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Puerto Rico “Somos Boricuas”.

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1 Puerto Rico “Somos Boricuas”

2 Población: 3,987,960 Capital: San Juan Moneda: el dólar estadounidense Idiomas: español, inglés (los dos son oficiales)

3 La Comida “comida criolla” - combination of Spanish, African, and indigenous influences.

4 Arroz con gandules Arroz con gandules: rice with pigeon peas (like fried rice)

5 Pernil Pernil: pork shoulder

6 Tostones Tostones: fried plantains (like french fries)

7 Pasteles Pasteles: like tamales

8 Piraguas Piraguas: shaved ice with fruit syrup

9 Pinchos Pinchos: skewers of chicken or pork

10 Los Sitos Interesantes:
Viejo San Juan: narrow streets lined with brightly colored houses with balconies. Mimics architecture of Southern Spanish cities.

11 El Castillo de San Felipe del Morro: Originally built as a fort by the Spanish in 1539 to defend the island.

12 El Yunque: The only tropical rain forest in the care of the U. S
El Yunque: The only tropical rain forest in the care of the U.S. Forest Service. The park has many waterfalls and is home to the “coquí”, a tiny tree frog named for it’s distinctive song.


14 El Coqui

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