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COMENIUS 2013 - 2015 FivE senSe To llVe unforgettAbLe adventureS FESTIVALS.

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1 COMENIUS 2013 - 2015 FivE senSe To llVe unforgettAbLe adventureS FESTIVALS


3 Türkiye Seven Regions Of Turkey The Black Sea RegionThe Center Of The City BASOGRETMEN PRIMARY SCHOOL

4 General Information About Turkey Republic of Turkey Capital City : Ankara Language : Turkish Area : 814.578 Km 2 Population : 72.512.000 Important Cities : Istanbul, Ankara, Izmır, Bursa, Adana

5 Uludag in October Bolu abant in October Antalya in October Van in October Four Seasons In Turkey Lets Introduce Our Country

6 Capital City of Turkey Ata Tower Turkish Parliament Middle East Techinal University Atatürks Mausoleum Kızılay Square

7 Istanbul was the European Capital of culture in 2010 Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia Galata Tower Haydarpaşa Train Station Kumkapı Restaurant Istiklal Street İstanbul is the only city in the world located on two continenets, Asia and Europe Rumeli Castle Maiden Tower

8 Olympos which was one of the most Significant costal cities of Ancient Lydia. The last home of virgin Mary is believed to in Selcuk (Ephesus) Turkey. According the Legend,Noahs Ark landed on Agrı Dagı(Mount Ararat) in Eastern Turkey Aesop the famed teller of fables, was born in Anatolia. Some Notes about Türkiye

9 Mevlana has been considered to be a pioneer of mentality reminding spritual love, passion and tolarence The city of Troy, the site of Ancient Trojan wars, is located in Western Turkey Turkey is the first and only country to establish a chldrens day (23 April 1920)

10 Turkey is the only democratic, secular nation in the world with a majority of its population being of the Islamic faith

11 M.Kemal Atatürk: Peace at home, Peace in the World.

12 This is our region (Black Sea) Green and blue are combined with in the black sea region our traditional folk costumes Sumela monastry Uzungöl Traditional instrument Coastal town City of Rize

13 Our city (Ordu) Boztepe is the most ideal place for gliding Osman pasha fountain Taşbaşı cultural center (old prison church) Çambaşı Plateau

14 Turnasuyu valley is the most ideal destination for trekking not only in ordu but also in Turkey Bolaman Castle Çaka Coast Ulugöl

15 One of the main source of livelihood is the nut. The Universty of Ordu One of the first city theatre was founded in Ordu Fishing

16 Basogretmen Secondary School Builded in 2001 Building Area 7137 m 2 Garden Area 7863 m 2 54 Staff 1007 Students 35 Classrooms Distance to the center 6 Km

17 Parts of the School

18 Special Days And Weeks Different activities and courses are organized for providing support and mental development to students.

19 Activities

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