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Copyright: The ideas presented here and their implementation are the intellectual property of Cosine UK, to which we shall exercise our rights as the authors.

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1 Copyright: The ideas presented here and their implementation are the intellectual property of Cosine UK, to which we shall exercise our rights as the authors. Direct or indirect imitation or use of any of the ideas or other documentation or their implementation is not permitted until we have issued our prior written permission. UK Grocery Retailer Insights Weekly retailer themes and brand promotions from the top UK grocery retailers. w/e 5 th May 2014

2 Key Customer Themes : NEW Home Spring / Summer Catalogue: Front of store display advertising the new brochure. NEW Cheaper Grocery Deliveries : 1 hour slots now from £1; charges down and staying down. Advertised on security shrouds, a front of store standee and high signs on entry. NEW One Of The Family – Always There To Lend A Helping Hand: Highlighted by bus stops in the pet department. NEW Were Called Tesco Bank, Because Were 100% Owned By Tesco, And Were A Bank: Displayed at every other checkout. Giraffe Restaurant Opening: Notification of forthcoming restaurant opening as part of the store. Love Your Garden: Front of store stacks and 10 bays of gardening / outdoor items and plants. Local Engagement: Signs in car park encouraging local businesses to have car park space to sell their products. General Feel: Tidy, well stocked and plenty of staff to assist. Key Deals: Selected Lager / Cider / Beer (10 – 15 pk): Any 2 For £18 Selected Health And Beauty Products: ½ Price Selected Cleaning Products: ½ Price Selected Frozen Products: ½ Price Yorkshire Tea (240pk): £5 Tesco Baked Beans (4pk): £1.20 Tesco Free Range Eggs (6pk): £1 Chicken Breast Portions: £4 Cheam – Wednesday 30 th April | | | Cosine Blog

3 Key Customer Themes : NEW One Of The Family – Always There To Lend A Helping Hand : Highlighted by bus stops in the pet department. Fuel Save: Save up to 20p a litre on fuel with Clubcard today. Continues to be heavily advertised on entry and by bus stops around the store. General Feel: A spacious environment with well stocked shelves. A lot of staff on the shop floor assisting customers and stacking shelves. Key Deals: Cadburys Chocolate Pouches: £1 M&Ms / Maltesers / Minstrels Large Pouches: £1 Tesco Finest Crisps: £1 Doritos Crisps: ½ Price Coca Cola (3pk): BOGOF McVities Biscuits: Selected ½ Price Lager / Beer Single Bottles: 3 For £5 North Cheam – Wednesday 30 th April | | | Cosine Blog

4 Key Deals: Selected Meat / Fish / Poultry: 3 Packs For £10 Heinz Baked Beans / Spaghetti (4pk): 2 For £3 Selected Kelloggs Cereals: 3 For £5 Nescafe Original Coffee: £4 Packs Of Biscuits (Various): £1 Pampers Nappies (Various Sizes): 2 For £20 Multi Purpose Soil / Growbags / Bark Chips: 3 For £10 ASDA Ice Cream: 2 For £3 Key Customer Themes : NEW ASDA Car Insurance With A Free MOT: Advertised on large signs at the front of the store and at checkouts. NEW Big Savings On Big Brands This Spring: Overhead signs in the central aisle. Price Lock – Its Not A Promotional Price, Its An Everyday Price: Advertised mainly in the fruit & veg section, along the central aisle and attached to various offers. Lets Garden: 14 bays, 2 gondola ends and stacks at the front of the store. Also supported throughout the store. Baby & Toddler Event: 14 bays of products, highlighted throughout the department, on gondola ends and around the store via overhead signs, bus stops and barkers. NEW Youll Be 10% Better Off At ASDA – Lets Go Disco: Seen on signs at the entrance to the store. General Feel: The shelves were well stocked and there were plenty of staff. The Lets Garden and Baby & Toddler events were heavily promoted throughout the store. | | | Cosine Blog Sutton – Wednesday 30 th April

5 Key Customer Themes : Great Value: Gondola ends used at promotional areas. Pick Of The Shop: Signs down the central aisle used to promote the best in store offers. Love Your Pet: Signs, bus stops and bunting used in the department to promote offers. Gardening & Outdoor: Bus stops used to border 16 bays of seasonal offers. Spend £40 Or More In Store In One Transaction & Get 6p Off Every Litre Of Fuel: Continues to be advertised on large signs over the checkouts and down the central aisle. General Feel: Tidy store with well stocked shelves. Plenty of staff on hand to provide assistance. Key Deals: Selected Fruit & Veg : 3 For £1.50 Lager / Cider / Beer (20pk): £10 Weetabix (24pk): £2 Frozen Products: Various Offers Branston Baked Beans (4pk): ½ Price Plenty Kitchen Roll (4pk): ½ Price Nestle Shreddies / Kellogg's Variety: Better Than ½ Price Doritos Crisps & Dips: ½ Price Sutton – Wednesday 30 th April | | | Cosine Blog

6 Key Customer Themes : NEW Love Your Little Ones: Various offers in the baby and toddler aisle. Supported by directional hanging signs and shelf fins. NEW Try The By Sainsburys Range: Supported with Try Me signs on various by Sainsburys products NEW Active Kids Vouchers: Overhead signs at checkouts promoting healthier lifestyles for children. Summer: Summer items in the seasonal aisle, promoted throughout the store via overhead directional signs, bus stops, hanging signs and shelf edge strips. Brand Match: Continues in store, supported by bus stops. Double Up Your Nectar Points: Offer continues to be highlighted throughout the store, supported by bunting, bus stops and shelf fins. General Feel: The store has been refurbished fairly recently and looks much more spacious. The shelves were well stocked and the store was busy, clean and tidy. Key Deals: Selected Wines: Save Twinings Tea Bags (80pk): £2.50 Colgate Toothpaste: 3 For 2 Wotsits Crisps (6pk): £1 Cadburys Digestives: £1 By Sainsburys Hot Chocolate Fudge Pudding: £4 Nestlé Nobbly Bobbly (4pk): £1.25 Ipswich – Wednesday 30 th April | | | Cosine Blog

7 Key Customer Themes : Labelling Changes Made Simple : Several leaflet holders attached to shelf edges located around the store to explain labelling changes. Weve Lowered Our Prices Without Changing Our Values: Supported by bus stops and an A Board outside the store. Great Offers: Various aisle-end offers, supported by header boards continue to promote offers in-store. General Feel: Many empty shelves that were in the process of being replenished. Although new, the store seems to be popular. Key Deals: Indian Meal For 2: £5 Colgate Toothpaste Products: 3 For 2 Carling (10pk): £8 Dairy Milk Chocolate: £1 Vina Sol Wine: £5.49 Walkers Baked Crisps (6pk): 2 for £3 Eggs (6pk): £1.35 White / Wholemeal Sainsburys Sliced Bread: 90p Colchester – Wednesday 30 th April | | | Cosine Blog

8 Key Customer Themes : NEW Seasonal Bay: 3 bays dedicated to garden items, 3 bays dedicated to a Summer of Sport and 4 bays dedicated to Discover Europe wines selected from around the continent. Supported by header boards, shelf edge strips and shelf fins. Waitrose Brand Price Match: Continues to be promoted throughout the store. Offer supported by overhead signs. NEW Free Grocery Delivery: Supported by the slogan We wont charge you a penny for delivery – not a sausage. Seen on standees and shelf barkers. NEW Local Produce: 3 aisle ends dedicated to locally produced food & drink. Supported by header boards. General Feel: The store was clean, tidy and well stocked. It was fairly quiet, with just a few tills open. Key Deals: Kit Kat (8pk): £2 For 2 Selected Gins: 20% Off Selected Wines: Under £5 Seriously Strong Cheddar: Save Andrex Toilet Tissue (9pk): £3.50 Ye Olde Oak Party Hot Dogs: 2 For £2 Ipswich – Wednesday 30 th April | | | Cosine Blog

9 Key Customer Themes: Eat Well: Large display at the entrance offering healthy recipes and promoting the use of basic ingredients such as pasta, rice, malt vinegar and olive oil. Leaflets with the slogan Pick up your healthy recipe and ingredients situated at every checkout. Easter: 2 bays of reduced confectionary. Gardening: A large display at the front of the store and two bays of potted plants / cut flowers. General Feel: Spacious store with well stocked shelves, bar the promotional areas. Plenty of staff were stacking the shelves and helping customers. Key Deals: Dine In For Two: £10 Ariel / Bold / Fairy Detergent Gels: £3 Luxury Yogurts: Mix & Match 3 For 2 Count On Us Ready Meals: 3 For 2 Selected Fishcakes And Crispbakes: 2 For £3 Fruit Juice From Concentrate: Mix & Match 3 For £5 Cut Flowers: 2 For £5 Croydon – Wednesday 30 th April | | | Cosine Blog

10 Key Customer Themes : NEW Fair & Square Prices: Seen advertised on a board in the car park and on overhead signs. Everyday Bargains: Seen on overhead signs and on gondola ends. A Good Deal For You: Slogan advertised on all major offers around the store. Seen mainly on overhead signs and the sides of dump bins. Fairtrade: Various picture displays on pillars highlighting the Co-Ops concern for the environment and producer community when sourcing and selecting products. General Feel: The shelves had a number of gaps, especially on promotional areas. There were plenty of staff to provide assistance. Key Deals: Typhoo Teabags (240pk): £3 Coca Cola (6pk): BOGOF Coca Cola Bottles (175 L): 2 For £2 Triple Velvet Toilet Tissue (9pk): £3 Selected Laundry Cleaning Products: ½ Price Walkers Baked Stars Crisps (6pk): £1 Pampers Nappies: 2 For £9 Lunch Meal Deal: £3 Rose Hill – Wednesday 30 th April | | | Cosine Blog

11 Key Customer Themes : Special Offers: Promoted throughout the store via large header signs, shelf barkers and smaller poster signs. NEW Healthy Checkouts: Dump bins at checkouts containing healthy snacks. Supported by till point posters. NEW Cheaper: Various items around the store with Cheaper signs highlighting price reductions. General Feel: The store is going through a major refurbishment programme; the car park is to be expanded and repaved, and the inside has had new windows fitted. The store will be closed from 5pm on the 4 th May until 8am on the 19 th of June for a comprehensive refit. During that period, a free mini-bus service will run to a sister store in Ipswich and customers will receive a £5 voucher every week, running for 6 weeks. Key Deals: Nouvelle Toilet Tissue (9pk): £2.49 Lenor Fabric Conditioner (1.4L): £1.99 King Of The Grill Stacking Crisps (175g): 99p Per Pack Quavers / French Fries: £1 Free Range Eggs (6pk): 89p Thin Crust Pizza: £1.25 Ipswich – Wednesday 30 th April | | | Cosine Blog

12 Key Customer Themes : Swap And Save: Main theme throughout the store, supported by overhead signs and front of store advertising. NEW Special Buys For Thursday 1 st May: Poster in large framed window display. Aldi Super 6: Offers on 6 products from the fruit & veg and meat sections. Supported by header boards, window posters, floor stickers and shelf edge strips. General Feel: Store was well stocked but untidy, with empty boxes left in the aisles. There were not enough staff to provide the requisite amount of assistance, all the tills were busy and most customers were buying in bulk. The car park was congested. Key Deals: Cucumbers: 39p Each Limes (3pk): 39p Peppers (3pk): 89p Punnet Of Strawberries: 89p Beetroot: 39p Venison Grill Steaks: £1.79 Scotch Beef Quarter Pounder Burgers: £2.19 Colchester – Wednesday 30 th April | | | Cosine Blog

13 Cosine Blog us call us follow us find out about us read a blog by us We are an award-winning field marketing agency with a proven track record of increasing our clients sales, retail presence and brand awareness, achieved through merchandising, auditing, mystery shopping and other field marketing services, with our outsourced sales teams trained specifically for every campaign.

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