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RMDA Presentation - 2013. Presentation Summary - 2 minute commercial 10 minute industry specific presentation.

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1 RMDA Presentation - 2013

2 Presentation Summary - 2 minute commercial 10 minute industry specific presentation

3 DataWedge, LLC Founded in 2001 Working with over 120 locations across the nation and around the world 9 employees

4 Where would you like to get your orders?

5 Get Orders From Your Own Individual Web Site? *DataWedge has multiple individual template designs, with two more coming out this month

6 From Corporate Customers? *DataWedge has multiple on-line ordering engine facets, including Group Ordering and Catering capabilities

7 From Your Partner Restaurant Web Sites? *DataWedge provides links to your on-line engine allowing you to put on- line ordering capabilities directly on your partner restaurants website.

8 From Mobile Phones? *DataWedge has a mobile web component that can be viewed on all Smartphones including iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry

9 From Our RDS Portal?. *DataWedge runs FoodGetters and MealMonger, offering aggregated Restaurant Menu Data from our participating RDS customers…

10 From Other Portals? From Other Portals? *DataWedge has created MenuConnect, an API allowing partnering portal sites to push orders directly into your software

11 From Facebook? From Facebook? *DataWedge has an on-line ordering engine branded to each unique RDS that allows on-line orders to be placed directly from inside Facebook

12 From Email Marketing Campaigns? From Email Marketing Campaigns? *Each month DataWedge puts out marketing campaigns branded with participating RDS logos to generate additional orders

13 Does it work? In 2012 – DataWedge took over $135MM worth of food orders through DMS, Web Sites, FoodGetters, Facebook, and Mobile Web Average breakfast ticket: $52.11 Average lunch ticket: $103.14 Average dinner ticket: $56.20 *Average ticket data from Q4 of 2012

14 Are you just starting out? DataWedge has a free version of our software for use with RDSs just getting their feet wet Includes DMS Software Includes a Web Site *Is there a catch? Of course, theres always a catch. But it is free. See us for details.

15 In conclusion DataWedge has more RDS installations than any other software vendor DataWedge has more RDS customers doing in excess of $1MM per year than any other software vendor Bet on the right horse Find another DMS Customer Befriend them. DO WHAT THEY DO.

16 Relax: the commercial is over.

17 Breaking the $1MM Barrier Breaking the $1MM Barrier Operations typically require a tweak at about 20 orders a day... Operations AND YOUR BUSINESS require another overhaul at about 75 orders a day. The easy decisions are coming to an end. What's $1MM? ($40 average ticket) X (70 orders/day) * (360 days/year).

18 ITEM 1: CULL…Distractions We've all been there: too many hats, too little time. How do you split/expand? Time Management Exercise: for two weeks, log your time.

19 ITEM 2: CULL…Micro-Management No one can wear every hat all the time Recognize the tail spin of just working harder Split tasks that have to be done into separate tasks... and delegate with equal amounts of authority and responsibility.

20 ITEM 3: CULL…Restaurants... Recognize the Winds of Change More Restaurants does not always mean better... better restaurants = better. Find your worst performers and stand your ground.

21 ITEM 4: CULL… Negative Attitudes Unresolved stress results in negative attitudes The higher up the chain the negative attitude goes, the more toxic it becomes The longer it goes on, the more it becomes par for the course

22 ITEM 5: CULL... Diminishing Returns Geography (Should we still be offering delivery there?) Customers (Is our time better spent elsewhere?) Vendors? (Are vendors still able to fill our needs?)

23 ITEM 6: CULL…Friends Many startups begin with friends that want to help Everyone tries on different hats... everyone finds different roles... Time to ask the hard question: is your friend still the right person for the job?

24 ITEM 7: Scratch out a plan It's not enough to just trudge along in daily operations Where do you want to be in 1 year? 3 years? 5 years? More corporate? Expanded coverage? Different restaurants? EXECUTE the plan!

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