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2 Conversation questions...
Do you have a favourite bar or cafe? If so, where is it? Why do you like it the most? What is the cheapest food you can buy? What is the strangest thing you have eaten? Describe it. What is the most impressive experience you have ever had in a restaurant? Food of which country do you prefer? Describe some meals. What is the Slovak national meal? How do you prepare it? Does a typical American meal exist? What do you think it would be? If you were living abroad, what food would you miss the most? Which restaurant in this city would you recommend and why? How do waiters treat customers in your country? What do you think of their standard of service? Do you think that losing weight is a matter of diet or lifestyle in general? How can you tell? What do you eat when you feel sad? How does food change your mood? Give example. What eating habits do you dislike? What have your parents told you about table manners? What is your attitude towards fast food restaurants? Which food did you dislike as a child, but you like now?

3 Content Eating habits in Slovakia, Great Britain, and the USA Menu
Catering facilities Table manners Eating disorders Healthy principles Food proverbs Food idioms

4 eating habits in England
What do you know about eating habits in England and the USA?

5 Eating habits in Britain
breakfast - a cup of coffee or tea with milk, cereals - cornflakes with milk, fried bacon, eggs or sausages. elevenses later in the morning. brunch - is eaten for breakfast and lunch. lunch - usually fairly light, consisting of a warm dish and a dessert, or just ham and cheese sandwiches and some fruit. teatime - at around four o’clock in the afternoon. The meal consists of thin slices of bread and butter with cheese, fish, ham, some vegetables, cakes and several cups of strong tea with milk. dinner, the main meal, is served at around 7 pm. The meal consists of soup, fried fish and chips or meat with vegetables. The English cookery is famous for meat puddings and meat pies, which are usually served at dinner. As a dessert they can have a fruit salad, a pie, jelly, custard or ice cream. Later in the evening more tea, cocoa, milk, sandwiches, cold meat or biscuits may be eaten as supper.

6 Eating habits in the USA
The United States is a country with many different ethnic groups with different eating habits. Many popular dishes are of foreign origin and were brought to America by Italian, Mexican, Greek, Turkish, Chinese and other people. The breakfast usually consists of juice or coffee, eggs, toast, fruit and cereals. Pancakes and muffins are popular ,too. Lunch often consists of a BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato) sandwich, hamburgers of various types, hot dogs or pizza. Many people in the U.S. have dinner between 5 and 7 o’clock. It is often the biggest meal of the day.

7 Compare eating habits in Britain and Slovakia.
What´s different?

8 Eating habits in Slovakia
The Slovak midday meal is the main meal of the day. We can have it at work, at school (canteen) cafeterias or in a restaurant. It´s usually a 3 course meal – soups (bouillon, clear and thick soups) main meal and a dessert. Traditional Slovak food: pasta with bryndza (a kind of cottage cheese), dumplings, roast pork and sauerkraut, goulash… Slovak cousine – few years ago our food wasn´t very healthy. We used to eat a lot of fat food – like bacon, a lot of meat, dumplings, etc. These days people tend to eat more vegetables and fruit, many became vegetarians.

9 Look at the pictures and describe the fast food
Look at the pictures and describe the fast food. What ingredients make good ham/cheese burgers? Use one of the pictures to name the most common fruit and vegetables. Which of these do you like the most?

10 You would like to invite some people for dinner.
Decide: - what dish you will make, - what drinks you will offer, - who will serve your guests. Talk in detail about your choice.

11 Courses and Dishes – a Typical Menu
Meat Desserts Pork chop Chocolate fudge cake Lamb casserole Ice cream (various) Grilled chicken breast Hot apple strudel pie Top sirloin steak Fruit sorbet Barbecued back ribs Cheesecake Fish Beverages Grilled trout soft drinks Cod in cheese sauce mineral water, juice Fried carp coffee, tea Fish fingers´n´chips alcoholic beverages draught beer (light/dark) wine brandy, gin, vodka Dinner Starters Prawn cocktail Chilled melon Garlic mushrooms Main courses Soup Vegetable soup Leek and potato Tomato with coriander Cream of mushroom Chicken bouillon Fish soup

12 Think of different places where people can eat.

13 Catering Facilities and other Places to Eat and Drink
snack-bar, cafeteria, salad bar fast food restaurant, buffet take-away services drive in/ drive through coffee shop (mostly in hotels, AM.) café, sidewalk café steakhouse wine cellar, pub pizza parlour patisserie, tearoom Some meals, especially pizza, can also be ordered to be delivered home.

14 What can you tell about table manners?
Are they the same in every country?

15 „Good table manners“ differences in various parts of the world
British are happy to have a business lunch and discuss business matters during the meal The Japanese prefer not to work while eating The Germans like to talk business before dinner The French like to eat first and talk afterwards Italian are always late for dinner when you invite them, the Americans tend to come 15 min.earlier, British 15 min.later In most countries people eat with knife and fork, in China they use chopsticks, and in parts of India and the Middle East people use their fingers and bread to pick up the food Most Americans are one-handed eaters, they prefer to drink something during the meals, mostly the plain water, they eat slower – they talk during the meal Slovak people don´t talk while eating, we use fork and knife mostly, we drink water after the meal

16 How it shouldn´t be...

17 Food pyramid

18 Eating disorders How do they develop?

19 How Eating Disorders Develop
You are born with them You learn them from people around you – you want to be a model You were overweight and bullied in childhood You have other problems such as unhappiness at home or school, Someone you know dying, or a mixture of these and other things

20 People with bulimia make themselves SICK to get rid of what they've eaten can find it easy to HIDE their eating problems do serious DAMAGE to the teeth, heart, kidneys and muscles when they eat and vomit

21 People with anorexia AVOID eating LOSE a lot of weight
They often feel fat, even when they are very thin TAKE laxative tablets GO to the toilet more often DO too much exercise BECOME very weak CAN DIE without special help

22 Binge Eating Some of the most common symptoms are:
Eating large amounts of food, even when not physically hungry. Eating more rapidly than usual. Eating until uncomfortably full. Eating alone out of embarrassment at the quantity of food being eaten. Feelings of disgust, depression, or guilt after eating Complications of Binge Eating disorder The most common diseases include diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, gallbladder disease, heart disease, and some forms of cancer.

23 How to find help? Don´t keep it secret Accept that you have a problem
Talk to a friend and family or call counsellor ChildLine for free on

24 What and how to eat to be healthy and fit?
Healthy principles What and how to eat to be healthy and fit?

25 Healthy principles There are 3 principles of how to eat to be healthy and slim: Water principle – about 70% of the human body consists of water.. If there is lack of water in our body we feel tired and we want to eat. So it is sometimes enough to drink and the body is satisfied. It is best to drink fruit juices, clean water, plant tea, mineral water, and the water contained in fruit and vegetables. Fruit eating principle – we should eat fruit half an hour before meals. We don´t feel so hungry and we eat less then. Fruit is the best food for loosing weight and cleaning body. Food combination principle – the theory of separated food is very popular.

26 Some more tips we should eat slowly, 5 portions of fruit and veg a day
start a day with a glass of water, do not eat after 7 p.m, eat only fruit till noon. do not keep sweets at home, drink a lot of water We should eat meat with vegetables, or potatoes with vegetables, but not meat and potatoes. Do some sports Do things you enjoy Have a wide network of friends

27 Comment on the Food proverbs
The way to the man´s heart goes through his stomach. Man does not live by bread alone. One man´s meat is another man´s poison. You are what you eat. A smiling face is half the meal.

28 Food Idioms and Sayings
Match the phrases from the column A with the phrases from the column B "An apple a day keeps the doctor away.„ "A piece of cake." "To sell like hot cakes.„ "A big cheese„ "As cool as a cucumber.„ "Cry over spilt milk.„ "Have a finger in every pie.„ "Cup of tea." To cry or complain about something that has already happened. An important person, a leader (usually about business). To be involved in lots of different things. To remain calm under pressure.  Eating fruit is good/healthy for you.  Something one enjoys ordoes well. To sell quickly or rapidly.  To find something easy to do. 

29 Task for You to do at home. Describe your favourite food.
Include the ingredients and the preparation of the meal.

30 Thank you for your attention.
Mgr. Ľuboslava Vašková

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