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Mead Valley Municipal Advisory Council October 17, 2012

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1 Mead Valley Municipal Advisory Council October 17, 2012
Cajalco Road Widening and Safety Enhancement Project (Project Update) Woodcrest Municipal Advisory Council October 11, 2012 Mead Valley Municipal Advisory Council October 17, 2012

2 Key Project Team Members
Riverside County Transportation Department Juan C. Perez Scott Staley Mary Zambon ICF International Brian Calvert AECOM Edward Ng Iteris Viggen Davidian Arellano Associates Cheryl Donahue

3 Project Overview Proposed Project: Widen Cajalco Road from two to four lanes between Harvill Avenue and Temescal Canyon Road, and from four to six lanes between the I-215 southbound ramps and Harvill Avenue

4 Previous Public Meetings
Cajalco Road Public Scoping Meeting #1 (September 26, 2011) Lake Mathews Elementary School Cajalco Road Public Scoping Meeting #2 (September 29, 2011) Tomas Rivera Middle School RAGLM (October 19, 2011) Fire Station #4 (El Sobrante Rd) Greater Lake Mathews Rural Trails Association (January 12, 2012) Kountry Folks Homestyle Restaurant RAGLM (July 18, 2012) Fire Station #4 (El Sobrante Rd) Woodcrest MAC (October 11, 2012) Woodcrest Library

5 Public Scoping Meetings
Cajalco Road NEPA Public Scoping Meeting #1 (October 24, 2012) Lake Mathews Elementary School Cajalco Road NEPA Public Scoping Meeting #2 (October 25, 2012) Tomas Rivera Middle School

6 Alternatives Presented
Generally follows existing alignment Bike lanes and horse trails Drainage improvements Wildlife crossings

7 Alternatives Presented
Follows current General Plan alignment. Similar to Alternative 1, except for new section between Hollis Lane and Eagle Canyon Road.

8 Feedback = Alterations
Input received from 72 members of the public and 18 agencies have resulted in the following: Consideration of a secondary access via Lake Mathews Drive for existing homes in the Hollis Lane area. Under Alternative 2, consideration of extending La Sierra Avenue to meet the new alignment of Cajalco Road. Refinements to roadway design that include removal of the previously considered equestrian trail between Harley John Road and Temescal Canyon Road.

9 Modified Alternatives


11 Current Trail GP

12 Proposed Trail GP

13 Federal EIS Determination
A decision on the type of environmental document necessary for compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) has been issued by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), the lead federal agency for the project. An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) will be prepared. Additional public scoping meetings (a requirement of the EIS process) with opportunity to provide input and obtain information about the project will be held in the fall of 2012.

14 Next Steps EIS process includes additional agency review and input into project's purpose and need, and range of alternatives Consider input from meetings/written comments in Draft Env Document Continue technical, engineering, environmental studies Present Draft Environmental Document for public review and include responses in Final Environmental Document Identify preferred alternative, with consideration of public and agency comments Obtain project approval Provide project update prior to construction

15 Anticipated Project Milestones
Project Scoping Draft Environmental Document Circulation Final Environmental Document Fall 2012 Late 2014 Mid/Late 2015

16 County Project Website

17 Project Contacts Cheryl Donahue, Community Outreach, (909) 528-6453
Scott Staley, Project Manager, (951) Mary Zambon, Environmental Project Manager, (951) Frances Segovia, Spanish Interpreter, (951)

18 Thank You We appreciate the invitation from the Mead Valley MAC and the opportunity to share the project progress. Please sign in to be notified of upcoming public meetings and availability of environmental documents.

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