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Big Society - Pah Youve all been doing it for years.

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1 Big Society - Pah Youve all been doing it for years


3 Passmores Academy Our School Context Our Challenges: –Deprivation – 3rd –Separated/divorced – 8 th –Lone parents – 1 st –Unemployed – 3 rd –Never worked – 1 st (7%) –Council Housing – 1 st (32%) –1/4 of adults have recognised literacy & numeracy issues

4 Passmores Academy A Co-operative Academy


6 MenuCustomersStaff Surroundings Simplifies the menu What do they want? Get the correct people for each job Changes the layout & décor in the restaurant Student Curriculum Courses Provided Local Businesses What do they require? Specialist Teachers Environment Need for a multi-purpose environment Where are there gaps in the local workforce? Sharing specialist staff Students Do they suit our students?

7 Why on earth did governors say yes? CVA no longer relevant Why not?

8 The first 48 hours! Radio Times - Educating Essex: a different class The DM - What sort of example is this to set our children? Teachers call pupils 'scumbags' and the head flicks V-signs at his deputy in school praised as 'outstanding The Sun - Headteacher flicks a V-sign and a teacher calls the kids scumbags... welcome to the school PRAISED by Ofsted

9 The Turning Tide Reader response to the DM 25000 emails – 4 negative! Twitter and the Drew factor. The Grauniad

10 Passmores Public Property Expectation that we wanted to go on TV all the time!

11 Ongoing Opportunities and Benefits Positive impact on students Teacher Recruitment More over-subscribed Very Important Visitors Mr Drew got a headship

12 My journey with governors We all have a choice

13 Passmores Academy


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