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LES COPAQUE tm PRODUCTION SDN BHD (LCPSB) Norikhti Faqriah bt Azime (2008319497) Nur Jihan Mohd Fadzil (2009425582)

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1 LES COPAQUE tm PRODUCTION SDN BHD (LCPSB) Norikhti Faqriah bt Azime ( ) Nur Jihan Mohd Fadzil ( )

2 COMPANY PROFILE COMPANY MANAGING DIRECTOR: Burhanuddin Md Radzi COMPANY NAME: Les' Copaque Production Sdn Bhd COMPANY ADDRESS : Les' Copaque Production Sdn. Bhd. No. 1, Jalan Boling Padang G13/G, Section 13, 40100, Shah Alam, Selangor. DATE OF ESTABLISHMENT: December 2005 CORE BUSINESS: Producing high quality 3D animation i.e. animated featured film, animated series and public services announcement projects with local images but has global appeal.

3 COMPANY STRUCTURE Training CenterMerchandising Restaurant LCP ANIMATION TRAINING CENTRE Sdn. Bhd. -A 100% wholly owned subsidiary of LCPSB. -Incorporated in February To provide professional training for graduates or individuals. - Interested to expand their career in the Film & Animation Industry. LC MERCHANDISING - A 100% wholly owned subsidiary of LCPSB. - Handle the production of merchandises. - Manage the licensees in manufacturing the merchandises. - Distributing a bigger range of original Upin & Ipin products. GENGS CORNER - A family restaurant with the theme from your beloved characters Upin & Ipin and from Gang: The Adventure Begins.

4 In supporting Msia product that will generate positive economic growth. Each animation contain positive morale and mesagges. The company only sells original products in order to boicot immitation product. Value Proposition Bulk of the revenue (RM6.3 mil) was generated by 3D animation movie: Gang: The Adventure Begins Professional training-collaboration with MDEC Merchandising- original products available at Giant, Tesco & Jusco Restaurant –at present, there are 2 outlets in Shah Alam Gaming (new business) Revenue Model 8 Asian countries through Disney Asia Channel Penetrated and successfully attracted the attention of Indian film industry (screened at 2000 cinema) Still in negotiation with Argentina for the memorandum of understanding. Market Opportunity BUSINESS MODEL

5 In Malaysia, the closest competitor is Animonsta Studios Competitive environment Gang:The Adventure Begins was endorsed by the Malaysia Book of Records as the first 3D animated feature film in Malaysia. Gang: The Adventure Begins recorded among the highest ranked movie in best-ticket selling Competitive Advantage Create consumer awareness of the company through public service announcement" project with RTM Animated series :Upin & Ipin aired at TV9 Provide latest updates to fans through online network,production blog,community forum and fan club. Expands the influence to young readers in written form: Adapted into a monthly comic magazines series Market Strategy Managing Director: Has a broad experience in Oil & Gas business Recruit 70 creative and talented local young technical artist Management Team BUSINESS MODEL

6 ENGAGEMENT WITH AGENCIES & GOVT AGENCIES MDeC – To market our animation domestically & globally i.e. brought LCPSB to International Film Festival in Cannes, France in 2009 MIMOS – Provide facilities of rendering for their 1st film GOVERNMENT SUPPORT MOSTI – Financial support from E-Content fund of RM 1 mil Malaysian Ministry Of Culture, Arts And Tourism-Financial support totaling RM200k for promotion as part of Visit Malaysia Year Campaign in 2008 TV9,RTM – As a media platform to promote animation product for general viewer.

7 IT APPLICATIONS Use graphics and animation applications. Main software for 3D software: Autodesk Maya. Supporting graphics and editing software: o Adobe After Effects o Adobe Premiere o Adobe Photoshop o Adobe Auditions o A few more minor programs

8 FINANCIAL Return on Investment–only after 3 years establishment as it took 2 years ( ) mainly to complete the animation and for R&D purposes. The movie Gang: The Adventure Begins had a turnover of RM 6.3 million in the Malaysia box office-among the highest ranked movie in best-ticket selling The movie Gang: The Adventure Begins recorded a profit of RM5 million. MARKET PENETRATION Upin & Ipin the series have successfully penetrated Indonesia & Turkey market. Gang: The Adventure Begins has started screened at 2000 cinemas in India and been translated into Hindi language. Since 2009, Upin & Ipin the series (Season 3 and onwards) have successfully aired at the Disney Channel Asia. SUCCESS STORIES CountryChannelFromRemarks MalaysiaTV9Sept 2007Season 1 onwards IndonesiaTVRI TPI Sept 2007 Sept 2008 Season 1 only Season 2 onwards TurkeyHilal TVSept 2008Season 1 & 2 8 Asia countriesDisney ChannelNov 2009Season 3 onwards

9 AWARDS The first 3D animation film released in Malaysia, Malaysia Book of Records Gang: The Adventure Begins – Best Editing, MSC Malaysia Kre8tif Gang: The Adventure Begins – Best Music/Score, MSC Malaysia Kre8tif Gang: The Adventure Begins – Jury Special Award, MSC Malaysia Kre8tif CONTRIBUTIONS TO SMEs As a role model for other SME companies due to its effective strategic planning in producing 3D animation. Created business opportunities to retailers and distributors through merchandising. Organized more talks to attract new generation to explore and have better exposure in animation industry. SUCCESS STORIES

10 CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS In-depth R&D which encompassing all aspects including strategy, production and marketing. High concentration on the Human Capital Development through hands on training to all staff The MD of LCPSB, En Burhanuddin has a broad experience in business where he has been working with Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd since 1981 and successfully made a turnover of RM130 million from RM10 million. More focus on quality of plot story to ensure it is able to convey good message to the viewers especially to children. Key impediments Difficult to get sponsors in the initial stage. Limited capital to produce animation film. High risk in marketing the end products till present Products imitation by small retailers-CD and merchandises SUCCESS STORIES

11 COMPANY DIRECTION SHORT-TERM PLAN To continue and produce more animation series for Upin & Ipin TV9 (Malaysia) and TPI (Indonesia). To produce the sequel movie for Gang: The Adventure Begins LONG-TERM PLAN To produce new concept of animation series. To build a strategic alliance with other companies outside Malaysia. MOVING FORWARD To become the best animation company in Asia. To create more animation products which could compete at International level To widen the companys horizon by developing more talents and specialists in animation. To invest in more sophisticated equipments for better film- making quality

12 LESSONS LEARNT Gained some insights on how IT applications contributed in animation industry. Able to explore and have better understanding of business model in Malaysian animation industry. S tudied on the companys sustainability- how the business works and how it diversify the income in order for the company to continue survive. Examined the critical success factors, key achievements and the challenges faced by the local animation producer-LCPSB.

13 Thank you

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