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The Service Company Conference Køge 2014-03-06 Andrea Angermann – EU Projects Project Leader 1.

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1 The Service Company Conference Køge 2014-03-06 Andrea Angermann – EU Projects Project Leader 1

2 The 8 integrative companies/social firms in Austria: Integrative Companies in Austria 2 / 25

3 Our tasks Wien Work is a non-profit social firm Our offer: consulting, education, vocational training and employment for – disabled people within the scope of the Disabled Aid (as set out in the Disabled Employment Act and the Vienna Disabled Act) –and for long-term unemployed persons without disabilities Founded 1981 Wien Work Tasks 3 / 25

4 Our shareholders and public sponsors Volkshilfe Vienna (Peoples Aid Vienna) and KOBV (Organisation for victims of war and people with handicaps for Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland); 50% each Supervisory board (5 P.) Our public sponsors: Ministry of Social Affairs Equalisation Tax Fund (ATF) Public Employment Service Austria (AMS) Federal Social Office (Bundessozialamt) Vienna Social Fund (FSW) Wien Work / Structure & Financing 4 / 25

5 Our employees (2014) About 600 employees –thereof 190 adults with physical and sensory disabilities –161 trainees with learning disabilities –and 44 long-term unemployed persons –200 staff without disabilities Wien Work & Employees 5 / 25

6 Framework and conditions Salary in accordance with collective bargaining Strong business orientation with intensive social support for the employees 3 Modules: Employment Training Services & Production Mixed financing Total budget: 22 million (2012) Characteristics 6 / 25

7 Aim and orientation Socially oriented Diversity oriented Service provider and producer / manufacturer in 10 business units Characteristics 7 / 25

8 10 Business Units Business To Business metal (sheet-metal work, lathe operating) wood / carpentry dry cleaning and laundry textiles (sewing work) upholstering copy und print service facility service renovation (painting, brick laying, tiling, repair work) gastronomy scanning documents 8 / 25

9 Four main sites in Vienna Tannhäuserplatz: office, copy and print services, upholstering, carpentry, projects Simmering: dry cleaning and laundry Leopoldau: sheet-metal work, lathe operating, scanning documents Stadlau: facility services, painting, tiling, brick laying, sewing work, gastronomy (catering, restaurant Michls in the city, five other restaurants in residential homes for elderly people) Scheduling: Relocation to our new Main Site in Aspern Seestadt (22 nd District of Vienna) Sites In Vienna 9 / 25

10 IB Employment Sheltered employment of disabled persons in 160 permanent full-time jobs in our 10 business units (62% disabled ratio) Financing by ATF (government) and the FSW (City of Vienna) Own revenues 8,7 million (2013) = approx. 66% of the total costs Our Projects / IB Employment 10 / 25

11 Wien Work Train Vocational Training for Adults Since 2004, this module was introduced, offering training on the job in 20 positions per year for unemployed disabled adults for 7 months with subsequent placement in the open labour market Placement rate to open labour market 50% Mixed financing by Federal Social Office, Vienna Social Fund, Public Employment Service Vienna and own revenues (about 55.000,- per year) Our Projects / Wien Work Train 11 / 25

12 Vocational Training for Young People integrative apprenticeship and partial qualification approx. 161 training positions (average per year) Cabinet maker, cook/waiter, painter, launder, brick layer, tiler, office building cleaner, retail, office Financed by the Vienna Social Fund, the Government of Lower Austria and the Public Employment Service of Vienna Our Projects / Integrative Apprenticeship 12 / 25

13 Wien Work trains for practice Adolescents are no longer trained in special workshops, but directly in the individual fields of business of the social firm itself or in cooperating companies in the labour market Dual training & support vocational school & training on the job & remedial teaching External traineeships are an integral part of the training Rate of placements to open labour market: 55% Our Projects / Integrative Apprenticeship 13 / 25

14 Wien Work re-integrates long-term unemployed persons Implementation of socio-economic business (SÖB) for temporary employment and 6 months training of long-term unemployed persons Catering and 2 restaurants / café : Michls 44 training jobs Placement rate to open labour market: 40% Financed by AMS (Public Employment Service) and approx. 40% own revenues Our Projects / Socio-Economic Business 14 / 25

15 Project On The Job Training for 30 young people with mental disabilities Training in a day-to-day working situation (on the job), 8 jobcoaches and work pedagogues Within 9 to 36 months, this project aims at enabling them to find vocational training or a job fitting to their demands and possibilities. These skills will help them to integrate into the labour market on the long run. Fully financed by Vienna Social Fund Our Projects / On The Job 15 / 25

16 Youth Coaching Coaching and counselling for job orientation For all pupils from 8th or last level of compulsory education In Vienna Wien Work is responsible for 2 districts Aims and work program in Step 1, 2 or 3: Clearing of job opportunities or further education Organize contacts to firms in the first labour market Organize traineeships in the first labour market Organize apprenticeships Fully financed by the Federal Social Office Our Projects / Youth Coaching 16 / 25

17 Supported Employment for adults with disabilities and chronic diseases trying to find or to keep a job on the open labour market or in the public sector In cooperation with all other organisations in Austria working with Adults with disabilities Supported Employment for young people with learning disabilities and/or social problems trying to find or to keep an apprenticeship Offer for two districts in Vienna Support and outplacement with a limited contract (about 1 year) upon leaving Wien Work Fully financed by the Federal Social Office Our Projects / Supported Employment 17 / 25

18 18 / 25

19 Statistics / Jobmanagement-Team 19 / 25

20 Statistics / Jobmanagement-Team 20 / 25

21 21 / 25

22 22 / 25

23 Statistics / Jobmanagement-Team 23 / 25

24 Projects & plans for 2014 Projects And Plans 2014 IdA – Integration through exchange (planning an Austrian exchange programm) Kick off for the construction of our new comprehensive site in Vienna Social canteen in the Republic of Moldova Various exchange projects for experts and beneficiaries with the Czech Republic, Scotland, Turkey, Germany and Denmark among many others... 24 / 25

25 Awards Hotel project (2001) Best practice within Leonardo program (2002) Ökoprofit (2003/04/05/06/07/08/09/11/12) Environmental award Umweltzeichen for the gastronomy / tourism section (2007/2010) Prize for environmental care and innovation of the City of Vienna (2005) Austrian Sustainability Reporting Award (2nd prize 2005-07, 3rd prize 2008-2010) Label for Social Integration Enterprises (2011) Awards 25 / 25

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