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Pre-Conference Session Dream Kitchens: Designing, Retrofitting and Outfitting Your Best Cafeteria Creating Improved Work Environments to better meet the.

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1 Pre-Conference Session Dream Kitchens: Designing, Retrofitting and Outfitting Your Best Cafeteria Creating Improved Work Environments to better meet the needs and flexibility required for todays school nutrition challenges SNA

2 Agenda Panelist Introductions Using Your Resources Right Choice of Equipment

3 K-12 Food Service is a Changing Landscape Our Goal Today is to Help You – Identify Your Challenges – Understand Your Foodservice Equipment Options – Understand Modern Serving Systems Options Grab and go Scatter Systems Kiosks Employ the Latest Equipment Technologies – Cooking solutions – Holding technologies – Serving solutions – Preparation solutions Navigate the Spec Writing and Design Process

4 We Face Many Challenges Today Students have become sophisticated customers They expect a lot and are demanding – Nutritional food prepared from fresh – Nutritional precooked and re thermalized options Sustainability has become paramount and employing energy efficient equipment while reducing costs can be challenging Government mandates to offer healthy food options is straining existing operations…out dated equipment can simply not keep up – Health and safety concerns have lead to a flurry of equipment development With a Subway on every corner we have a lot of competition out there – stiff competition in an open campus environment Many Challenges Todays Challenges Can Be Solved By Deploying An Enhanced Food Service Equipment Package An enhanced food service operation can increase customer satisfaction and participation

5 USING YOUR RESOURCES Presented by Alice Stipe School Specialist PMR, Inc.

6 What can I help you with? Find an PARTNER Trust Experience Understanding Delivery Work as a TEAM Know you likes and dislikes Know your budget Know your customers

7 WHERE TO START – Who makes the purchasing decisions? – Directors? Managers? Maintenance? – How many students? – What type of service-full or self serve? – Space available? – Utilities available? – Will it FIT through the door?

8 Help us supply what you want-we would like to read minds but need help? What do you like? Dislike? Visit Schools!!!!

9 We all Understand The Challenges – Now What Can We Do To Solve Them. Listen to your students – ask them what they want Develop professional partnerships – Consultants – Equipment Manufacturers Develop a Food Court Atmosphere – Multiple food options – Trendy food items – Healthy food items – Make it fast – Lots of seating A novel approach – make your cafeteria a destination

10 Learn From The Quick Serve Industry They are on the leading edge of development and are models of efficiency Audit your operation and determine how the right equipment can help increase the productivity of the operation Duke has obtained significant learning from our large chain customers and are applying QSR philosophy into our K-12 food service solutions – Speed of service – Lower Maintenance Costs – Sustainable equipment options – New technologies – Higher profits – Gold Standard Food Quality

11 Serving Systems

12 Serving Counters – Navigate the Options Serving Counter Layout & Design – Examine the space – Décor – How many lunch periods? How long is each lunch period? – A La Carte options? – Modular counter? Stationary counter? – Budgetary requirements? Make Sure You Choose the Correct Serving Counter – Strive to improve flow in-and-out of the serving area – Increase thru-put – Consider utilizing cubic space v. lineal space – Merchandising effect – Signage & sizzle

13 Serving Systems



16 APPLICATION EXPERT Know the standards What are your consultants designing? Visit Schools-GET OUT!!!!

17 Type of Lines AeroServ to Insignia

18 Same thing they like as before but better?

19 Dont be afraid to try suggestions!

20 Food Holding Trends – The Secret to Fast, Efficient and Safe Food Service Why is food holding important? – Consistent Food Quality Once you have won a student over their meal has to be memorable every single time – when it comes to food we have a long memory Technology exists to help increase food yield and safety – Speed of service Serve fresh food fast – the lunch hour is now the lunch 20 minutes. You need to be able to adapt to ebbs and flows in student participation – Its an insurance policy – with the correct equipment in place you can rest easy that your menu choices will make it on to your students plate as you intended

21 New Technologies vs. Traditional Options Waterless Hot Holding Wells eliminate the need for water and steam to hold hot foods. Heat is evenly distributed through each channel to provide consistent temperatures that maintain food safety and deliver a superior product. Right temperature every time – Independent heat zone for each channel Safe, efficient and cost effective to operate and maintain – Studies conducted by Taco Bell project annual per store average savings of $1,500 - $5,000 – No steam cabinet and no steam table for less downtime and a safe work environment Installation is fast and easy – New construction or remodel Cold Food Holding System increases efciency. Proper cooling improves product flavor and safety – Narrow channels means food is never more than 3.5 inches from a cold wall – controls temperature at or below 41˚ meeting – National Sanitation Foundations Standard 7 – No fans to maintain, reducing repair costs – Angled channels allow easy access to food and trays – Pans are flush-mounted for easy access and cleaning

22 New Technologies vs. Traditional Options Whether for new or existing systems, for now or in the future, traditional Drop Ins offers quality, value and versatility. Drop-In line includes: – Both gas and electric hot food units – Mechanically assisted ice cooled cold pan units – Mechanically cooled cold pan units - NSF Standard 7 – Ice cooled cold pan units – Frost Top units – Hot/cold merchandisers – Accessories like glass display shelves, self-service – canopies, serving shelves, carving boards and more Slimline models are also available – Narrower than full size units – Eliminate space constrictions Slide-In models: – Easier to install – Greater access to the controls than conventional units Make sure your Drop-Ins are UL approved and NSF certified for performance that is safe and consistent every time

23 Tips for Success We visited many other programs to see what worked and what did not. We visited many plants to see how equipment was made. Five consultants were interviewed. Of course, one was hired. – LMSD worked with the same consultant from start to finish Try to have your kitchen as a separate prime. – To maintain total control, if at all possible, do not include kitchen with prime

24 Advice to Operators Specify, specify, specify! – Specify make and model of all equipment – Specify 2 year warranty on all equipment – Specify amount of days training for each piece of equipment in bid – Specify no longer than 60 days of buying and storage of any piece of equipment before install date Check spec book returned from distributor to make sure you get what you specify. If possible do training over a period of time. Add data drops behind all equipment that needs reports for HAACP and vending machines for POS.

25 Advice to Operators WRITE EXACT SPECIFICATIONS – Know Exactly What you Want – Dont Generalize – Write Every Detail Include Students in Decisions of Color and Style if Possible Purchase Flexibility

26 Renovation Dos Be Prepared for the First Meeting with the Renovation Team. Contract with a Design Group. Involve your Maintenance Supervisor & School Principal. Let CNP Manager & Staff Take Ownership of the Project. Plan for Adjustments in Meal Service. Publicize you New Renovation.

27 THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX! DONT GIVE AWAY THE FARM Know your budget: What is the best use of my funds? What is the menu? What is the best equipment for my applications? What other people will I have to work with to get these projects completed?

28 Find the Right Equipment Educate Yourself Before Bidding Attend State and National Shows to Visit Equipment Booths Contact Equipment Brokers and Manufacturers Visit Websites Visit Other School Settings

29 How to Navigate State Bidding, Buy Boards and Specifications Who are the players – Manufacturer – Multiple dealerships – Rep Groups or Brokers – State Agency Applying for Government Grant Funding – What are the rules – Who can help

30 Connection Between Equipment and Profitability How Does the Right Equipment Choice Lead to Increased Participation and Profits Sustainability Run Some ROI Calculations Research Stats and Info on how Right Choice of Equipment Affects Profitability

31 Or do you want to be inventive? It doesnt cost a fortune to be inventive!



34 Dont let a challenge slow you down!


36 What can I afford and the menu allow? Panasonic Steamer Microwave Combis, steamers and convection ovens oh my!!!

37 INVENTIVE WITH EQUIPMENT NO HOOD SYSTEM? Combi with an condensate hood? Will your fire marshal approve????

38 NOW The Good, Bad and Ugly

39 What and who do I have to work with when planning projects? State Fire Marshal Health Department Superintendents Principles Teachers General Contractors Electricians and plumbers

40 Use the recourses to help you with these tasks!!! The PMR staff includes professional salespeople with a very extensive background including retired Food Service Directors and restaurant owners and operators. We have two Executive Chefs on staff and an office of people to help us provide you with budget figures, dealer quotes, warranty questions and just about anything you might need in the Food Service Industry. Over 624 years for Food Service Equipment experience at your disposal!

41 Dukes Goal is to Exceed Your Expectations Founded in 1925 by M.P. Duke –First Manufacturer of Waterless Hot Well 20+ Product Lines –Over 4,500 SKUs Two Manufacturing Plants –St. Louis and Sedalia –Over 700,000 Square Feet –ISO Certified Global Sales, Service and Distribution Facilities –Europe, Latin America, Asia 650+ Employees

42 Questions and Answers

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