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#jiscassess JISC Assessment and Feedback Programme Meeting 5 th October 2011 Maple House, Birmingham.

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1 #jiscassess JISC Assessment and Feedback Programme Meeting 5 th October 2011 Maple House, Birmingham

2 Welcome A special welcome to project representatives, programme support team, JISC Advance and JISC RSCs, The Higher Education Academy Housekeeping –13.00 – 14:00 Lunch in the restaurant –16:00 Close Wireless access and extension cables Delegate packs –Agenda, guide to the wiki spaces, programme calendar, Making Connections session handout –Feedback please – online evaluation forms! Publications from the e-Learning team

3 Agenda 10.00 – 10.30: Overview of programme and expectations 10.30 – 11.00: Project Elevator Pitches 11.00 – 11.15: Tea and coffee 11.15 – 11.45: Project Elevator Pitches (continued) 11.45 – 13.00: Poster Networking 13.00 – 14.00: Lunch 14.00 – 15.00: Parallel sessions: »Strand A – main room (Expand Suite) »Strand B – breakout room (Advance 2) »Strand C – breakout room (Advance 3) 15.00 – 16.00: Change Activity (The Higher Education Academy)

4 Aims for today Introduce the JISC Assessment and Feedback programme, team, structure and expectations Provide an opportunity for projects to hear about each others work and to identify connections and common themes Facilitate networking between projects, and cluster level discussions Initiate discussions relating to this phase of project planning

5 Programme overview and expectations Overview of the programme structure Summary of expectations for each strand Reporting and other programme requirements Introduction to the support team Wiki spaces and useful resources

6 Overview #JISCASSESS Overview of programme, strands, deliverables and reporting expectations

7 Programme overview Strand A 8 Projects 3 years 2011-2014 Strand B 8 projects 6 months to 2 years 2011-2013 Support and Synthesis Project Strand C 4 projects 9 months to 2 years 2011-2013

8 Programme level outcomes Increased usage of appropriate technology-enhanced assessment and feedback, leading to: –Change in the nature of assessment –Efficiencies, and improvement of assessment quality –Enhancement of the student and staff experience Clearly articulated business cases Models of sustainable institutional support, and guidance on costs and benefits Evidence of impact – on staff and students, workload and satisfaction

9 JISC requirements Core reporting requirements: –Project plans – 1 st November 11 –Baseline reports (Strand A) – 3 rd January 2012 –Consortium agreements – 3 rd January 2012 –Interim reports – 1 st March 2012, 3 rd Sept 2012, 1 st March 2013 –Final reports – drafts and final versions – see calendar –Completion survey – by 31 st Aug 2014 (A), 31 st Aug 2013 (B&C) Plus –Representing your work through the Design Studio –Engagement with the programme through the programme wiki, monthly online sessions, project visits (Strand A), programme meetings and external events –And additional deliverables....

10 Deliverables A Baseline report Summary of previous work in the area Evaluation report Range of assets - evidence of impact Guidance and support materials B Evaluation report Range of assets - evidence of impact Short briefing paper summarising the innovation and benefits C Description of user scenarios Descriptions of the technical model Open source widgets and code Developer guidelines Documentation for users Active community of users Short summary of the innovation

11 #JISCASSESS Programme and support team

12 Programme Support Team Critical Friends Evaluation Support Synthesis Programme Team Support Co- ordinator

13 Meet the team Programme Managers –Lisa Gray – managing Strands A and B –Paul Bailey – managing Strand C JISC Advance Support Team –JISC InfoNet – Marianne Sheppard –JISC Cetis – Wilbert Kraan and Rowin Young –JISC TechDis – Terry McAndrew Support Associates –Synthesis consultants – Gill Ferrell, David Nicol, Ros Smith –Evaluation consultants – Rachel Harris –Critical friends – Strand A only – Peter Bullen and Peter Chatterton –Expert associates – David Nicol and Aaron Porter

14 Synthesis support - roles Programme facing Jointly develop the programme synthesis / evaluation framework Provide regular reviews of emerging themes, issues and messages Provide outward facing communications including Design Studio pages Project facing Through review of plans and reports, provide ongoing support around the development and showcasing of outputs

15 Evaluation support - roles Programme facing Develop a programme- level evaluation / synthesis framework alongside synthesis team Surface at a programme level examples of good practice in evaluation methods and practices Make connections between related areas of work Project facing To provide feedback on evaluation plans and reports through the wiki Offer individual support to clusters / projects as required

16 Critical friends – Strand A Peter Chatterton Cluster co-ordination Project level support Peter Bullen

17 #JISCASSESS Wiki spaces and key resources




21 Types of Resources Structured Case Studies Methods and protocols How-to-guides Models and Frameworks Findings, lessons and key messages Learning designs Learning resources Evidence e.g. video clips, quotes Staff development resources Transformation stories

22 Additional Resources

23 Project Elevator Pitches - 2 mins... #JISCASSESS 1.The Market: who are the key stakeholders and beneficiaries? 2.Value: what is the value of your project to them? 3.Offering: what are you aiming to achieve? 4.Benefits: what are the potential benefits of your offering? 5.Proof: what kind of evidence will there be by the end of the project to substantiate your value proposition?

24 Poster networking session.. #JISCASSESS 1.Based on the previous session, please identify up to 5 projects youd like to talk to further 2.Spend 10 minutes exploring all poster and finalising your choices 3.Youll have 10 minutes for each project, will will signal when you need to rotate 4.Place post-its on each poster – with Your project name Summary of the connection

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