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Positive Behavior Support 2013-2014 (PBS) North Miami Middle School R espectful O rganized A chieving R esponsible.

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1 Positive Behavior Support 2013-2014 (PBS) North Miami Middle School R espectful O rganized A chieving R esponsible

2 ROAR Respectful Organized Achieving Responsible

3 We cant assume … Students know the expectations/rules and appropriate ways to behave Students will learn appropriate behaviors quickly and effectively without consistent practice and modeling

4 We can assume … Students will require different curricula, instructional modalities, etc… to learn appropriate behavior We need to teach expectations/rules and appropriate behaviors as effectively as we teach academic skills

5 Behavior is learned, it CAN be changed and new behavior CAN be taught. I can, therefore I will

6 Simple Definition of PBS… The application of evidence-based strategies and systems to assist schools to increase academic performance, increase safety, decrease problem behavior, and establish positive school cultures.

7 In other words… We will build effective, sustaining positive school environments improve school climate and safety prevent problem behaviors from occurring and/or reoccurring instruct and reinforce appropriate behaviors through teaching, modeling, embedding, sharing, reminding, practicing, recognizing, and reinforcing in the classrooms, hallways, cafeteria, and school grounds

8 In other words… increase instructional time and academic performance to all students in all settings develop and strengthen teachers abilities to effectively address students problem behavior ultimately produce meaningful and sustainable behavior and lifestyle outcomes

9 School-wide PBS… A collaborative, assessment-based process to developing effective interventions for problem behavior Emphasizes the use of proactive, educative, and reinforcement-based strategies to achieve meaningful and durable behavior and lifestyle outcomes Aim is to build functional, effective environments in which appropriate behavior is more effective than problem behavior

10 School-wide PBS… Rules and Expectations Policies and Procedures Monitoring and Recording Rewards and Incentives

11 ROAR Respectful Organized Achieving Responsible

12 School wide Rules and Expectations

13 Rule: Be prompt to school and all classes Expectation: I will be in my seat at the ringing of the bell

14 Rule: Be prepared to learn Expectation: I will bring all of the necessary materials to participate/perform in class

15 Rule: Respect all persons/property and comply with authority Expectation: I will conduct myself in the proper manner at all times and cooperate with school staff, follow directions and use appropriate language

16 Rule: Follow the school dress code Expectation: I will wear the proper attire at all times including uniform pants, shirts and ID

17 Rule: Create a positive learning environment Expectation: I will not use/display electronic devices, eat/drink in class, groom myself or any such action that will disrupt the learning of others

18 I Will B On time Prepared Respectful In uniform Positive

19 ROAR Respectful Organized Achieving Responsible

20 Uniform Policy

21 Shirts Solid/Stripe color polo type shirts (Collars A Must) Colors: Navy blue, light blue or white only No shirt or cover-up is to be worn over the uniform shirt Shirts are TUCKED IN

22 Pants/Shorts/Skorts Must be of solid color and ankle length Colors: Khaki or Navy blue only No holes, tears, rips, frays, tie dyes, etc. Shorts, skorts must be at least be 2 inches above knee.

23 Shoes Must be closed toe shoes Can not be slippers, sandals (of any kind), slides, water shoes, Crocs, etc. Again…closed toe shoes only!

24 Hats/Caps/Hairnets/ Skullies/ Sunglasses/ Hoodies/etc. NO !!! (even on bad hair days)

25 IDs Must be around your neck at all times

26 Teaching Expectations and Rules *both inside and outside of your classroom* Teach Model Embed Share Remind Practice Recognize Reinforce Interventions Be Positive

27 In other words… Participate in the teaching of students the appropriate, positive behaviors Model the expectations and rules for students What does it look like? Provide examples Have students apply to their own lives Check for comprehension Acknowledge effort Make it part of the daily language used in the classroom Provide specific lessons of behaviors when specific problems arise throughout the year Embed the teaching of positive behavior into the curriculum throughout the year Review the rationale for the expectations Reward appropriate behaviors

28 Acknowledge Appropriate Behavior and Effort Provide immediate, specific praise 4:1 ratio of positives to corrective statements

29 Policies and Procedures

30 Classroom Managed Behaviors Unauthorized location Excessive tardiness Cutting class Disruptive behavior Failure to comply with rules Unauthorized use of electronic devices Dress code Excessive absences Repeated use of profane language (not directed at someone)

31 Office Managed Behaviors Fighting Bullying/harassment Vandalism Openly defiant Confrontation with staff Failure to comply with previous corrective strategies Instigative behaviors

32 Consequences… Verbal Warning Parent Contact Parent Conference Grade Team Conference Detention Saturday Detention Indoor Suspension Outdoor Suspension Alternative School

33 Monitoring and Recording

34 Behaviors are given a value of points Those points will be recorded and tracked Those students that have enough points will be eligible for rewards and incentives Who can give out points: Administrators and Teachers using PLASCO system Teachers, Support Staff, Security and Custodians using Tiger ROAR Points

35 Recognized for … Proper uniform & ID ROAR Respectful ROAR Organized ROAR Achievement ROAR Responsible Accelerated Reading Cafeteria Etiquette Hallway Etiquette

36 Rewards and Incentives

37 Rewards/Incentives Restaurant gift cards Dress down days Cookies at lunch School supplies Award Certificate Shout-Outs Lunch with your favorite teacher In-school movie pass FREE Dance tickets Lunch with your favorite administrator Ice cream/pizza party/surprise party Student of the Month VIP pass VIP pass to youth fair And whatever else I can get…

38 ROAR Respectful Organized Achieving Responsible

39 Teachers are very important because… You are in the trenches with the students You are with the students on a daily basis providing support via Teaching Modeling Reinforcing Providing interventions AND…

40 We are in the profession that teaches all the other professions!!! We Rock and ROAR!!!

41 Credits… Presentation was created with the assistance of Mr. Paul Rozanski, NMSH DEAN of Student / PBS Coach and Mr. Joshua Ho, NMMS Dean of Discipline / PBS CoachROAR Respectful Organized Achieving Responsible

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