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Non-chain restaurants in and around the St. Louis Area.

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1 Non-chain restaurants in and around the St. Louis Area.

2 Purpose of the Topic Shed light on hidden gems. Introduce new places to eat, besides your traditional chain restaurants. Could in turn encourage someone to try new things.

3 Projected Story Themes Cuisine Type Restaurants that specialize in certain types of cuisine or deserts. Italian Steakhouses International (i.e. Thai, Irish, Indian) Bakeries Cafés Etc

4 Projected Story Themes Occasion Birthday Parties and Graduations Specific Areas for Birthday Parties Does the restaurant offer birthday themes? Minimum and maximum size for parties. Reservations Required Any special charges for party sizes? (e.g. Set tax rate of ?%, extra for themes?) Anniversaries Special accommodations for anniversaries? Offer any freebies for the couple? Entertainment Great drinking spot? Happy hour? 2-for-1 deals? Specialty drinks? Karaoke Nights. Family Oriented?

5 Projected Story Theme Hidden Gems by Neighborhood Profile non-chain restaurants by neighborhood. Any neighborhood favorites? What do the neighbors think about the restaurant? How frequently do neighbors visit Ex. Crown Candy Kitchen in Old North St. Louis Neighborhood with the best non-chain restaurants Are there a neighborhoods with a plethora of non-chain restaurants? Ex. Tower Grove Neighborhood The most popular restaurant in the area.

6 Class Projects Restaurant Reviews Visit a non-chain restaurant, maybe one you have never been to or one you would recommend from personal experience, and write an online review of the restaurant. Review the most popular dish Pick a random dish to review. Review the atmosphere of the restaurant. See if the manager is able to give a quick interview. Get the customer s involved! See what their recommendations are (after they eat, of course). Video Profile Visit a restaurant during Happy Hour or during events that they may host. Video record interactions between the patrons Video record Karaoke night if they have one Video footage of the atmosphere of the restaurant.

7 Class Project A Day In The Life Video profile a day in the life of the restaurant. Video record the chef(s) making a dish. Profile the manager – how did he get started in the restaurant business? Why did he/she choose the type of restaurant they have? Family owned? Video profile Employees and Customers- what do they think? Favorite restaurant?

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