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Production Systems Design Types of Production Systems.

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1 Production Systems Design Types of Production Systems

2 Outline Important Considerations Types of Production Systems Characteristics Pros and cons.

3 To design a facility, we need to know FlowHow do things move around? Space Activity Relationships How much room do we need? Close together or far apart?

4 How do things move around? (Flow) Lot sizes Unit load sizes MH Equipment Layout arrangements Building Configurations

5 How much room do we need? (Space) Lot sizes Storage systems Production Equipment Layout arrangements Building Configurations Personnel areas

6 Close together or far apart? (Relationships) Material Flow Personnel flow Environmental Teamwork Process Requirements

7 The Type of Production System affects Flow, Space and Relationships… LowMediumHigh Low Medium High Product Variety Production Volume Fixed Location Layout Group Technology Layout Product Layout Process Layout

8 Fixed Location Layout Low, sporadic demand Large products Hard (or impossible) to move Highly customized

9 Have them come to meHave them come to me People and equipment come to the product

10 What to do? Bring personnel and equipment to the product Combine all workstations with the staging area for the product Product

11 Product Layout Designed for a specific product Flow Lines Sequential arrangement of equipment High demand, low variety

12 What does a Product Layout look like? TTMDG Standardized product Large, stable demand Combine all workstations required to manufacture a product

13 Characteristics of Product Layout Very fast – High throughput Low WIP Short lead times Can be automated Higher consistency Specific for one product Low flexibility

14 Process Layout (or Job Shop) Higher variety Moderate to low volumes Not enough demand to dedicate equipment

15 Solution G P GG DD DD MM MM P BB T T T Organize depts. according to processes Machines with similar capabilities and functions Batches might use different tooling and setups: High skill levels G

16 Characteristics of Process Layout Long throughput times High WIP Crossed Product routings Harder MH and transportation Higher Machine utilization Process knowledge accumulation (in the workers)

17 Group technology Similar parts (product families) Enough to justify dedicated equipment Might have similar routings Groupings not according to physical appearance

18 Organize cells ! TM M DG DB DM Configure a cell for each product family Dedicate a set of machines in a designated physical area

19 Characteristics of cellular layouts More than one machine per operator Low WIP Faster response to quality problems Shorter Throughput time Easier scheduling and control 123 4 5 678

20 In summary… CharacteristicProductProcessGroupFixed Position Throughput Time W.I.P. Skill Level Choice Mixed Product Flexibility Demand Flexibility Machine Utilization Worker Utilization Unit Production Cost HighLowMediumMedium-HighMedium-Low

21 What type of process would go better with… Hospital? Airport? Mall? (points of view of the consumer and the stores) Fast Food Restaurant?

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