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2 BACKGROUND INFORMATION Founded by Bill Darden at age 19 First restaurant 1938 25-seat luncheonette in Waycross, Ga The Green Frog and promised Service with a Hop First Red Lobster opened Lakeland, Florida 1968 Now own and operate 2,100 restaurants, 200,000 employees More than 500 of the 1,900 GMs rose from hourly ranks

3 BRANDS Largest full-service restaurant company Annual sales of more than $8. 5 million Built on decades of learning from guests Provide more than 1 million guest experiences daily Culinary inspirations from: Fishing villages of Maine Family tables of Italy American west

4 FAMILY OF RESTAURANTS Red Lobster Olive Garden LongHorn Steakhouse Bahama Breeze Seasons 52 The Capital Grille Eddie Vs Yard House

5 EMPLOYEE SUPPORT Give employees opportunities to excel through education, competitive pay, valuable benefits and room for growth. Darden creates thousands of jobs in hundreds of communities in the U.S. and Canada Provides charitable dollars and volunteers to support the issues important to each community, including postsecondary education, preservation of natural resources and hunger relief. Darden Dimes Program Darden employees have provided over $15 million in assistance to more than 39,000 of their coworkers facing emergencies

6 INVESTMENTS When Darden opens a new restaurant they are making a 30- year investment in a community. Each restaurant requires an approximately $3.5 million capital investment to build and supports approximately 200 construction jobs. And once the restaurant is operational, it sustains an average of 100 permanent jobs.

7 HELPING THE LOCALS Darden announced a three-year commitment to rebuilding troubled fisheries through targeted Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) The initial FIP was launched in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, in conjunction with Publix Super Markets and Sustainable Fisheries Partnership. It includes commitments to combat illegal fishing, enhance productivity and reduce negative ecological impacts. In 2013, Darden announced its second FIP commitment which is focused on the Honduras Spiny Lobster Fishery Lobster Aquculture in Milasia

8 GOING INTERNATIONAL Their approach is to identify where there is a need and where Darden can play a meaningful role. First Expansion- 1980 to Japan Expansion in 2010 to Middle East- 2 Red Lobsters and 2 Olive Gardens 2013- Expansion into Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Panama Develop and operate 57 restaurants Red Lobster, Olive Garden and LongHorn "Brazil's growing middle class and strong affinity for American brands makes it an attractive growth market for Darden. –Kim Lopdrup Senior VP Business Development

9 INTERNATIONAL FRANCHISING-LOCATIONS Middle East Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates Latin America Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru and Puerto Rico Japan Currently Accepting applications from: Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan

10 TROUBLES ABROAD in Brazil? In Brazil, partnered with IMC International Meal Company Leading multi-brand casual and quick-service restaurant operator in Latin America More than 350 company-owned restaurants and 12,000 employees in Brazil This partnership eliminated any possible issues with the culture or language barrier in Brazil Trying to improve from issues in Japan They say targeting the right market is vital Failing- no strong local partner Couldnt differentiate from other local restaurants Locals are experts in cooking seafood

11 Key to success To be a leader in this industry a company needs to: Embrace ideas fully of sustainability, health and wellness, and corporate philanthropy Darden has embraced these ideas fully Employees are proud to work for Darden Diversity is very important- On top diversity lists for women, Hispanics, people with disabilities, African Americas 42% workforce minorities 52% females 40% managers are women Darden Veteran Sylvia Doggett-Jones claims Diversity is a differentiator for us.

12 FUN FACTS Serve more than 425 million meals a year Fortune 100 best companies to work for- past four years Only full-service restaurant company ever on list Darden Harvest- take all the unused food at the end of the night and donate it to the local food banks Over 66 million pounds Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) Pledging to reduce overall calorie and sodium by 10% by 2016 and 20% 2021 Enhance credentials of Childrens menus Since November 2010 Darden has recycled almost 14,000,000 lbs cooking oil Provide all menus in braille

13 WORKS CITED details/2013/Darden-Adds-to-International-Expansion-With-Entry-Into-Brazil- and-Three-Additional-Countries/default.aspx details/2013/Darden-Adds-to-International-Expansion-With-Entry-Into-Brazil- and-Three-Additional-Countries/default.aspx japan-20101104_1_longhorn-steakhouses-darden-restaurants-olive-gardens japan-20101104_1_longhorn-steakhouses-darden-restaurants-olive-gardens den%20Feature_JanFeb2013.pdf


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