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2 WHAT IS WAPPU? Wappu is the biggest student party/event during one school year. It gathers all students (from different schools) to party together in various places. Traditionally Wappu descends from Labour Day (1.5.) celebrations, a day dedicated to all the workers around Finland (and other parts of the world). Nowadays the labour/worker thought is almost diminished and Wappu is generally thought to be a day of fun for all the people. !!! The official costume is naturally an overall!

3 Wappu traditions: Wappu magazines Wappu magazine is printed every year. Äpy (a magazine taking different shapes, e.g. cell phone replica) and Julkku (looks like traditional magazine) take turns every other year. In the spring 2010 it is Julkku's turn. Engineering students can earn pocket money by selling these magazines. The launch of the magazine is definitely a place to be!

4 Wappu traditions: 29.4. There are lots of parties around Otaniemi few days before Wappu, especially on 29th of April. These parties occur all around Otaniemi. On the night of 29th the phuksis begin their celebration by first having (weird) performances in Dipoli and then starting a competition continuing the whole night. Both the performances and the start of the competition are open for public.

5 Wappu traditions: 30.4. This is the day of never ending parties! The day begins early in the morning when the Teekkari caps are given to the phuksis. In the afternoon people make their way to the city centre because at 18:00 Manta, the statue of Havis Amanda is given a cap. The whole city is there with champagne bottles and high spirits! Go there!!! The evening and the night will continue in various parties. Normally mostly underaged teens stay outside and students go to different parties organised by student organisations and nations. Some people take it gentler, and have a good dinner at home or in a restaurant.

6 Wappu traditions: 1.5. On the first of May, all the students gather to Ullanlinnanmäki in Kaivopuisto to have picnic. There are different constructions from a mere blanket to a fancy three course meal with silver cutlery and long tables with a white cloth, or sofas and tents and flags. The park is like a colorful sea of white student caps, overalls in all possible colors and balloons. In the park you can find babies, kids, students, working people and pensioners-everybodys there. The same atmosphere, but in a smaller scale can be found in Kaisaniemi park, where the Swedish speaking students have met traditionally for the past 100 years or so.

7 The Wappu schedule 2010 Thursday 22.4. 15:00 Teekkari prank show in M-hall. The winner will represent Otaniemi in the national competition. It is a long tradition in Finland that engineering students make practical jokes that are documented and put out to the audience to enjoy. Practical jokes are not meant to do any harm –just to make people laugh. Every year a competition for the best joke is put on and best videos are shown in this show in M-hall. 17:00 Publication of the Wappu magazine Julkku A-hall The publication of Julkku is a great show-really popular and worth of seeing. The hall will be crowded so come at least 30 min in advance if you want to make in. 22:00 Pre-Wappu party at Aladdin in Tapiola Tickets 2 from the main building, 3 at the door. Organized by Chemistry Guild. Aladdin nightclub Itätuulenkuja 10 02100 Espoo

8 The Wappu schedule 2010 Friday 23.4. 20:00 Gamenight, sauna at Otakaari by KIK, MK & KK Saturday 24.4. 16:00 Opening of the terrace season In the inner yard of JMT7. Everybody is welcome to come and enjoy the company and the lovely spring. Organized by Teekkaritytöt (Teekkari girls). Sunday 25.4. 11:00-> Spring carnival at Alvarin aukio

9 The Wappu schedule 2010 Monday 26.4. 13:00-> Summergames at Otaranta by IK At the lawn between the sportsfield of Otaniemi and the sea This is a playful competition for 10 teams(2 people in one team) that are contesting in 3 different games. What you need is a friend and 6 drinks (0,33l bier/cider/longdrink/vichy/softdrink) If you want to take part you are asked to attend the place at 12:45 to join. Only 10 teams are accepted to the competition. Of course its fun just to come there and cheer on your friends. Tuesday 27.4. 16:00-> Spring carnival in the center of Helsinki Wednesday 28.4. 17:00 A movie Mitä meistä tuli at Auditorium of Dipoli The movie is shown with English subtitles

10 The Wappu schedule 2010 Wednesday 28.4. 13:00->Sitsicompetition in the Alvarinaukio Make a team and have a sitsiparty of your dreams! The best party wins! Last year the winner team had sitsit in a car! Use your imagination! The winnerteam is revealed on Thurdsday 30.4. in front of Smökki at Wappu julistus (declaration). To take part in the competiton send email before 26.4. to In the message inform your name, the name of your team, your email-address and phone-number. This is really funny event and worth of seeing and joining!!! 17:00-> A pub crawl by KY The aviation club of KY, Kymppi, arranges the traditional tram pub crawl with tram number 10 from Pikku-Huopalahti to the city center. The afterparty will be held at Cuba Cafe. Collect a group of 3-8 students and suit up in your overalls to experience this epic adventure and prepare for the Wappu celebrations. Tickets can be bought at or at the HSE main building lobby mo 19.4, tu 20.4, we 21.4, mo 26.4, tu 27.4 ja we 28.4. on noon and 2pm -breaks. The cost is 5 euros per person and includes the afterparty and an overall badge.

11 The Wappu schedule 2010 Thursday 29.4. 17:30-> Phuksi play competition at Dipoli Crazy interactive plays performed by freshman students from different guilds. 21:00-03:00 PELMU Wappufestival in Smökki Live music, entrance 2 21:30 The beginning of the Yöjäynä" phuksicompetition at Alvarin aukio Come cheer the phuksi team of your guild to victory in the first part of "yöjäynä" pfuksi competition. 22:00-> Hullu Jussi Craziest Teekkari group in Otaniemi -competition Make a team of 4-10 persons and wander around Otaniemi trying to pass and complete all kinds of funny tasks! The craziest team wins! This is a perfect way to spend the night having fun with your friends and going crazy!!!! To join send mail to Tell your name, the name of your team and the number of your team See you there!!!

12 The Wappu schedule 2010 Friday 30.4. 8:00 Giving out the Teekkari caps at amphitheatre (main building) If you are able to wake up this early come to enjoy the atmosphere of the special event where the 1st year students get their caps for the first time. 9:00 Beer relay competition in front of Department of Material Technology Teams of four run around the building and drink a lot of beer. Only for those good at drinking fast. To join get a team of 4 people and sign up (Ilmoittaudu) 12:00-15:00 Bubble bath in front of Smökki Tent sauna and warm bubble bath ready for you to jump in! 14:00 Wappuriehan julistus (The declaration of Wappu) All around Smökki. All kind of program and general fun. Everybody's there! 18:00 Putting the student hat on the head of Havis Amanda statue (NOT THE TEEKKARI CAP!) Worth of seeing!!!! At Esplanadi near Kauppatori. The beginning of Wappu for all others except students. Helsinki has gone completely crazy and the atmosphere here is something you need to experience!!

13 The Wappu schedule 2010 Friday 30.4. 21:00-02:00 The grande Wappu party at Dipoli Come and experience maybe the biggest Twister in the world, DJ Diglet's disco, the hot rhythms from Entropy and two incredible live bands: THE CAPITAL BEAT 22.30 pm ( PUHURI 00.30 am ( Age limit: 18 Tickets: 8/10 euros (only cash at the door) Tickets are sold at HUT main building 20.-23.4. ja 26.-29.4. 10am-2pm, AYY Otaniemi service point during office hours and at Tiketti. Saturday 1.5. The grande Wappu picnic in Ullanlinnanmäki (starting when youll get there) In Kaivopuisto park, Helsinki continuing all day. Bring lots of sparkling wine, blanket and something to eat. 17:00 Teekkari band Wappu dance ball In Hotel Vanha Poli(Hotel Linna). Some classical and some less classical music by Polytechnic Orchestra and RWBK.

14 You will love it!


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