( map) 3. Climate (Beach) 4. History (prison) 5. Government6. food7. Aborigines and boomerangs 8. People and Culture ( Dress, activities) 9. Plants and Animals (Kangaroo and Koloa, bamboo) 10. Sports11. My Visit (plane travel to Australia) 12. Sidney Opera House ( history) 13. Sidney Opera House (our concert) 14. Sidney Harbor15. Sidney Harbor Bridge Climb 16. Zoo 17. Sydney Flea Markets 18. Rotating restaurant 19. Shopping20. Work Cited Page

27 Tips for creating Slide Show When setting up background choose one of the entire slide show. Avoid using too much text. Three – five short sentences maximum. Could also be phrases with a bullet. Avoid fancy fonts. Choose a font that is simple and easy to read, size 18-24. Use contrasting colors for text and background. Dark on light is best. Keep color scheme consistent Use animation and transitions sparingly as they are very distracting.

28 Reminder Share PowerPoint with the class and bring 2 visuals to show.

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