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The Sustainable Restaurant Association FoodSave Barney Smyth & Ellie Rowles.

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1 The Sustainable Restaurant Association FoodSave Barney Smyth & Ellie Rowles

2 Our story All businesses are under pressure to address a complex set of sustainability issues, and the hospitality industry is no different, except perhaps that the issues are more complex and more widely talked about. Populus survey (2010) - 66% do not think restaurants do enough to tackle social and environmental issues - 70% would be more likely to return if their performance was awarded

3 Simplifying the advisory landscape

4 Our mission Our mission then is two-fold: Help hospitality businesses be sustainable and empower diners to find places to eat & drink which share their values. We arent just here for businesses though, diners need us too. As awareness of sustainability has grown, so have we. We now work with pubs, hotels, cafes, trains, planes and mobile caterers. Dont be misled by our name, any business that wants to serve good food well is ok by us. SRA Today – 300 members, 3,500 sites and growing!

5 14 key areas Joining our association is a clear sign that our Members care about sustainability issues. When they feel ready, our Sustainability Rating process evaluates their performance across the 14 key areas of sustainability: 3 pillars, 14 areas. For everyones sake, we try to keep things bite sized and easily digestible.

6 Stars A good rating means Sustainability Stars. These signify good, excellent and exceptional sustainability levels and tell diners – this restaurant is taking care of business. The Sunday Times called them the Michelin Stars of Sustainability which made us rather proud.

7 Other work As our Membership base has expanded our services have too. Consumer research – prioritising sustainability issues 20092013 1. Local sourcing1. Health and nutrition 2. Organic certification1. Food waste 3. Sustainable Fish3. Local sourcing Consultancy Suppliers Campaigns – Too Good To Waste Project Delivery

8 Our future We believe that... Food sits at the heart of our culture and its not just what we eat that matters but how its grown, made and served that makes for a truly satisfying experience Our vision is to make sustainability synonymous with hospitality in the eyes of diners.

9 FoodSave: Banishing waste, boosting prot Ellie Rowles Sustainable Restaurant Association

10 Overview The issue of food waste The solution Food waste audits explained Results Available options

11 The Issue: Food waste is costly And costing the UK hospitality industry £2.5 billion per annum 920,000 tonnes, the equivalent of 1.3 billion meals, of food thrown away each year Resulting in 2.7 tonnes of carbon emissions Producing 2.7 tonnes of carbon emissions Source: Waste & Resources Action Programme, Food Agriculture Organisation

12 Food waste is costing you Source: Waste Resources & Action Programme, Food Agriculture Organisation Illustrative costs to mid-sized restaurant (500 covers/day) 1 Hard costs Soft costs 1. Assumes £2 per cover food cost with 8% avoidable food waste by value

13 Time consuming The challenge Staff often too busy to record waste Staff estimates of waste are unreliable Often doesnt account for all of a kitchens waste, and does not give an impression of where that waste really comes from Inaccurate Incomplete Waste is hard to record accurately Unclear Difficult to identify biggest sources of waste or what type of waste to begin reducing first Front line staff may not consider the value of the food being thrown away and may not be aware that less food needs to be wasted Any staff that go out of their way to reduce waste will not have their dedication noticed, discouraging them from trying to help Alienating Unrewarding

14 The solution:

15 FoodSave: The programme Hotels Restaurants Pubs Canteens Food Waste Audits Food Waste Audits Food Waste Training- on line and in groups FoodSave website with information and case studies Advice on food waste collection services

16 Food waste audits 4 weeks (x70) Outputs Electronic scales and a touch screen tablet in your kitchen that records and calculates food waste quantities and values in real time providing daily food waste analysis Weekly reports showing the breakdown of waste weight and cost for each food waste category Weekly action plans to reduce food waste 6 days (x 98) Learn how to measure your food waste across three waste streams - spoilage, preparation and customer plate waste A tailored food waste report including a forecast for your annual food waste costs Detailed recommendations and training tips for reducing food waste Outputs Snap shot food waste audit Detailed food waste audit

17 Computerised system Sturdy and easy to use; waste is automatically recorded as it is thrown into the bin Quick and straightforward; staff are asked maximum of three questions about the food being wasted

18 The system in action

19 Sophisticated Clear categorisation telling you at which stage food waste occurs: Inventory Preparation trimmings Cooking error Prepared not served Plate waste Real time specific and cumulative weight and value information displayed to user Daily reporting and progress review Specific, practical insights into your food waste

20 Getting results Results from first 10 businesses Average reduction in food waste: 1.7 tonnes per year Average saving to business: over £5,500 per year

21 Getting results FoodSave really helped us focus on inventory waste. We now pay much closer attention to inventory checks and have made changes such as making bread in house. The project is extremely worthwhile to take part in Mark Jarvis, Head Chef The Bingham Working with the SRA on FoodSave was a great experience. We gained a detailed insight into our food waste and the tools to minimise it, boosting our GP and reducing our environmental impact Andrew Fishwick, Owner The Truscott Arms This has changed the way we manage our kitchens. The BC team are set to implement what we learned at our other locations Georgia Habgood, Special Projects Manager The Breakfast Club

22 Clear business benefits Increased kitchen efficiency = higher profits Better portion control and menu refinement = happier customers Reduced food waste sent to landfill = better environmental performance

23 Starting from £3,500 for master unit and £100 per month software subscription Available options FoodSave four week audit package FoodSave 6 day audit package Purchase the computerised food waste audit system

24 Thank you To arrange a demonstration please contact Ellie Rowles 020 7479 4224

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