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Internationalizing Curriculum Real-Life Connections to Latin America.

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1 Internationalizing Curriculum Real-Life Connections to Latin America

2 Interview What is your favorite Latin food? Where do you eat/find this food? How are the ingredients available to make this food? Who else do you know who likes this food?


4 3rd Grade Social Studies Book Costa Rica En nuestra planeta tenemos seis continentes. On our planet we have 6 continents. I am American.

5 52.3%

6 Source: US Bureau of Census & NC Rural Economic Development Center 2001-2005 Hispanic students were 57 % of the total growth in NC public schools. 394%

7 BRIC Nations 2050 = dominant suppliers of raw materials = dominant suppliers of manufactured goods and services Source: Goldman Sachs Report 2003,, BRAZIL & RUSSIA CHINA & INDIA

8 Environmental Index 2010 RANKS - 163 countries 25 performance indicators Environmental Public Health Ecosystem Vitality Measures how close countries are to established environmental policy goals. 100–85 1 Iceland 93.5Iceland 2 Switzerland 89.1Switzerland 3 Costa Rica 86.4Costa Rica 4 Sweden 86.0Sweden EPI SCORES 85–70 5 Norway 81.1Norway 8 Austria 78.1Austria 9 Cuba 78.1Cuba EPI SCORES 70–55 26 Belize 69.9Belize 30 Ecuador 69.3Ecuador 31 Peru 69.3Peru 32 Denmark 69.2Denmark 33 El Salvador 69.1El Salvador 36 Dominican Republic 68.4Dominican Republic 60 Paraguay 63.5Paraguay 61 United States of America 63.5United States of America 62 Brazil 63.4Brazil 63 Poland 63.1Poland 64 Venezuela 62.9Venezuela Source:

9 Geographic Illiteracy 2006 50% of US students couldnt find New York state on a map 9 of 10 (88%) US Americans cannot find Afghanistan on a map of Asia ¾ think English is the most spoken language, while only 18% identified Mandarin Chinese 42 states fail to require a high school geography course Source:

10 International Desire & Need Rising High School Seniors, (November SAT takers) intentions for the future: 45% expect to take a language 65% expect to study abroad 80% expect to have an international major Source: American Councils for International Education, Open Doors Report Reality How many of the 19 Million United States students in college/university actually spent time overseas for credit in 2008-2009? 2.5%

11 CAROLYN BIELFELDT Assistant editor Vanity Fair

12 GLOCALIZATION Serves as a means of combining the idea of globalization with that of local considerations. Wickipedia

13 "Think globally, act locally" urges people to consider the health of the entire planet and to take action in their own communities and cities.

14 Yahoo! Markets a portal viewed worldwide and offers different versions of its website (and related services) for different users. For example, it provides content and language variations in some 25 countries including China, Russia and Canada. It also customizes content to appeal to individuals in those locations. Investopedia


16 Glocalize your students

17 Water cycle – Water power Hydroelectric energy (CR 70% )

18 Beginning Connections Quick Geography reference Simple item showcase – Piadia Seminar Extra touch point - Foreign film with subtitles Different food/fruit at the grocery store Latin restaurant instead of Italian restaurant Quick comparative research - introduce items (keyboard, nebulizers, )

19 Power of Questions & Inquiry What language do Mexicans or Puerto Rican speak? How far is a kilometer? Scavenger hunt, list 10 Fortune 500 companies in Costa Rica or in Latin American countries. Require Rubrics to site a source from a Latin America. Have skill separate from content: learn to make a spreadsheet using a Latin American countries currency Relate the Greats of Latin America to the content



22 Latin American Community Connections Community members, leaders, churches, migrant workers, health clinics, translators Stores Restaurants (immigrants other roles in native country) Western Union University Spanish or Latin American studies Department Interviews – Oral histories

23 Connect to Latin American Current Events Beach of Jaco – Water quality Brazil – Rainforest deforestation and Costa Ricas selling of carbon credits on Wall Street New medicines: Look at penicillin development in Mexico with Squibb and new discovers of the guabana fruit benefits to cancer Literary Themes: Eva Luna & Jane Eyre Multiplication & Division: Track and convert the currency volatility in Argentina and look at where the dollar is declining Political Science: Recent coup in Honduras, Woman presidents Civil Rights Movements: African American relating to South American Indigenous Indians

24 Latin American Student Connection Create a safe classroom environment to provoke sharing by designating time to share and asking questions Ask experience of families related to content Incorporate activities and presentations to specific content that tap into all the multiple intelligences and engages Invite family to visit, value the students cultural experience by reaching out to understand.

25 Video - Inspire Solving World Problems – Inventions and Meeting Market Needs Net Generation - ( Young World Rising - Rob Salkowitz) DUTO Colombia Light - YouTube Electricity - Ted Talk Hole in the Wall



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