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Servicios Integrales de Migración Mexicana, S.A. de C.V. (Integral Services of Mexican Migration) Servicios Integrales de Migración Mexicana, S.A. de C.V.

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1 Servicios Integrales de Migración Mexicana, S.A. de C.V. (Integral Services of Mexican Migration) Servicios Integrales de Migración Mexicana, S.A. de C.V. (Integral Services of Mexican Migration) I s p r e sen t ed a s Q u a lifi e d W o r k F orc e s. f or t h e R ecr u itm e nt o f a P rof e ss i o n al C om p any

2 MENU What is SIMOM? What is SIMOM? GO! Mission GO! Services GO! A look of Saltillo GO! Contact Us GO!

3 What is SIMOM? SIMOM is a privately owned Mexican company dedicated to provide qualified Mexican workers to Canada. Our company achieves this objective through a well structured recruitment system. Note: Real pictures

4 What is SIMOM? USA MÉXICO Coahuila SALTILLO Coahuila We are located in the city of Saltillo, capital of the State of Coahuila, in Mexico. BACK TO MENU

5 Mission SIMOMs mission is to attend the work forces demand of countries that require qualified immigrant workers. Our commitment is: To recruit qualified people capable of meeting such demands. To assist foreign companies with the process of hiring personnel able to work at their facilities. To use the best available technology to facilitate the hiring process. The total satisfaction of our clients. With this mission in mind, SIMOM commits to the social and economic development of Mexico. To support the workers family to give them tranquility throughout the relatives absence. BACK TO MENU

6 Services

7 Services

8 Services

9 Services

10 Services

11 Services

12 Services

13 Services

14 Services

15 Services

16 Services

17 Services

18 Services

19 Services 1 Recruit- ment 2 Pre- selection 3 Guidance to business Cana- dian people while in Mexico 4 Workers follow up 5 Procedure assistance to foreign companies 6 Virtual Interviews 7 Basic foreign language Training 8 Operating training 10 Worker replac- ement warranty Press the box that you wish more information on… 9 Psychometric & socioeconomic tests BACK TO MENU

20 A look of Saltillo Companies installed in Saltillo: General Motors, DaimlerChrysler, Grupo Industrial Saltillo, John Deere, Magna International, Oxford Automotive, General Electric, Kimberly Clark, Lear Corp., Johnson Controls, Mahle, PlasticOmnium, Delphi, Technotrim, Palliser, Hamilton Beach,Cementos Apasco, Sabritas (Frito Lay), Mitsubishi, Shiloh. Saltillo is the capital of the state of Coahuila and it has about 650,000 habitants. Saltillo is a city of hard working and hospitable people. The world-wide companies that have moved in to this area have brought with them the concepts of total quality, continuous training and work efficiency, which have ingrained in our people. Being Mexico a USA border country has contributed to create honest people with high working standards and a strong will to progress. SIMOM has the compromise to recruit this kind of people for you. BACK TO MENU

21 Contact us Contact us Address: Servicios Integrales de Migración Mexicana, S.A. de C.V. Los Pilares #596 Col. Jardines de Valle Saltillo, Coahuila, México. C.P. 25260 52 (844) 180-0866 BACK TO MENU

22 Services 1. RECRUITMENT. SIMOM has created an extensive data base called AMOC (Qualified Working Force File, from its Spanish abbreviation) in which we have generated a list of Mexican workers willing to relocate temporarily to Canada. All workers listed have been previously interviewed and categorized by their labor skills. AMOC includes people with a wide range of skills and work experience such as but not limited to: construction and farm workers, industrial operators, hotel and restaurant personnel, artisans, professionals, retail clerks, drivers, etc. Our geographic coverage for recruitment is based mainly on 10 states from the northern part of Mexico where we are able to find the best qualified and hard working people in the country. BACK TO SERVICES

23 Services 2. PRESELECTION. O nce our clients give us the required profiles, we pre- select from AMOC the people best suited for the job, so that when interviewed by the Canadian business people they find only experienced workers with integrity and the expertise required. BEST SUITED WORKERS DATA BASE BACK TO SERVICES

24 3. GUIDANCE TO BUSINESS CANADIAN PEOPLE WHILE IN MEXICO. When the Canadian business people come to Mexico to select the best qualified personnel for their specific needs, we provide them with personal attention, such as: Transportation. Interviews Interpreters. Access to our offices with phone, computers and internet services. Fieldtrips around town and surroundings. Administrative support and assistance. Appropriate work environment to appreciate candidates performance. Services BACK TO SERVICES

25 Services 4. WORKERS FOLLOW UP. Once the workers have been finally selected, we guide them through the prompt collection of the required paperwork. Also, when they are already working in Canada, we keep permanent contact with them and their families in Mexico, which gives them tranquility and a better disposition for the job. This sense of support produces a higher rate of contract fulfillment. BACK TO SERVICES

26 Services 5. PROCEDURE ASSISTANCE TO THE FOREIGN COMPANIES. Planning, making reservations and following up of all required workers transportation. Doctors appointments for medical checkups. Reviewing and processing all migratory documents at the Canadian Embassy. The Canadian government requires that each worker fulfills certain requirements in order to obtain a Working Visa. Our company makes sure that all paperwork is done in a legal, adequate and timely manner. Our assistance includes: Ensuring all proper documents. BACK TO SERVICES

27 Services 6. VIRTUAL INTERVIEWS. In the cases in which the contracting company does not wish nor need to travel to Mexico to select the personnel, we offer the option of hiring through a video conference. INTERNET BACK TO SERVICES

28 Services 7. BASIC FOREIGN LANGUAGE TRAINING. All personnel selected by our clients receive a Basic English Language course. The course includes the key words that the contracting company considers necessary for a better working performance by the Mexican workers. Hammer = martillo Screwdriver = desarmador ????? = pinzas ????? = llave inglesa ????? = ????? BACK TO SERVICES

29 8. OPERATION TRAINING. In the case that the Canadian company requires that the immigrant workers arrive already trained in a specific function or activity, we offer training courses under your companys specifications. This service has an additional cost depending on the course. A prior quotation will be given. Services BACK TO SERVICES

30 Services 9. PSYCHOMETRIC & SOCIOECONOMIC TESTS FOR EACH WORKER. In an effort to optimize the selection of the best suited workers, we subcontract a firm that applies the following tests to every selected worker: Psychometric test called Cleaver, which allows us to foresee the behavior of the worker under normal conditions and under pressure, evaluating 4 factors: Drive, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. Socioeconomic study of the worker, with special emphasis on his labor record. BACK TO SERVICES

31 Services 10. WORKER REPLACEMENT WARRANTY. SIMOM grants a warranty to replace the worker that for any reason goes back to Mexico within the first 90 days. This service has no extra charge, it is only required that the company finances the trip costs for the new worker. BACK TO SERVICES

32 Servicios Integrales de Migración Mexicana, S.A. de C.V. THE END

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