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Pacific Gateway Center Beginning Farmers Program.

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1 Pacific Gateway Center Beginning Farmers Program

2 Conduct of all employees will be guided by the following values: Integrity: being fully present, honest, and true to self in all actions and relationships. Service: giving back to the society with energy, leadership, knowledge, time, and a commitment to healthy growth. Excellence: whatever we do, we do well; we holding our self to a higher standard than others hold us. Learning: actively pursue and apply knowledge from a broad spectrum of disciplines to nurture our abilities to inspire others to learn. Community and Family: community and family needs come before our own; we are sensitive, thoughtful, and care-full in our relationships; we contribute effectively to community and family health.

3 Company Name: Hauula Fruit Company Mission: The Hauula Fruit Company grows and distributes tropic fruits to the island of Oahu. It embraces the values and principles of permaculture. See its attached company values. Basic Business Activities: Developing a farm which grows fruits that are appropriate for its soil and climate. Cultivating and harvesting the fruits. Distributing the fruits to retail outlets, restaurants and food processors. Overview of products offered: The array of fruits to be grown will be determined by the soil, climate and rain fall in the area. Examples of fruits to be produced include dragon fruit, custard apple, rambutan, jack fruit, star fruit, cacao, guava, specialty bananas, bread fruit, and lychee.

4 Objectives (See schedule and budget): Fence the property. Map and design the farm. Lay the irrigation mains (if needed.) Plant the trees and seeds. Cultivate. Build food processing shed with secure storage. Harvest. Establish relationships with retailers, restaurant, and food processors. Sell product. Core Competencies: Understands business models Leadership, negotiation and mediation skills Permaculture design Hard worker

5 Strategies: Be a differentiated provider of gourmet fruits Sells on Oahu to retailers and restaurants Cooperate with my fellow farmers. Create a brand of appealing, gourmet, tropical fruits Type of Ownership: Sole proprietorship Strategic Business Relationships: Pacific Gateway Center (lessor) Organization: Initially, it is a simple, one-person operation. As it develops, I may invite a young couple who rent from me at my Hauula home to join me. They are both interested in farming and have good, positive energy.

6 Description of products offered, including: goods, services, and mixes: Examples of fruits to be produced include dragon fruit, custard apple, rambutan, jack fruit, star fruit, cacao, guava, specialty bananas, bread fruit, and lychee. Fruit that have high visual appeal will be sold to retailers and restaurants. The fruit with low appeal will be sold to food processors. I will pack in attractive display cartons for easy marketing by retailers. I will target high end retailers like Whole Food, J Fields, Down to Earth, etc. I will deliver to customers. I envision my customer base being on Oahu. I may have to ship off island to food processors. Fruit that does not meet the brands standards will be sold to other farmers who sell at farmers markets or to food processors. Explanation of seasonality or other factors to products: I will determine after product mix is known. Product pricing, explanation of methodology: Initially, I will let the market determine my pricing. I may lose money initially. Once the brand is established, I may be able to charge a premium. Key vendor relationships: To be determined

7 Industry Description and boundaries: Upstream, the providers of seeds, cuttings and young plants; equipment and tools manufacturers; chemical manufacturers Downstream, retail food stores, restaurants, and food processors. Competitors are other farmers. This industry grows fruits, distributes the fruit to vendors and processors. Target Market: Organizations that provide the general population with gourmet products. Distribution to Target Market: Initially, my truck. Competitive Analysis: To be done after the product mix is determined.

8 Differentiation: Permaculture grown, maybe organic, attractive, Branded.

9 See handout

10 Year Equipment Description $ Improvement Description $ Other Description $ Total Cost $ 1 Have pickup truck and hand tools $0Fencing, 2000 ft$1500Pneumatic digger$1000$2500 1Irrigation mains$2000Soil strengthening$1000 Plants, cuttings and seeds $2000$5000 2 Soil strengthening$1000 Plants, cuttings and seeds $2000$3000 3 Food processing shed$2000 Plants, cuttings and seeds $2000$4000 3 Soil strengthening$1000 4 Soil strengthening$1000 Plants, cuttings and seeds $1000$2000 5 Soil strengthening$1000Plants, cuttings and seeds $1000$2000

11 Financing Plan: Self-financed. Estimate insurance $1k, fuel $1k, expendables, $2k per year. Year three will need to buy branding materials, boxes, stickers, signage. $5k I am not paying myself. Five year cost is $18,500 Contingency Planning: Illness, give to my tenants Annual Revenue Goals Year 1 $0 Year 2 $0 Year 3 $2,000 Year 4 $10,000 Year 5 $20,000 Expense and Net Income Plan: See schedule and budget

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