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Genetic Crosses Punnett Squares.

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1 Genetic Crosses Punnett Squares

2 EAGLE ZONE Imagine you are going to one of those super trendy restaurants with lots of dishes that you’ve never heard of. Tell me how many different combinations of an entrée and dessert can be ordered at the restaurant. Use the menu below. The Chez Punnett Menu Desserts Chocolate Mink 103 Layers Chocolate Cake Ecuadorian Pomegranate Popsicles Avocado Gelato Watermelon Croissants Entrees Bikini Island Shrimp Wild and Crazy Trout Sweet Potato Gratin with Baby Pinecones Cornish Hen in Free Range Chicken Wrapped in Organic Turkey, Smothered in Genetically Modified Plum Sauce Turkey Cream Puff Pie

3 Demystify the Punnett Square
Super-Trendy Restaurant Chez Punnett How many different combinations could you order?

4 Creating combos at Chez Punnett
1. Bikini Shrimp 2. Wild and Crazy Trout 3. Pinecone Gratin 4. Plum Hen 5. Turkey Puff 1. Chocolate Mink 2. 1000 Layer Cake 3. Pom Popsicle 4. Avocado Gelato 5. Watermelon Croissant

5 Explore 1 Dragon Punnett Squares
Complete the Dragon Punnett Squares as we explore the interactive game.

6 Explore 2 Predicting Outcomes of One Trait Crosses Monohybrid Punnett Squares
Complete the 1st Punnett Square; we will check together as a class

7 Eagle Zone Complete the “Making Predictions” pages we worked on yesterday during class You have 20 minutes to complete the pages before we begin notes The notes page is on the back of the “making predictions” handout

8 Bb X Bb Phenotypic Ratio 3:1 Genotypic Ratio 1:2:1

9 Explain The Story of Mendel The Gene Idea

10 Mendel and Genetics Using your handout, answer the questions as we explain the concepts surrounding basic genetic

11 Terms to Know Character (heritable feature, i.e., fur color)
Trait (variant for a character, i.e., brown) P generation (parents) F1 generation (first filial generation)

12 Terms to Know Punnett square: Gene:
point on a chromosome that controls the trait Allele: an alternate form of a gene A or a Homozygous: identical alleles for a character Heterozygous (Hybrid): different alleles for a gene Phenotype: physical traits Genotype: genetic makeup

13 It All Began with Mendel (FYI)
Gregor Mendel was born in 1822. Called the “Father of Genetics” Late 1800 chromosomes and the process of meiosis were unknown. Mendel’s work was considered obscure and unimportant until 1900 Walter Sutton proposed the Chromosome Theory and people began to listen to his ideas. Chromosome Theory – specific genes are located on specific chromosomes

14 Three Conclusions to His Research
Principle of Dominance and Recessiveness One allele in a pair may mask the effect of the other Principle of Segregation The two alleles for a characteristic separate during the formation of eggs and sperm Principle of Independent Assortment The alleles for different characteristics are distributed to reproductive cells independently.

15 Elaborate 1 More Monohybrid Crosses

16 Elaborate 2 Meiosis Competition Dad Mom WWHh X wwHH
Using your sock chromosomes, demonstrate how the possible gametes are formed and write the correct all the possible gametes that can be formed on the board.

17 Guided Dihybrid Cross Parents: --- -WWHh ---X -- wwHH Gametes:- WH---

18 What about 2 Traits? BbTt x BbTt

19 Evaluate Wanted: Big Headed Bugs with Long Wings

20 Breeding Options Using head size and wing color as the two traits, predict the outcomes following bug crosses. Bug 1 X Bug 5----HhWW X hhww Bug 2 X Bug 4----hhww X hhWw Bug 3 X Bug 1----HhWw X HhWW

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