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Alternatives in FOG Compliance

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1 Alternatives in FOG Compliance
presented by Kent Bricker MRC Technologies


3 Sewer Districts Tell Us:
Prefer Large In-Ground (1000 gal) GTs Prefer having all drains go to a GT. Have concerns about H2S for low volume sites. Have sites too tight for 1000 gallon GTs Want a win - win for everyone

4 Here’s Listening To You

5 Mini Trapzilla®

6 What is Trapzilla? New high capacity passive grease interceptor
Retains from 160 to 600 lbs. of grease. No Thermal Inversion = No Lava-Lamping like Conventional GTs Compact Footprint with - can fit through 36” doorway Lightweight Roto-Molded Design = Affordable Price May be installed indoors, outdoors or suspended from ceiling Minimum excavation/installation expense compared to traditional separators E-Z Pump-Out by Existing Grease Pumping Service Companies

7 Where to use Trapzilla™
Sandwich, pizza, coffee and similar sites. Historical areas In an Isolation & Containment System Where large in-ground separator cannot be sited: example: downtown restaurant

8 How does Trapzilla™ Work?
Cover Vent Gas Trap Inner Grease Chamber Inlet Outlet Outlet is 1/2” lower than inlet; corresponds to 1/8” per foot drop in drainage piping. Will retrofit into existing facilities. Solids Removal Channel Anchor Ring Solids Retention Area Patented and Patents Pending Thermaco, Inc. © 2007

9 Trapzilla Cutaway Patented and Patents Pending Thermaco, Inc. © 2007

10 Thermal Inversion What is Thermal Inversion?
Efficiency losses that result from warm kitchen effluent rising up in a grease trap to displace a portion of the existing grease mat and flood the outlet flows with grease. The same effect occurs in a Lava Lamp. 25% Rule for Pumping - Results in poor in-field efficiencies as traditional grease traps approach 25% full of grease. Studies have found that with as little as a 2.5℃ (4℉) difference between the incoming kitchen effluent and the water temperature within the grease separator a thermal inversion condition occurs.

11 Thermal Inversion Non-Effects in a Trapzilla
Trapzilla’s Horizontal Baffle protects grease layer (stored grease) from warm effluent rising up to displace cool water along with grease. This is mostly the reason Trapzilla performs so well on the ASME Test.

12 Application Versatility
Trapzilla Trapzilla Trapzilla Trapzilla Green Space Multiple Trapzillas Plumbed in Parallel

13 Trapzilla™ Trapzilla™ shown installed with optional extension collars. Collars help facilitate differing drainage piping heights. Collars may be trimmed in the field to accommodate drainage piping depth. Patented and Patents Pending Thermaco, Inc. © 2007

14 Trapzilla™ Trapzilla™ & Extension Collars installed in-ground
Ground Level Cover* Extension Collar Extension Collar Backfill Inlet Outlet Trapzilla™ TZ-350 Anchor Ring * Cover not vehicular rated Trapzilla™ & Extension Collars installed in-ground

15 Trapzilla Solids Separator
Trapzilla Grease Interceptor Trapzilla TSS Solids Separator

16 Special Large Downtown Sites

17 In-Ground Installation

18 TZ-600 on Support Stand

19 TZ-400 with Foot Traffic Cover

20 Options Available with the Trapzilla
Hanging Assembly - Allows Trapzilla to hang from ceiling into interstitial space in buildings. Extension Collar - Extends top of Trapzilla to match installation pipe depth. Also includes corresponding solids conduit extension. Flow Splitter - Allows multiple Trapzillas to be plumbed in parallel, adding more storage capacity without sacrificing efficiency. Aluminum Diamond Plate Cover - Gives Trapzilla a top with more traction for high pedestrian traffic areas that tend to produce slick surfaces because of moisture, spills, or dirt. Support Stand - Allows Trapzilla to sit on the floor. Required for basement installations.

21 Trapzilla™ Maintenance
A Pumper may insert hose directly into labeled portals. Solids & Grease kept separate while pumping occurs. Pumper may empty grease only or both solids and grease. Trapzilla™ Cover

22 For more information on Trapzilla Automatic Grease & Oils Removal Systems, please visit
Copyright ©2007 Big Dipper® Thermaco, Inc.

23 Separation Technology
Environmental Systems Fat, Oil, & Grease (FOG) Separation Technology

24 So, What Is A GOSLYN? … It is a liquid separator that significantly reduces the level of Fat, Oil, and Grease (FOG) in waste water effluent Typical FOG discharge is reduced from 18,500 ppm to 62 ppm!! Through the use of a coarse food strainer, it prevents solids from entering the drain system Confidential and Proprietary Information, GOSLYN, LP Lantern Trail, Frisco TX Phone:

25 Product Description … The GOSLYNTM is an immiscible liquid separator which operates under hydro static pressure and does not have any moving parts. Innovative (patent pending) technology has the capability to continuously and permanently remove Fats, Oils & Greases from waste effluent. It keeps drains free and clear while eliminating the need for costly dousing systems or grease trap pumping. It also removes the solid debris that gets past drain baskets. It is typically these solids, mixing with the fats, oils and greases, that cause the majority of drain blockages. Can be sized for any application including flow rates over 100 gpm Dishwashing / 3C Sink Solution Equipment Solution (e.g. Combi Ovens) Confidential and Proprietary Information, GOSLYN, LP Lantern Trail, Frisco TX Phone:

26 Innovative, Efficient, & Effective …
3. Oil Outlet Valve The final weir creates a hydrostatic pressure that forces the fats, oils, and greases up the oil valve and into the oil cassette. When all of the FOGs have been discharged, a floating ball seals the valve. When there is a further accumulation of fats, oils, and greases the ball will again drop allowing them to discharge into the oil cassette. 1. Strainer Basket Effluent enters the GOSLYN™ and food particles are collected in the strainer basket. The effluent then passes under the first baffle plate and into the separation chamber 2. Separation Chamber The separation chamber is designed to allow the water to separate from the fats, oils, and greases before it passes under the final baffle and over the weir to the outlet. 4. Oil Cassette All of the discharged fats, oils, and greases is collected for recycle. There is never any water in the cassette. 6. Flush Valve Settle silts are discharged through this self closing valve. 5. Immersion Heater The effluent is warmed to 1100 F. to prevent any animal fats from solidifying. Confidential and Proprietary Information, GOSLYN, LP Lantern Trail, Frisco TX Phone:

27 Just How Efficient & Effective Is It?…
As much as 18,500 P.P.M. of FOG goes in!!! Recyclable oil is 99.6% PURE! Industry standard is 95.0% As little as 22 – 64 P.P.M. of FOG comes out! Confidential and Proprietary Information, GOSLYN, LP Lantern Trail, Frisco TX Phone:

28 Before Installation of the GOSLYN Post Installation of the GOSLYN
Just How Efficient & Effective Is It?… Before Installation of the GOSLYN Post Installation of the GOSLYN McDonalds (A) 18,500 P.P.M. 62 P.P.M. McDonalds (B) 2,150 P.P.M. 34 P.P.M. K.F.C. 680 P.P.M. 22 P.P.M. Lloyds 1,240 P.P.M. 41 P.P.M.

29 Typical Installations …

30 The Competition Can’t Compete! …
Other mechanical devices (which are significantly more expensive) remove the FOG’s by means of agitators and scraper systems which operate on a timer basis or under very controlled flow rates. These mechanical systems may produce a mixture of FOG’s and water which, as a by-product, is unable to be reprocessed without further refinement and should not be added to the recycled oils already collected in many establishments. It is also considerably more bulky to store than pure FOG’s. The GOSLYN™ is, without doubt, the most effective means of oil and grease removal available today. Coupled with minimal maintenance and ease of use it is also extremely cost effective. Confidential and Proprietary Information, GOSLYN, LP Lantern Trail, Frisco TX Phone:

31 Simple, User-Friendly Maintenance! …
Empty The Strainer Basket Daily & Wipe Out Under Lid Empty Oil Cassette Daily Or As Required Step 2: Step 1: Step 3: Open Flush Valve Weekly for 10 Seconds with Water Flowing Through Unit Do Not Allow Unit to Empty as Heating Element May Become Damaged Use the Bottlebrush Weekly to Clean Oil Outlet Assembly- both vertical and horizontal tubes. Step 4: Confidential and Proprietary Information, GOSLYN, LP Lantern Trail, Frisco TX Phone:

32 at a Very Attractive Price! …
Better Technology at a Very Attractive Price! … Model List Price GOS-40 $3,875.00 GOS-80 $4,850.00 Visit our web-site for more info: http// Confidential and Proprietary Information, GOSLYN, LP Lantern Trail, Frisco TX Phone:


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