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MayaWest Writing Project 2012 DEMO:

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1 MayaWest Writing Project 2012 DEMO:
Academic Scrapbook MRS Dominica Lassalle Pellot High School Special Education Teacher Saturday, August 18, 2012

2 About me born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico I have two adorable daughters
I attended Universidad Metropolitana de Aguadilla I completed a Master Degree Special EducationIn 2009 I started working for the Department of Education as an Special Education Teacher. I have worked in different schools from Rincon, Aguadilla, Moca and actually in Isabela.

3 This is my school Dr. Heriberto Domenech, Isabela,PR
Level: High school Lowest Grade Offered: 10th grade  Highest Grade Offered: 12th grade  Total Students: 610 I like my school a lot.     Male Female Total 286 315 601

4 My class Room    I have 25 students in my class room but I teach individual groups by grade. Male Female Total 286 315 601

5 My Philosophy I believe that every human being has a great potential to perform, noble faculties to cultivate, a vast destiny to accomplish. The teacher has to provide relevant, pertinent, correct, and useful information to the student that will allow him/her to apply it in similar or related situations that they will encounter.     Male Female Total 286 315 601

6 y Theory Of Multiple Intelligences
The Theory Of Multiple Intelligences was proposed by Howard Gardner in 1983 as a model of intelligence that differentiates intelligence into various specific (primarily sensory) modalities, rather than seeing it as dominated by a single general ability.

7 Theory Of Multiple Intelligences

8 Why Scrapbooks? y “Scrapbooking gives students the chance to use their organizational, writing and artistic skills while recording their learning in a fun, hands-on way.”

9 Why Scrapbooks? Organization and Synthesizing Information
Students can… Conceptualize an idea Organize thoughts around a theme or question Express thoughts three dimensionally

10 Why Scrapbooks? Writing and Publishing Scrapbooks can…
Highlight student writing Teach writing organization Teach editing and proofing skills Develop oral language skills Build skills such as listing, labeling, letter writing and paragraphs Develop writing about other subject areas like math and science

11 Why Scrapbooks? Reading Response Activities Scrapbooks are …
A powerful reading response tool An open ended and interpretive medium Able to generate visual and linguistic responses for a variety of genres

12 Why Scrapbooks? Multiple Intelligence Factors
Differentiated Instruction is built in Allows students to use their individual strengths Allows the students to take ownership of their learning Can be an easy project for cooperative learning

13 Why Scrapbooks? Motivation, Technology and Creativity
Gives students an outlet for sharing their work An easy way to make something meaningful and beautiful The product looks good no matter what the ability Digital Scrapbooks Shows how students use the technology instead of the teacher Allows parents to see the process and comment on student work In sync with the Web 2.0 generation

14 Topics for Scrapbooks Reports and Research Vocabulary Geography
Poetry Book Reports Field Trips Vocabulary Journal Writing Geometry Biography Science Fair Project Graphs and Charts

15 References Gardner, Howard. (1983) Multiple Intelligences,  Basic Books. Castellano "Inteligencias múltiples" ISBN: Paidos Gardner, Howard. (1999) "Intelligence Reframed: Multiple Intelligences for the 21st Century." Basic Books. Klein, Perry, D. (1997) "Multiplying the problems of intelligence by eight: A critique of Gardner's theory", Canadian Journal of Education, 22(4), Klein, Perry, D. (1998) "A response to Howard Gardner: Falsifiability, empirical evidence, and pedagogical usefulness in educational psychology" Canadian Journal of Education, 23(1), 

16 Digital Scrapbooks Scrapblogging –
- a First Grade scrapbook of the school year – examples of comprehension strategy scrapblogs – examples of Birthday Story scrapblogs from my class – a scrapblog about books new to the library.

17 Links for Scrapbooking
– This site outlines using digital scrapbooking for education. It is very comprehensive. - This is a site created for teachers who use scrapbooking in the classroom. - This one is an article about the motivating factors behind scrapbooks in education. This is an article by the author of READIN’, WRITIN’ & SCRAPPIN’ which can be downloaded from - This is a well thought out site that tells the whys and hows of digital scrapbooking for the classroom.

18 Books for Scrapbooking in the Classroom

19 b “My use of academic scrapbooking in the classroom has resulted in enthusiastic students who remember what is being taught! "

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