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Organization, Recruiting & Staffing Pertemuan: 12 Matakuliah: V0246 - Operasional Tata Hidang 1 Tahun: 2009-2010.

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1 Organization, Recruiting & Staffing Pertemuan: 12 Matakuliah: V0246 - Operasional Tata Hidang 1 Tahun: 2009-2010

2 Organization, Recruiting & Staffing Task & Job Analysis Job Descriptions Organizing People & Jobs Staffing the Restaurant Civil Rights Laws Interviewing

3 Task & Job Analysis Task: A related sequence of work. Job: A series of related responsibilities. Job Analysis: Detailed examination of tasks & jobs to be performed. Job Specification: Identifies the skills and qualifications needed to perform the job.

4 Two Approaches to Task & Job Analysis Bottom-Up Method: Most frequently used when the organization already exists. –The work behavior of the employees is the basis for analysis (ex. shortcuts). Top-Down Method: Used when opening a new restaurant. –Missions, goals & objectives are examined to determine what tasks must be performed.

5 Emphasize the Job Objective Examine the tasks separately, describe them & use the analysis as a basis for training. Create a clean & common understanding of the purpose & expected outcomes from each job.

6 Guidelines for a Job Description Job Title; reports to; location. Describe the job, not the person in the job. Describe the performance standards: What is expected as a result of doing the required work. Give a copy of the evaluation form for the job to the employee. Be sure that the requirements listed support the essential function of the job. Do not describe in fine detail.

7 Guidelines for a Job Description Sentences should be short, simple & to the point. If technical jargon is used, explain it. The description should be detailed enough to include all aspects of the job. Include the amount of time to do each job function. Describe the job setting or environment.

8 Job Specification Lists the education and technical/conceptual skills a person needs to satisfactorily perform the requirements of the job. –Once the tasks performed in a job are described, a separate section of the job description form can be developed.

9 The Job Instruction Sheet Task analysis can be converted into job instructions. –These serve as a guide for new employees & as a quality assurance measure for the maintenance of work standards.

10 Organizing People & Jobs Every restaurant is organized so that the following restaurant functions are performed: –Human resources management & supervision. –Food & beverage purchasing. –Receiving, storing & issuing. –Food preparation. –Foodservice. –Food cleaning; dish & utensil washing. –Marketing/sales. –Promotion, advertising & public relations. –Accounting & auditing. –Bar service.

11 Staffing the Restaurant Recruitment, pre-employment testing, interviewing, selection, employment, placement, orientation & training are key words in finding the right people & preparing them to work successfully in the restaurant.

12 Recruitment Prospective employees are attracted to the restaurant in order for a suitable applicant to be selected for employment. This must be carried out in accordance to government & state employment laws.

13 Pre-employment Testing Must be valid and reliable. –A valid test measures what it is supposed to measure. –A reliable test shows the same results with repeated testing. There is a range of tests to select from (i.e., intelligence, aptitude, and achievement). Some restaurants test for substance abuse and honesty, & some use psychological tests to select the best possible employees.

14 Interviewing The purpose of the interview is to: –Gain sufficient information to determine that the applicant is capable of doing the job. –Give information about the company & the job. –Ask appropriate legal but leading questions.

15 Ideal Employee Profiles Employees constitute a large part of the restaurants ambiance, spirit, and efficiency. Employees must fit into the job (Ex. The ideal cook will not make the ideal server & vice versa). Outgoing personalities fit well in the front of the house. It is important to give employees a chance to succeed in the restaurant.

16 Selection Determining the eligibility & suitability of a perspective employee (how well they will do the job & how well they will fit in with the team). Personal appearance, grooming, & hygiene are also important. The purpose is to hire an employee that will be a team player & exceed expectations.

17 Employment of Minors Several leading restaurant chains have found that teenagers, beginning at age 16, are excellent candidates for almost every restaurant job, from bussing & dishwashing to cooking & order taking. A number of federal regulations control the kind of work permissible for minors (under age 16). There are age restrictions stating the maximum amount of hours a minor may work.

18 Laws Refer to labor law on respective country

19 Interview Questions You Can Ask: Experience Work experience Transportation Languages School Sports Availability Goals/Ambition Hobbies/Interests

20 Interview Questions to Avoid Marital Status Age National Origin Family Relationship Mental or Physical Handicap Race Sex Injured Worker Religion

21 The Multiple Interview Approach During the first interview, the candidate may be given a rating of 1 to 5. Only those rating a 5 are given an additional interview with a second interviewer.

22 Telephone References Follow up by phone. –It is more effective than a written request. Direct the call towards the applicants strengths & weaknesses. Verify the applicants information. Few people voluntarily make adverse comments about applicants. –The tone of voice & what is not said may be more important than the words that are said.

23 Three Main Hiring Objectives Hire people who project an image and attitude appropriate for your restaurant. Hire people who will work with you rather than spend their time fighting your rules, procedures, and system. Hire people whose personal and financial requirements are a good fit with the hours and positions you are hiring for.

24 Screening Screen out the substance abuser. –Employment records may provide indicators. Pre-employment physicals & drug examinations are permissible as long as they pertain to the job and conform with rules and regulations.

25 Bina Nusantara University 25 Have a nice day…

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