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So.Ge (nowadays Fin-Beton S.r.l.) manages the logistics and the delivery of the products for any firms belonging to the Group with a well-groomed and.

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2 So.Ge (nowadays Fin-Beton S.r.l.) manages the logistics and the delivery of the products for any firms belonging to the Group with a well-groomed and an efficient service, thanks to a large number of vehicles. So.Ge. offers to his customers many different services: selling and rental of: crane, excavators, scaffoldings, bridge houses, props, generators; in Brescia area, So.Ge. has got three important warehouses, where the ironmongery section is constantly provided with all the necessary goods for setting up the construction site and for the work site safety. Calcio (Bg) Coccaglio (Bs) S.Polo (Bs) Building Tools

3 Any plant, belonging to Fin- Betons Concrete Department, is provided with a load double mouth totally automated, able to produce concrete with four different types of additive. The same division realized industrial floors and nonslip ramps. Fin-Beton has got an advanced laboratory managed by a very skilled geologist. All that in order to guarantee the absolute quality and the safety of the product. All Fin-Betons plants have recently achieved the declaration of conformity according to the italian in force laws.

4 Nord-Legnami is Fin-Betons Division that projects and realizes wooden structures. The wood carving occurs by very up- to-date systems in order to assure the quality and the duration of the materials used.

5 Casaform is one of Fin-Betons company that sells high grade furnishings and it suggests many different interior decorating solutions thanks to its professional designers able to project elegant spaces. An important branch of the company concernes the selling and the laying of floors and coovering of the best italian ceramics. The laying is realized by a very skilled team of workers coordinated by qualified surveyors. Casaform includes the wiring and the hydraulic system division too.

6 Fin-Beton Groups Cispadana company, a historic brand in the production of precast concrete, proposes modular elements, called Ecobox for the creation of ecological stations. This solution is optimal for storage of ferrous materials such as copper, aluminium, iron, but can also be used for plastic, paper, glass, aggregates, culture land, clay, organic materials and more. The other peculiarity of the system is the possibility to reposition the elements enabling the scaling of the box as needed. In addition to Ecobox, the company offers monolithic tanks used as sinks for the collection of rain or compartments suitable used in wastewater treatment plants. Given the availability of adequate means of work and specialized personnel, Cispadana offers complete supply of installation and transport, together with other work such as excavation and turnkey construction work.

7 Tecnofer S.r.l. is one of the first companies in the North of Italy for the reinforced concrete iron work. In its 5.000 square metres covered space it uses the most innovative and techological moulding systems for rebar to incorporate in the reinforced concrete. Tecnofer is able to deliver the rebar in the whole italian territory by its own means of transportation. This company is equipped with techincal staff as regard installation and assistant thanks to its very skilled workers.

8 The company is leader in the ribbed slab production, double concrete ribbed slab for foundations or vertical masonry, KS UNISOL ribbed slab, bricks concrete beams also terracotta lintels. Supersolaio works on a surface of 25.000 square metres and its systems are totally computerized and they guarantee a wide flexibility of the production such as an absolute quality of the final product thanks to a deep working experience of the personnel.

9 Cde is the company of the Group Fin-Beton which operates in Valtellina (So). Its divided into: Cde Building Tools Division, composed by five warehouses diplaced on Valtellina territory; Cde Iron Division which produces rebars for reinforced concrete in a very modern establishment with a very skilled team; Cde Fournishing Division, able to propose many different interior decorating solutions and it has a wide range of the best brands floors and coverings.

10 Fin-Beton deeply believes in the union between building and culture, because the culture encourages the economic growth and this synergy can and must help the more weak part of the society. For this reason Fin-Beton organizes every year, for Christmas time, an important event at the major Brescia theatre. Such as the famous violinist Uto Ughis concert, Igudesman and Joos show and the exilarating historic monologue about Gioacchino Rossinis life interpretated by Paolo Cevoli and the Ensemble italiano di Fiati. All these events proceeds have been devolved to two important charity associations which operate on Brescia territory. For the same belief Fin-Beton patronizes the Chiari Football Society, because it wants to give the children the possibility to be educated playing and enjoying their time. Culture and Sport

11 ...means not only to buy a house, but to choose the own home in a wonderful and protected setting, overlooking a square with arcade and mosaics shining as the most famous artistic italian towns and surrounded by the quiet of a 4.000 square-metres roof- garden…....means to forget the car in the garage because all the services are just under home.....a superb day nursery dipped in the green; the council leisure centre with indoor pool, the all-purpose gymnasium, the synthetic playing surface, the fitness gymnasium; the football and athletics field. Then the shops, the post- office, the town-hall, the chemist, the doctors office open and checked until the evening….....means to reach, by a short walk, the astronomical observatory The Sun Tower to peer stars and planets with a powerful telescope or to travel virtually in the space thanks to the most progressed digital planetarium in Italy…. …means to be able to spend a special evening at the new cutting-edge Opera Theatre to attend shows, events, conferences, films…. …means the opportunity to live a different life! CAPRONI PALACE in BREMBATE (BG)

12 In a very exclusive context, surrounded by 27 golf courses, Fin-Beton is constructing an elegant private housing estate dipped in the green. Villas with park and swimming-pool and service flats with refined details. All that at only 1 hour distance from Milano, Genova and Torino. Villa Carolina Resort

13 Residence Borgo Brianteo Ponte San Pietro (Bg) On the main road between Bergamo and Lecco, there is the private housing estate Borgo Brianteo: - 74 furnished with taste rooms equipped with kitchen and living-room; - reception hall, restaurant, business man services

14 By the Atlantic ocean… On Capo Verde island Fin-Beton Group have builded an exclusive 24 rooms hotel just by the ocean, and more than 50 furnished with taste service flats for turists. Every year Fin-Beton Group realises about 100 flats with: Energy, Determination, Enthusiasm

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