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Features offered at Calais site

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1 Features offered at Calais site

2 We look after you

3 All4Trucks, an unique and innovative concept! Fully committed to trucks and truck drivers. A through one stop approach; providing all services and facilities needed for the international truck driver on the move in an efficient and secure way. Providing a home, away from home as well as an efficient and safe business stop. We look after you

4 Easy access from all motorways We look after you All4Trucks Calais is located directly at exit 48 on the A16/E40 in the Transmarck Zone on the crossroad with the A26/E15 The exact address is: All4Trucks Calais, ZAC-Transmarck 504 Avenue Henri Ravisse 62730 Marck, France

5 Main features offered We look after you Only accessible for trucks, and all activities are highly secured 310 secured parking places, with 24/24 physical surveillance as well as video control 14 pumps providing diesel, red gasoil and ad blue accepting most major fuel cards 1200 m2 building offering restaurant, bar, shop, vending machines, ATM, eurovignet, internet, telephone, fax, laundry machines, restrooms and shower

6 Access control We look after you Only accessible for trucks, and all activities are highly secured Entrance to (and exit from) the premises via sluices and front At entrance and exit front and rear license plate registration and verification Access from the building to the parking and vice versa via tourniquet's and upon presenting parking ticket only

7 Fuel services (1) We look after you All major fuel cards accepted at the pump All4Trucks does not sell fuel for its own account but provides a service to card issuers 14 high speed pumps for diesel, 4 double pumps for Ad Blue and 2 double ones for Red Gasoil

8 Fuel services (2) We look after you A massive fuel storage capacity of more than 1000000 liters Every delivery into the system is monitored on volume and quality and a sample is taken and kept, full traceability; two unloading positions for card issuers available Every delivery truck has to be accredited and is provided with an electronic badge Pump, Monitoring and filtering equipment are state of the art

9 Parking We look after you 310 parking places behind high power fences Automatic intrusion detection on fence General video surveillance with more than 40 cameras Permanent physical surveillance from guards on the whole surface 1 st Hour free, 2,09 (excl. VAT) an hour, with 20,90 for 24 hours and a full weekend 31,35 Barcode ticket besides payment also allows access from and to the building

10 Building We look after you 200 seat restaurant and bar 300 m2 shop Restrooms and showers Laundry facilities Internet café Vending machines ATM machine Eurovignet

11 We look after you

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