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Restaurant Inspection Survey Results MARCH 7, 2012.

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1 Restaurant Inspection Survey Results MARCH 7, 2012

2 Letter Grade System In July 2010, New York City instituted the letter grading system, requiring food service establishments to post letter grades corresponding to their sanitary inspection scores. Letter GradePoints A0-13 B14-27 C28+

3 Frequency of Inspection Initial Inspection 0-13 Points 1 Year 14-27 Points Re-Inspection5-7 Months 28+ Points Re-Inspection3-5 Months

4 Restaurant Inspection Survey Results January 10, 2012, the New York City Council released its Restaurant Inspection Survey o Administered online and in hardcopy o Offered in 7 languages 1,297 survey participants o Participants completed the survey in English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese & Korean o Survey participants representing all 5 boroughs Manhattan 650 Brooklyn 264 Queens 166 Staten Island 63 Bronx 32

5 Restaurant Demographics

6 Current Letter Grade

7 Viewpoints Rating the Letter Grade System Viewpoints of A Restaurants

8 Viewpoints Increased Costs Viewpoints of A Restaurants

9 Viewpoints Interactions with DOHMH Professionalism of Inspectors o Have the inspector treat the business owner fairly and with respect. Relationship with DOHMH o I feel scared [to contact DOHMH], they have the power and can make your life a misery. So why bother. Communication with DOHMH o I didn't know that I can contact DOHMH. o Generally, we have to leave several messages before someone gets back to you sometimes weeks later. Or you have to go waste literally a half work day waiting to see someone at the office. Experience with DOHMH versus Health Regulators in Other Cities o Yes, in Las Vegas, the Health Department is tough but act as your partner to ensure food safety. In New York they act like were the enemy.

10 Viewpoints Sample Violations Believed to Have No Bearing on Health and Safety Inadequate lighting Employees drinking beverages Plates/utensils improperly stored Leaky faucets Broken tiles Open doors Food Protection Certificate holder not present at beginning of inspection

11 Viewpoints Reform Recommendations Improve the consistency of the inspections Create a partnership between restaurants and DOHMH Provide restaurants with an opportunity to make corrections on the spot Reduce the amount of each fine

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