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Five Themes Of Geography

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1 Five Themes Of Geography
Restaurant Project Five Themes Of Geography


3 Directions Learning Target: Can you take the Five Themes and create your OWN very UNIQUE restaurant!!!!!! 1.) Location: Describe where your restaurant is through absolute and relative location. (Restaurant must be located in Illinois.) What is the address? Where are main roads to use? What is around your restaurant?

4 2.) Place: Describe what your restaurant looks like and what is the restaurant is all about through physical and cultural features. Some ideas to keep in mind: What is the building made out of? How is the building designed? What is the décor of your restaurant like (booths/color)? What are the physical surroundings?

5 3.) Human-Environment Interaction (HEI): Describe how your restaurant will effect the environment it is in, and how the restaurant will have to adapt/change to its location. Did you have to construct a new building or parts of a building? Do you have to add any technology to modify the area for the environment?

6 4.) Movement: Describe how people and products will come and go from your restaurant.
What forms of transportation will be used (trucks, planes, cars, boats)? Where will your products come from; give a few examples (oranges – Florida; seafood – Maine; cheese – Wisconsin; etc…? What major roads(I-90)/ airports (O’Hare)/trains will be used?

7 5.) Region: Describe the overall idea of your restaurant with general characteristics (3-4 sentence summary of what your restaurant by including the other four themes).

8 For each theme above, write a response to how your restaurant would fit each theme. Be specific, each response to a theme should be two to three sentences. Use the questions to guide your responses. There needs to be a drawing of your restaurant. The drawing can represent either the inside or outside of your restaurant. A menu that fits the overall idea of your restaurant needs to be created. The menu should be brief; no less than ten items but no more than twenty.

9 Due Date: ________________ Mini-Project Worth= 40 points
Areas Improving Proficient Well Done Highly Exceptional Written Themes (15 points) Little content and hard to follow ideas (1-2 themes) Basic ideas with some flow of ideas (3-5 themes) Solid ideas that have a connection and order of ideas (4-5 themes) All 5 themes well explained in a connected pattern Drawing (10 points) Little related examples in the drawing of restaurant with the themes Basic drawing of restaurant that has some connections to a few themes Solid drawing that connects restaurant and most themes in a consistent manner Nicely drawn & related restaurant outline that logically relates to all themes Menu Little relation or items that connect to restaurant or themes Basic menu and relation to restaurant and themes Solid menu that relates to restaurant and most themes Menu greatly connects to restaurant & all themes with variety Mechanics (5 points) Lack of order , structure & grammar throughout. Basic neatness and basic grammar throughout. Orderly and proper language usage throughout. Neatness, order, and proper language usage throughout.

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