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© 2007 Megaputer Intelligence Utilizing Text Analytics in Your VOC Program: Analyzing Verbatims with PolyAnalyst Sergei Ananyan Megaputer Intelligence.

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1 © 2007 Megaputer Intelligence Utilizing Text Analytics in Your VOC Program: Analyzing Verbatims with PolyAnalyst Sergei Ananyan Megaputer Intelligence (812) 330-0110

2 © 2007 Megaputer Intelligence Outline Project Highlights Value of Verbatim Analysis Historical Process and Need for Text Mining Capabilities of PolyAnalyst Text Analysis and Report Generation Benefits of Text Analysis

3 © 2007 Megaputer Intelligence Customer: Hospitality Company XYZ Global leader in development, operations and sales of Vacation Ownership resorts Over $1.5 Billion in sales More than 300,000 Timeshare Club Owners Distinctive resorts with more than 8,000 villas

4 © 2007 Megaputer Intelligence XYZ Company Surveys 3 main areas of surveys: –Operations experience –Sales and marketing experience –Service experience 10 surveys run on a constant basis Mixed structured and open-ended questions Guest Satisfaction Survey (GSS) –100,000 responses per year Sales and Marketing survey –150,000 responses per year

5 © 2007 Megaputer Intelligence Guest Satisfaction Survey Offered to –Owners –Guests –Rental guests –Owner exchangers (non-XYZ) –Preview package guests 10 open-ended questions accompanying structured questions –e.g. What was your overall impression of the resort property? –(If rated 7 or below): What causes you to feel that way? Questions follow customer touch-point map –Pre-arrival, online, gate house, check-in, wake-up calls, service, landscaping, restaurant, owners seminar Goal: provide actionable feedback for onsite managers

6 © 2007 Megaputer Intelligence Need for Text Analysis

7 © 2007 Megaputer Intelligence Value of Verbatim Analysis Go beyond structured questions – very limited information Listen to what XYZ customers have to say – in their own words Tie quantitative scores to verbatim comments Provide proactive and actionable means for improvement at the Division, Site, and Regional Level Define what topics are reported at varying levels of satisfaction Assess whether XYZ is asking the right questions

8 © 2007 Megaputer Intelligence Historical Text Analysis Process XYZ was categorizing verbatims from all surveys manually Read each response Manually select categories

9 © 2007 Megaputer Intelligence Challenges of Historical Process Helped create initial Category Map: 4 levels and 217 categories BUT Required a person to read each comment and assign categories Different processes were used; No consistency Slow: it was taking one hour to read and assign 100 comments Reports were manually created Addition of new categories was based on human interpretation To handle the analysis of verbatims, XYZ needed a Text Mining tool

10 © 2007 Megaputer Intelligence Requirements for Text Mining Tool Import survey results data and run word extractions on text Create categories (or buckets) to group similar comments Define patterns for automated text categorization Perform automated categorization of text responses Delineate positive/negative comments Save reusable analysis scenarios for future categorization projects Run extractions against the uncategorized comments

11 © 2007 Megaputer Intelligence Requirements for Text Mining Tool Export categorization results and link back to specific comments The output must be compatible with standard reporting tools Added bonus: a scheduling component –At scheduled date/time it would retrieve/categorize data Provide insight into ratings and comments reported –For example, which words are most frequently reported when the customer provides a structured score 3 or below? Ability to create a custom thesaurus that would group frequently reported words that relate to the business –e.g. room, villa, suite, condo, etc.

12 © 2007 Megaputer Intelligence PolyAnalyst text mining tool Knowledge discovery tool for business users Easy-to-understand actionable results Data OverloadUseful Knowledge PolyAnalyst TM

13 © 2007 Megaputer Intelligence Capabilities of PolyAnalyst Unlocks value hidden in massive volumes of data and text Solves all typical text analysis tasks: –Categorization –Clustering –Taxonomy building –Entity extraction –Natural language search –Multi-dimensional reporting –Visual link analysis Enterprise level scalability Visual creation of analysis scenarios Interactive visualization and drill-down Executive reports

14 © 2007 Megaputer Intelligence PolyAnalyst extra features In addition to meeting all requirements of XYZ, PolyAnalyst offered the following extra features: –Automated spelling correction –Words and patterns search –Ability to discover unexpected issues –Ability to automatically build taxonomies –Dictionary editor for synonyms, abbreviations and stop-words –Interactive reports for sharing results with business users –Substantial ROI

15 © 2007 Megaputer Intelligence Survey Analysis with PolyAnalyst Automated Text Analysis Data Analyst Collecting & Storing Data Decision Maker Generating Reports

16 © 2007 Megaputer Intelligence Step 1. Data Analysis

17 © 2007 Megaputer Intelligence PolyAnalyst Analysis Scenario

18 © 2007 Megaputer Intelligence Text Categorization

19 © 2007 Megaputer Intelligence Text OLAP

20 © 2007 Megaputer Intelligence Step 2. Reporting PolyAnalyst for Business Users

21 © 2007 Megaputer Intelligence Site Managers Report: Food & Beverage

22 © 2007 Megaputer Intelligence Site Managers Report: Villa Cleanliness

23 © 2007 Megaputer Intelligence Benefits of Text Analysis with PolyAnalyst

24 © 2007 Megaputer Intelligence Benefits Extracting value from massive volumes of text Dramatic reduction in the cost of data analysis Increase in quality and speed of the analysis –PolyAnalyst successfully categorized 95% of text verbatims –The analysis time dropped from 1,000 hours to 10 minutes per survey Automated monitoring of data for known problems Timely discovery of emerging issues and trends Joint analysis of text and structured data Objective and uniform data-driven analysis Delivering interactive report to decision makers

25 © 2007 Megaputer Intelligence Return on Investment Guest Satisfaction Survey – 100,000 responses per year (for all questions) XYZ runs 10 surveys annually Manual analysis –It takes over an hour to manually process 100 verbatims –Manual analysis of all verbatims would take over 10,000 man-hours –Projected annual cost of manual analysis of text responses - $500,000 Based on $50 per hour gross cost –Projected 5 year cost of manual analysis - $2,500,000 PolyAnalyst analysis –Categorization of all verbatims takes an hour of machine time upon the initial taxonomy setup –5 year cost of PolyAnalyst survey analysis process – less than $400,000 5 year PolyAnalyst savings - $2,100,000

26 © 2007 Megaputer Intelligence Handled Business Tasks Survey data analysis Call Center data analysis Repair notes analysis Incident report analysis Claims notes analysis E-mail target routing Competitive intelligence Fraud detection Intellectual property research

27 © 2007 Megaputer Intelligence PolyAnalyst application domains Government Insurance Financial High Tech Consumer Products Manufacturing

28 © 2007 Megaputer Intelligence Next Steps Call (812) 330-0110 or write 120 W Seventh Street, Suite 314 Bloomington, IN 47404 USA

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