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How can IPv6 change the world? - New Business Opportunities - How can IPv6 change the world? - New Business Opportunities - 2002.4.11 Takashi Arano Chair.

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1 How can IPv6 change the world? - New Business Opportunities - How can IPv6 change the world? - New Business Opportunities - 2002.4.11 Takashi Arano Chair of IPv6 Deployment Committee, IAJapan Board member of the IPv6 Forum

2 2002© Takashi Arano Why IPv6? Many technical advantages – No more NAT – P2P, IPSec – Plug and Play Limitation of IPv4 – Routing table – Address shortage New applications & new business opportunities How IPv6 can change the world?

3 2002© Takashi Arano Limitation of IPv4 Nobody could predict the current scale of the Internet when TCP/IP was designed. Address Scarcity Global routing table size

4 2002© Takashi Arano RIPE/NCC (Europe) APNIC (AsiaPacific ) ARIN (America) Total 19980.77 19990.790.521.292.61 20001.500.922.054.47 20011.511.712.25 5.47 Approximately 90-100 /8s are unallocated. Address Usage Rate ( /8 unit per a year) IPv4 Address Usage

5 2002© Takashi Arano IPv4 Address Usage Estimate

6 2002© Takashi Arano How soon will 2009 be? We need experiences for new technology well in advance. – Transition takes time Address Scarcity increases operation cost and other costs – Complicated network design NAT/private address Insufficient global address assigned – Complicated procedure for address allocation and assignment

7 2002© Takashi Arano Cost? Transition cost from IPv4 to IPv6? Cost for keeping IPv4? – Operation cost – R&D cost for NAT, etc. IPv4 IPv6 Transition cost Its like energy level transition in chemical reactions.

8 2002© Takashi Arano Global Routing Table Size Currently, 110k Increasing every year, every month … Size affects routing convergence time and eventually stability of the Internet Router performance is being improved greatly … Catastrophic accidents occurred in the past. Mar 1999 Feb 2001 by Phillip Smith in 11 th APNIC Open Policy Meeting

9 2002© Takashi Arano Applications are emerging IPv6Car(Wide Project) PlayStation Game(SONY) IPv6 Refrigerator (Toshiba) IPv6 VoIP IPv6 Toy Train (TOMY) Pictures provided by Kame project, NTT and RIIS

10 2002© Takashi Arano IPv6 s Merit? (again) IPv6 is not functionally different in principle, but practically different – Quantity changes quality Only by sufficiency of addresses, every equipment can be assigned a global address and be accessible from the world. – Built-in IP-sec encourages its use, but not separate IP-sec module does.

11 2002© Takashi Arano Extending the Internet … NAT+Private Addresses to all Global Addresses – Some applications don t work in NAT+private environments NetMeeting, Napstar, VoIP … Computers to non-Computers – In office Phone, FAX, desk, clock, camera, coffee server, meeting room … – At home Home appliance, car, front door, bath, …

12 2002© Takashi Arano Example of Home Appliance (I) HA utilizes contents from the network HA is upgraded from the network. – Like a COMPUTER HA will grow according to user s preference IPv6Network HA vendor server Server by Recipe Provider Downloading Recipes Ex) Growing to be a microwave specialized in Chinese cuisines !

13 2002© Takashi Arano Example of Home Appliances (II) utilize information which would be otherwise discarded frequency/time the oven function is used healthiness of power unit frequency/time of door opened contents inside IPv6Network HA vendors Market research Remote maintenance Neighborhood Community (Grocery store, etc.) One-to-one marketing & sales Food Industry Market research Info Money back(?) third parties

14 2002© Takashi Arano Example of Automobile Famous example: generating fine-grained weather information – GPS -> location – r.p.m. -> speed of the car – Movement of wiper -> precipitation Information Retrieval on demand – Congestion info – Restaurant info on demand Restaurant info money Info broker info coupon Users discount with coupon

15 2002© Takashi Arano IPv6 and Mobile Terminal Personal interface to the IPv6 network – AAA – Various use Information retrieval Control HA from remote E-commerce VoIP (Voice over IP, Video over IP)

16 2002© Takashi Arano IPv6 = Information Exchange Platform IPv6 will grow to be a platform for Information Exchange – Win-Win situation for all Sell information to those who need this for their business Pay money to users who give their information – Information exchanges occur not only between home electronic vendors and their users, but among heterogeneous industry sectors, home users and equipments, various sensors in public, etc. – Authentication & authorization and privacy protection mechanism should be included in the platform. A lot of opportunities for new applications and your business!

17 2002© Takashi Arano IPv6 in Enterprise Network Combination of firewall model and IPSec model would give more powerful solutions to enterprise networks.

18 2002© Takashi Arano An Application in Enterprise Network Experiment for IPv6-VPN with constructing company. Joint Venture co. A File server Printer Security unit JV co. B Z co. employee X co. employee Y co. employee X co. HQ the Internet Security unit of X co. IPv6TunnelingwithIPSec FW

19 2002© Takashi Arano Thinking more objectively… All these merits are just possibilities which nobody has proved. Believe or not? Try or just watch(do nothing)? Its up to you! But we should know – a few business chances in what has already been proved. – Experiences are essential for any next step

20 2002© Takashi Arano Perspective of 2002 Windows XP will let people feel IPv6 near at hand More real IPv6 applications emerging More commercial activities in Japan, and maybe in Asia and Europe as well More constructive and practical discussion will be progressed, although some criticism will be shown – More collaborative discussion among R&D, operations, business sectors are expected. Collaboration among various countries in Asia, Europe and US. Lets go ahead together!

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