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Tourism School Ming Chuan University School of Tourism.

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1 Tourism School Ming Chuan University School of Tourism

2 Tourism School Mission Statement Features Faculty & Staff Facilities & Activities Future Departments

3 Department of Tourism (3-year Program) 1968 (Associate of Arts) Department of Tourism (4-year Program) 1990 (Bachelor of Business Administration) School of Tourism 2000 - First in Taiwan Tourism School

4 Graduate Program (Masters Program) 1 MBA Full time program Opened in 2001 in Tayouan 2 EMBA Taipei, opened in 2001 Kinmen, opened in 2002 Tourism School

5 Undergraduate Program ( Bachelors Program) Freshman / Sophomore Tourism School 6 class sections Junior / Senior Tourism Department 2 class sections Leisure & Recreation Administration 2 class sections Hospitality Management 2 class sections Extension 3 class sections Tourism School

6 Our mission is To advance knowledge and educate students in tourism, leisure & recreation, hospitality, and other related areas of scholarship and professionalism that will best serve the tourism industries, the nation and the world in the 21st century To strengthen students in developing a sense of responsibility, team spirit, high ethical standards, and global village concept in their job and business. Our Mission

7 About course design Focus on theoretical education & practical training Flexibility of undergraduate program Enhancement of language abilities to match the trend of the global village 400-hour internship program for practical working experience Our Features

8 About faculty Encourage teachers to participate in study, research and publication; and hold academic seminars and special lectures to regularly cultivate our practice of academic research; Enhance the relationship between academic field, related industry and government agencies. Our Features

9 Tourism School Full-time Faculty: 17 Part-time Faculty: 24 Dr. Wu, Wu-Chung Dean, School of Tourism Chair, Tourism Department Associate Professor Ph.D., University of Mississippi, U.S.A. Faculties

10 Dr. Lee, Ye-Horng Associate Professor, University of New Mexico, U.S.A Chair, Leisure & Recreation Administration Dept. Director, Tourism Program in Intl College Dr. Huang, Chun-Te Associate Professor Chair, Hospitality Management Department Ph.D. in Management Science National Chiao Tung University

11 Dr. Wang, Ta-Ming Associate Professor National Taiwan Ocean University Dr. Wu, Jone-Wen Associate Professor Chinese Culture University Dr. Kuo, Nien-Te Assistant Professor Barry University, USA Dr. Sung, Yung-Kun Assistant Professor Florida International University, USA Tourism-related Academic Fields

12 Dr. Yang, Jyh-Yih Associate Professor National Chung-Hsing University Dr. Chen, Hui-Mei Assistant Professor National Taiwan University Dr. Fang, Yen-Po Assistant Professor University of New Mexico, USA Dr. Chang, Tzu-Ching Assistant Professor Michigan State University, USA Leisure, Recreation, Nature Resources, Sport-related Academic Fields

13 Dr.Chen, Chi-Ten Assistant Professor Iowa State University, USA Dr. Lai, Hung-Sheng Assistant Professor Texas Tech University, USA Dr. Hu, Shin-Hui Assistant Professor Ohio State University, USA Dr. Lai, Pei-Chun Assistant Professor University of Strathclyde, UK Dr. Chiang, Wan-Erh Associate Professor National Central University Dr. Cheng, Chien-Wei Assistant Professor Cornell University, USA

14 Masters Programs Research Method and statistics related courses Quality and service management related courses Leisure and recreation programming & planning Thesis Curriculum

15 Freshmen/Sophomores Introduction to tourism, recreation & hospitality-related industries Introduction to management-related courses Natural-resource related courses Industry development, programming and plan Curriculum

16 Ming Chuan Teaching Hotel Travel Agency Center Tourism Library Travel Information Center Food & Beverage Laboratory Research Study Room Electronic Presentation Room Department Facilities Academic Conference Research Seminar Tutor Program Hospitality Specialist Assoc. Leisure Programmer Assoc. Bartender Club Tour Guide Club Cheerleading/Sport Events Student Activities

17 To train new blood for Tourism with spirit and competitive advantage according to "12 Principles for Youth To infuse School of Tourism with the spirit of faculty research for heightening teaching quality To integrate courses in the university curriculum into School of Tourisms educational objectives Our Future

18 To spread the concept of life-long learning through promotion of recurrent education in Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation To establish a Tourism, Hospitality, and Recreation Professional Human Resource Support Center To establish School of Tourism as a classic learning organization Our Future

19 Tourism Department

20 Our mission is To become the leader in tourism research and development To strengthen theoretical education and practical training to foster a sense of responsibility, a passionate heart, and a high moral standard for the mid-level and high-level professionals who will provide excellent service to the public in the future Mission

21 Professional licenses acquired (tour guide/tour leader) Practical Travel Agency in cooperation with Lion Travel Agency Tour Guide/Tour Leader Practical Project with Executive Yuan of the ROC; Council of Labor Affairs; Bureau of Employment & Vocational Training Features

22 Junior / Senior Research Method & Data Analysis courses Advanced management-related courses Tourism Policy and Law-related courses Courses in tourism-related fields Theme Park, Entertainment, Transportation, MICE, etc. Curriculum

23 For students To work in travel agencies, airline companies, cruise companies, railway companies, & etc. To pursue post-baccalaureate education For department To hire more doctoral-degree faculty members & industry leaders to train students To hold periodical academic conferences To publish Tourism Journal to foster research Future

24 Leisure and Recreation Administration Department

25 Our mission is To enrich the quality of human life by expanding, applying, and disseminating the body of knowledge germane to leisure, recreation, park, sport, physical activity and their applied systems To strengthen students with global presence, a sense of responsibility, team spirit, and high ethical standards in their job and business Mission

26 Curriculum designed with international-orientation, full of variety Integrated program Emphasis on life education Cultivation of students ethical and moral values Balance of theoretical education and practical training Features

27 Junior / Senior Research method & data analysis-related courses Management courses in different industries Outdoors / water / commercial / small business recreation / physical / sport & etc. Recreation industry development and programming Industry policy & law Curriculum

28 For Students Graduate study in overseas/domestic programs in related disciplines Employment in overseas/domestic theme parks, forest recreation areas, leisure planning consulting firms, clubs, resorts and public or private leisure agencies, etc.. Future

29 For Department Develop students moral and ethic values Provide better environment for research, teaching, outreach & study Enhance the relationship with alumni, government agencies and related industries. Develop a positive and nationwide reputation for the department Future

30 Hospitality Management Department

31 Our mission is Continuing to strive for the knowledge about hospitality management excellence through theory-based hospitality education and advancement of practical training Preparing students with professionalism, a sense of responsibility, high ethical standards, team spirit, and broad worldview to serve national and international community Mission

32 Junior / Senior Operations Management Food and Beverage Management Marketing Management Financial Management Human Resources Management Property-Asset Management Communication Information Technology Curriculum

33 Hospitality Journals and Trade Magazines Texts, Courses, and Videos from National Restaurant Association (NRA) and American Hotel and Lodging Association (AH&LA, AH&MA) World-class Fidelio Hotel Property Management System Food & Beverage Laboratory 12-room Teaching Hotel 100-seat Restaurant with outside Catering Features

34 Establish Demo Teaching Kitchen Hold professional certification from nation and international communities Provide International Internship Program Offer Hospitality Distance Learning Programs Develop Hospitality Research and Development Center Corporate with industry, universities and government agencies (domestic and international) Future

35 Tourism School Appreciate Your Attention

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