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Winning with KFC Technology Robert Brown – Technology Capability Builder.

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1 Winning with KFC Technology Robert Brown – Technology Capability Builder

2 Outline/Agenda MERIT project overview – Pre-Install – Go-live – Post-Install Excelling with MERIT tools & ARL reports – Scorecard, Labor, Food Cost, Shift Accountability Keeping Honest people Honest with XBR – Introduction to available reports

3 TCB Support Overview 3 8 Weeks Out Technology Capability Builder introduced. Overview of Pre, Go-Live and Post Install training support discussed. 6 - 4 Weeks Out Weekly calls with FTL(Franchise Technology Leader). Training on OSM tools, MERIT module training access & expectations and discussing practice register process.

4 TCB Support Overview 4 4 – 0 Weeks Out Continue regular calls/webinars with FTL to ensure training completion, introduction to key reports & processes, on-going coaching on Install readiness Go Live Date FTL and Rgm works with Implementation Specialist during Start of Day, Shift change and Close of Day process. Hands on support with all data entry processes. Training on custom features.

5 TCB Support Overview Week 1 and ongoing Regular 1:1s with FTL Review reports via online tools to build know how on KPIs, share success routines & discuss tactics to improve results. On- going follow-up with feedback Week 8 Continue on- Follow up on additional ARL MERIT & KFC Technology reporting tools. Inform about ARL training 2- day class (in Louisville) Week 12 Transition from active support to Ops Leader as number one support contact for Franchisee Face-to-Face Meeting with FTL to train on MERIT Reporting & Online tools

6 MERIT – Winning with Process & Follow up

7 Daily Financial Cash control report 7

8 Restaurant level – MERIT Scorecard

9 Daily Business Summary with OMR 9

10 Labor Cost Tools support Winning with MERIT

11 Labor Hours calculations Merit uses the following information to calculate your Forecasted and Earned Hours. Actual Sales Planned Sales Forecasted sales and transactions Labor plan % The number of salaried managers : Planned and Actual The number of hours each salaried manager is required to work per week Flow Thru Rate Last Weeks Average Hourly Rate The Restaurants Operating Hours The Concept mix 11

12 Labor terminology Actual Sales: Sales that have been tendered on the POS Planned Sales: The sales plan that is located in the restaurant plan editor by concept. Forecasted Sales: An estimate of the restaurants sales for the coming week. Labor Plan %: A fixed labor percentage that is in the restaurant plan editor. Salaried Manager Plan: The number of salaried managers in the restaurant plan editor. Salaried Manager Count: The number of salaried managers entered in Merit as employees. Salaried Manager Min Hours: Minimum number of hours each salaried manager is required to work each week. Actual Average Hourly Rate: This is the total Hourly Labor Dollars/Total Hourly Labor Hours Operating Hours: All hours of operation + 2 hours prior to open and + 1 hour after close. Flow Thru Rate: The percentage of dollars above plan added to labor. KFC, PH - 10% TB, LJS, A&W- 16% This calculation is what keeps the manager on task as actual sales are coming in. If they are above or below the RGM forecast, earned hours calculates the Flow Thru rate. Basically what that means is for every dollar above or below forecast being rang in on the POS, Merit calculates additional labor or less labor at the above flow thru rates. 12

13 Schedule Forecasting Screen 13

14 Schedule Building Main Screen 14

15 Schedule Building Daily Screen 15

16 Food Cost Tools support Winning with MERIT

17 Inventory Reconciliation Report 17

18 Product Projection Report 18

19 Product Comparison Report 19

20 How Shift Accountability supports Winning with MERIT

21 What is Shift Accountability 21 Shift Accountability means that every Manager on Duty is responsible for their shift !!! This is achieved by counting inventory at the start and end of every shift and by settling, auditing, and coaching CSTMs who need it. Here are some key reasons that Shift Accountability is important to running great restaurants: Reduces losses and increases sales Drives better cash controls Increases labor hours Helps identify root causes of problems Helps develop your team Helps create a more positive and accountable environment

22 Shift Accountability Metric Thresholds Shift Accountability (within MERIT) MOD KPI: Manager Deletes > 0.5% of Gross Sales Open Coupons > 0.4% of Gross Sales Giveaways > 0.5% of Gross Sales Drive Thru Gap > 5 transactions negative CSTM KPI: Debit voids>$20 or >8% of Gross Sales Voids>0.75% of Gross Sales Modified>$10 Per Work shift

23 Shift Accountability Reports 23 Employees expect…..What you inspect !!!!

24 Manager Financial Report 24

25 XBR

26 What is XBR ? XBR is Exception Based Reporting It is a business intelligent system that utilizes the computer system to scan thru POS transactions to Identify team members & managers with questionable cash handling events and other suspect activities. and other suspect activities.

27 Home Page view with Alerts within XBR

28 Query List view within XBR – AC Library

29 Query List view within XBR – Franchisee Library

30 The employee in this video whose Low Dollar Transaction % is twice of the restaurant average

31 Large Orders passing the DT window but only drinks or side items were rung up Definitely more than a drink More than just Mashed Potato More than just beans

32 Suspect Modified Transaction

33 TCB Contact Info Robert Brown 678-410-2669

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