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Rewarding Internships for Sustainable Employment.

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1 Rewarding Internships for Sustainable Employment

2 What is RISE? A paid sustainability internship program targeted toward: – Students enrolled in higher education Community College Undergraduate Graduate – Recent graduates of higher education institutions General model: $15/hr for 15 hours/week

3 Why Does RISE Exist? Mission Statement: Leveraging diverse partnerships, RISEs mission is to create a sustainable future and green workforce for Hawaii through paid work opportunities. 1.Make Hawaii more sustainable 2.Creating paid part-time green jobs while forwarding Hawaiis green workforce development Two major goals:

4 Chapter Programs R.I.S.E. Kupu High-level government support and general sustainability support for businesses and government UH Sustainability assessments of DOE schools DBEDT (state energy office) Sustainability assessments of businesses and government facilities; Honolulu Clean Cities (clean transportation non- profit) support

5 RISE-Kupu (Five Interns) Two EPA Deisel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA)- funded Interns – Vehicle retrofits and replacements to improve emissions – National Funding Assistance Program: Biofuels and vehicle retrofits Two Clean Air Act-funded Interns – Renewable Energy – Greenhouse Gas Reporting One DOH-SHWB-funded Intern – Recycling/ Materials Management

6 RISE-DBEDT Interns support the Green Business Program and Honolulu Clean Cities The Green Business Program helps businesses to go beyond compliance to conserve energy, water and other resources, and to reduce pollution and waste. Expected Results: 25 new participants in hotel/resort, food service/restaurant, office/retail sectors 3 new participants in the government sector 10 additional Energy Star rated buildings 16,662 metric tons of CO 2 equivalent avoided 2,554,100 gallons of water saved

7 RISE-UH (Interns conduct sustainability assessments of K-12 Schools) Keoneula K-6 School Expected Results (Annual Savings): Waste: $13,000 Water: $1,000 Energy: $69,500 Kalani High School Total: $83,500

8 WHY DO STUDENTS CARE? The New Green Economy Awaits… (Arrows indicate areas that RISE Interns may be trained in)


10 Sustainable Seminar Series (S3) (usually takes up no more than 10% of interns time) Trainings, workshops, conferences, outreach events, field trips, speaker series, volunteer opportunities, etc. Provide interns with the concepts, language, and foundation for the work they are producing in their internship, as well as other skills that may transfer in future sustainability careers. Gain a broad awareness of sustainability issues in Hawaii.

11 1.Competitive Process 2.Mentorship and Support 3.Experience, Exposure, Training OJT & S3 Confidence.

12 Kupu University of Hawaii Community College System (UHCC) Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT), Hawaii State Energy Office U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) State Department of Health (DOH) State Department of Education (DOE) Board of Water Supply State Department of Labor and Industrial Relations (DLIR) University of Hawaii Economic Research Organization (UHERO) City and County of Honolulu Economic Development Boards (EDBs) Honolulu Clean Cities (HCC) – A U.S. Department of Energy Initiative Kanu Hawaii Blue Planet Foundation Sierra Club Hawaii Energy Pacific Biodiesel Connections.

13 Careers. The number of green jobs in Hawaii is expected to increase by 26 percent over the next two years. This contrasts with a one percent average increase in total State employment over the same period. –DLIR, December 2010

14 Thank You! Marguerite Harden Director of RISE Mentor for RISE-Kupu P: 808-697-5638 EM: Marguerite Harden Director of RISE Mentor for RISE-Kupu P: 808-697-5638 EM:

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