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Bienvenue Bienvenidos Taking a World Language at Cary-Grove High School! Welcome!

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1 Bienvenue Bienvenidos Taking a World Language at Cary-Grove High School! Welcome!

2 Cary-Grove offers incoming students the opportunity to choose from four languages. German FRENCH CHINESE SPANISH

3 World Language in High School World Language study is beneficial in a number of ways at the high school level. It satisfies the electives graduation requirement. You can take rigorous AP exams your fourth year. There are scholarships for students that have studied 4 years of the same language. You can become a trilingual scholar and earn scholarship money when funds are available. You can participate in peer tutoring. There are extracurricular activities.

4 World Languages Beyond High School Students can receive college credit and/or waivers for entrance requirements. Knowledge of a second language gives job seekers an edge. Research has shown that study of another language can increase math and English test scores.

5 Frequently Asked Questions 1. Which language should my child take? If there is an existing motivation to take a particular language, its most likely theyll be successful studying that language. 2. Which language is the hardest? Each language provides its own set of difficulties. Pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and culture make each language uniquely challenging. 3. How many years must my child take? The fine arts requirement is one year, but college bound students should consider their future plans.

6 How does studying a language in high school, especially for four years, benefit students? Its important to think of how high school prepares you for a university. Most colleges and universities have a world language entrance requirement. Many also include a second language as part of their graduation requirements. Earn College/AP Credit! Save time and money $3000 to $20,000 in tuition!

7 You can earn 8 to 16 college credits taking a World Language at Cary-Grove.

8 Extracurricular Opportunities Each language has its own club. Each language offers various awards and scholarships.

9 German Club Here are some activities: Bowling Holiday Trip to Chicago German Restaurant Sledding Trip

10 French Club Some activities we do: 1776 5 course dinner Ambrosia St. Roger Abbey Boules

11 Spanish Club Here are some activities: Fiestas Food Games

12 Chinese Club Some activities we do: Field Trip to China Town Sample Chinese Food

13 Mardival Every year, a Mardi Gras celebration is open for all world language students to participate. There are games, food, music, and fun.

14 World Language Halloween Party Mummy wrap Pumpkin decorating Prizes for best costume

15 World Language Softball Game Every spring, the Language Clubs compete against each other in a softball tournament. This event has become so popular that it usually draws over 100 world language students.

16 Do you know… The Chinese are the largest single ethnic group in the world? Chinese is a language spoken by about a quarter of the worlds population? Chinese is the world's oldest language still in use today and its written records stretch back about 3,500 years? China is poised to become the next global economic superpower?

17 C hinese Culture

18 ! Greeting nǐhǎo

19 When you enter high school, decide to be a German, French, Spanish or Chinese Student at Cary-Grove! Heidelberg, Germany Paris, France Mexico City, Mexico Beijing, China Madrid, Spain

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