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Personal connections matter – 40% found the Club through personal contacts Internet searches and UIAA mailings are key points of entry Strong brand.

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3 Personal connections matter – 40% found the Club through personal contacts Internet searches and UIAA mailings are key points of entry Strong brand presence with UI officials and faculty often make people aware of the CAIC Illustrative Comments I'm not entirely certain, but I believe a fellow alum steered me to your club and then I found you on the web. looked it up on the iowa alumni page, it's hard to find though by just searching the web Internet search when we moved here from Iowa. On the Iowa campus at the end of my senior year I spoke with some people at the national alumni association and when I told them I was moving to DC, they raved about what a great, active club we have out here. Told by a UI faculty member who knew I was moving to DC In the back of the alumni magazine Iowa football game watch. Sally Mason When I was moving out to DC, I heard about the game watches from a friend, and learned more about the club at the first game watch I attended.

4 Email remains the most effective & most used outreach tool But, many still value traditional newsletters Wide spread of views on other on-line information sources – webpage and Facebook

5 DC Alumni are open to different activities and programs They expect the CAIC to be useful tool in staying informed about the University of Iowa and Hawkeye athletics

6 Game Watches and Iowa sporting events rank consistently highest Diverse interests reflected by the low number of not interested for most activities


8 Not surprisingly, interest in resources/activities that help find jobs are in greater demand than those helping others find jobs Comment data later in the survey shows strong interest in structured career networking programming Existing set of happy hours and social activities do not meet this need Nature of this desired programming is not well defined

9 Generally, less overall support for any single activity Support for kids, crafting look to be age-dependent, based on the individual responses Writing and Book Club efforts are known to be niche undertakings, but appeal to noticeable segments of the alumni base (as seen by the 20% Very Interested rating for the Book Club) Restaurant tours & Winetasting score highest Past restaurant tour efforts failed, but this data suggests a revival might be considered Winestastings have been on the agenda for some time

10 Very segmented responses Those who already participate value these activities highly Those that dont are generally ambivalent or unsupportive 20-30% Interested in starting Softball, Volleyball outings Issue here is whether to pursue single event or field a team for league competition Different logistical demands and volunteer needs/commitments Club currently sponsors a Golf Outing and Flag Football Team Has hosted Bowling outings in the past; data suggests more regular offering would be supported

11 Strong support for Club programming with more than 50% Interested in all Club maintains annual food/clothing/toy drives through game watch structure Others are occasionally scheduled As volunteer leader interest is available Responses suggest more focus would be supported


13 People are busy Timing of events, job, family and other volunteer commitments most cited reasons for not attending Club activities Finding consistent with national surveys of alumni engagement Location is a factor for game watches Comments support opening a DC & MD location Events offered judged to offer good value and affordability

14 Comments I've really enjoyed making new friends through the CAIC. Through attending non-gamewatch events, I've also developed a greater appreciation of the monuments/landmarks in the surrounding are. We moved here two years ago and finding the I Club helped us meet people and gather together with fellow Hawkeye fans. I love the game watches at the sports pub. Lots of fun. This survey indicates a patent misprioritization of activity – sports … You are only catering to the young crowd who never grew up from college. The events I have attended have been great and I appreciate how inclusive the Club has been. Keep up the good work! Some people came across as moody or to party-happy. It's great that the Iowa Club is so active here in the DC area. I haven't been as involved … partially due to the overall feeling of inconvenience … so many events require a car to get there … I think sometimes people who live in the burbs forget that not everyone has a car, particularly those who live in the District. I have a great impression of the Club, but don't really feel that I am part of it. On the outside looking in.

15 77% were dues-paying members of the CAIC Spread of Ages 54% graduated from college more than 10 years ago; 45% graduated within the last 10 years Spread Across the DC Metro Region 53% live in Virginia; 32% in DC; 12% in Maryland 63% were members of the University of Iowa Alumni Association (UIAA)


17 Overall, the Club gets strong marks High levels of satisfaction Strong interest in events/activities Concerns About the Mix and Location of Events

18 The Club averages 1-2 non- game watch events per month Strive to provide diverse calendar Tours Social events UI Receptions Tickets for sporting events and theatrical performances College fairs Intern Buddy Honor Flights Ability to provide more events is limited by Volunteer time to identify and coordinate Expanded focus on certain kinds of events/activities warranted Career networking Cultural & Educational Activities Need to Balance Active Calendar with Potential Iowa Club Fatigue Challenge is to attract new participants so the same group of active members isnt overtaxed … the club has utterly failed in professional activities, mentoring other alumni, acclamation to DC and professional networking activities … You are only catering to the young crowd who never grew up from college.

19 Events Hosted Across Region, but DC is the focus In 2009 10 Events in DC 4 Events in MD 5 Events in VA In 2010 18 Events in DC 7 Events in MD 4 Events in VA Game Watches not included in those totals Game Watch sites in VA and DC Club Members Are Spread Across the Region 60% live in VA 23% live in DC 15% live in MD More Attention to Regional Diversity is Required MD traditionally underserved Solving that problem requires volunteer leaders who live in MD Location Complaints Are Probably Event Diversity Complaints More activities that are in the city or metro accessible.

20 If you have any questions, please contact Jeff Kueter at

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