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Restaurant Facilities & equipment

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1 Restaurant Facilities & equipment

2 Objectives…. By the end of this session you will learn…. English Vocabulary of different types of Restaurant Facilities and Equipment required to operate a restaurant.

3 Facilities There are a number of facilities required to operate a Restaurant such as; The Kitchen Bar Toilets Each restaurant concept will vary in the type of facilities they require. For example: Fast Food Restaurants will need a service counter. What other facilities can you think of? Write down at least 3 different types of facilities

4 Facilities The Kitchen Back of House Open Kitchen Front of House

5 Facilities Service Bar Dispense Bar Buffet

6 Facilities Toilets

7 Facilities Reception Cloak Room

8 Facilities Lounge Private Dining

9 Facilities Staff Areas

10 Smoking & Non Smoking Areas
Facilities Smoking & Non Smoking Areas Parking

11 Activities 1. Complete the Crossword 2. Design a Restaurant
Facilities Activities 1. Complete the Crossword 2. Design a Restaurant

12 Equipment Activity In groups of 4 write down the types of equipment you would need in a Restaurant For each category below; Machine Wooden Sound & Lights Linen Glassware Cutlery Porcelain Metal

13 Equipment Machines Coffee Machine Dishwasher Oven Point of Sale System
Credit Card Machine Microwave Oven

14 Equipment Wooden Pepper Grinder Tables and Chairs High Chair
Wooden Spoon Chopping Board Rolling Pin

15 Sound and Lights Systems
Equipment Sound and Lights Systems Speakers Stereo Ipod Lights Candles Electric Candles

16 Equipment Linen Table Runner Table Cloth Chair Cover Table Skirting

17 Equipment Glassware High Ball Rocks or Whiskey Martini Wine
Champagne Flute Brandy or Snifter

18 Equipment Cutlery Main Fork and Knife Entrée Fork and Knife Soup Spoon
Dessert Spoon Tea Spoon Steak Knife

19 Equipment Porcelain/ Chinaware Cup & Saucer Bowls Plates Salt & Pepper
Shaker Jug Tea Pot

20 Equipment Metal Sink Shelves Tray Trolley Ice Bucket

21 Thank you! Activities Complete the Crossword “Restaurant Equipment”
Working in Pairs name each picture shown in table “What is it called?” Thank you!

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