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Introduction Hardware and Software Requirements New in Version 10.2 Coming in Version 11 Integration and Experience Licensing and Architecture Field Device.

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2 Introduction Hardware and Software Requirements New in Version 10.2 Coming in Version 11 Integration and Experience Licensing and Architecture Field Device Connectivity Small Application Fundamentals Efficient Integration Techniques Networked Applications Business Systems Connectivity

3 Background 25 years developing HMI software Global customer base Corporate Offices Canada Scotland United States

4 Mobile Internet Client (MIC) for smart phones and tablets SlippyMaps Tag hierarchy Distributed Historian Support Redesigned security manager with user group support Application Version Control Improved Alarm Dialler Acknowledgements

5 More than 150 water/wastewater Integrators throughout North America South America Europe Australia The Middle East Trihedral provides Wonderware, iFix, Fix32 database conversion services

6 What is SCADA?


8 Communications

9 Serial (wired) Radio Dial-up Cellular Satellite Ethernet (wired and wireless) Mixed

10 Protocol Drivers Industry standard (Modbus, DF1, etc) Proprietary Report-by-exception (BSAP, DNP3, text messaging, etc) Time-stamped Data-loggers Telemetry/Polling Methodology Standard - Base station PLC used for site-to-site comms. Advanced – Eliminate base station Online tuning of polling cycle Ease of troubleshooting Fast poll mode for selected stations

11 System Architecture

12 Provide software functionality to eliminate hardware Use hardware resources efficiently Include all software components in an integrated package The result Reduced hardware cost and maintenance Reduced system complexity/component interdependencies Improved reliability

13 A VTScada tag represents a variable value Tags are the primary building block of SCADA applications All VTScada software licenses are sold by tag limit rather than page limit Systems can start with a small tag limit and expand over time

14 Full installation (thick) license Required where; Running services (I/O drivers, historian, alarm server, Internet server) Developing applications Supporting optional components (alarm dialer, OPC server, etc) Thin client –i.e. browser-base client Used for; Remote monitoring and control (laptops, tablets, handheld devices) Concurrent access by a pooled group of clients

15 Runtime – Any situation where development is not required. Includes Full Development – Includes Runtime license features. Used in any situation where application development tasks will be performed Feature MonitoringControlAlarms ReportingSecurityI/O Drivers HistorianTrendingData export Polling managementOperator logbook

16 Optional Components – Can be added to a Full Installation license OptionDescription Internet Serverautomatically added when thin clients purchased OPC Server3 rd party connectivity to VTS real-time data ODBC DriverSQL connectivity to VTS Historian and real-time data Web Services3 rd party connectivity to VTS functionality and data Version Controlcan only be added to Full Development license Alarm Dialervoice, email, text message alarm callout

17 VTS Internet Client Same graphical displays and features as Runtime license Cannot be used for any VTS services VTS Mobile Internet Client Text interface for use on handheld devices Monitoring, control, alarms management Mapping interface

18 A single installation installs all basic SCADA features The VTScada License is a 25 character software key (no hardware dongles in most countries.) Defines Tag limit Runtime or Full Development All options the customer has purchased The pool of Thin Clients As a result, adding new options and Thin Clients or increasing the tag limit is as easy as installing a new key.


20 Connection to field devices Requires Monitoring and control Alarms management Historian with trending

21 I/O drivers are included with purchase of software Server 1 performs as both server and client No separate Historian computer. VTS Historian is included in license

22 Alarm notification via the Alarm Dialer can use Auto-generated voice dialout Email Text messaging (SMS)

23 Redundant connectivity to all Ethernet PLCs. Redundant VTS Historian and alarms management Server 2 can be another user interface.

24 Convert all serial devices to Ethernet to allow communication failover. No server level computer hardware required.

25 Purchase Runtime or Development licenses based on type of user activity

26 Servers 1 and 2 automatically provide remote access redundancy. No Terminal Services or Microsoft CALs required.

27 Users can select from OPC, ODBC or web services connectivity No Terminal Services or Microsoft CALs required.

28 Single Interface for all users (Reduced training) Automatic deployment of changes to all user interfaces


30 Application in focus Gainesville, FL Wonderware and Dataflow conversions Centralized configuration of 3 SCADA systems Thin operator client licenses Redundant server failover Geographically separated servers

31 Application in focus Fountain Hills, AZ Multi-plant application Redundant Internet networks (DSL, Cable) Soft control of remote hardware

32 Application in focus Ocala, FL FIX and DataFlow database conversion Distributed, redundant Historian Redundant Alarms Notification Remote laptop connectivity Mobile Internet Client

33 Application in focus Warren County, OH Wonderware replacement Distribution system and Water Treatment XLReporter for monthly operating reports Data extraction using ODBC Server

34 Application in focus Southwest Florida Water Management District, FL River system management Custom RTU programming interface Datalogger history extraction Public web interface


36 In Testing Release mid 2013 Supported

37 Version 10 - Supporting Efficient, Smart Integration

38 Example LS046_P1RunStat (Lift station 46 Pump 1 Running Status)

39 Common equipment and processes reduce installation, training and maintenance costs Common equipment and processes have typical instrumentation with similar monitoring and control requirements Equipment is generally standardized by manufacturer (e.g. All liftstations at utility XYZ use Flygt pumps) There will always be anomalies. Not everything can be standardized.

40 Common configurations (tags, interfaces) reduce development, training and maintenance costs Common equipment and process tags can be represented by VTScadas Parent/Child tag methodology SCADA standardization is more flexible than the real world, allowing equipment serving the same purpose (e.g. Lift station pumps) to be represented the same even if they are from different manufacturers There will always be anomalies. Not everything can be standardized.



43 Tags are structured in a clear, ordered manner Graphics support the tag structures Where anomalies exist, they are easily addressed through copy/paste tools The Moral: Good planning upfront can significantly reduce integration time.


45 Common VTS cyber security applications

46 Physically separated backup for efficient computer resource use Application in focus Georgetown, KY Automated Intellution database conversion Water plant, WW treatment plants, lift stations, and water towers SCADAPacks, Master ScadaPack 32, Microhard Spectra 900 spread spectrum radios In house development OPC Server

47 Autonomous control – Centralized management Application in focus Colchester, NS Centralized monitoring and control of 4 separate WWTP applications Central server capable of backup I/O server functionality

48 Autonomous control – Centralized management Application in focus Sacramento, CA Shared security, and development platform Distributed historian Each location can function independently if WAN unavailable


50 Our developers, programmers, and engineers provide the most accessible, reliable and comprehensive support in the industry. Standard Phone and email Remote Access Available Upon Request Onsite support 24/7 support

51 "As long as Trihedral keeps offering this level of customer support, there will always be VTScada at Gainesville. Tom Wallace, Gainesville Regional Utilities, FL I can state unequivocally that 'providing quality products with exceptional services' is not only part of your (Trihedrals) mission statement, but that it really is part of your business culture." Craig Corzine, President, CSE Engineering Inc., CA "It paid for itself within half an hour of installation." Phil Porter, Plant Manager, Foster-Wheeler, CA "Absolutely, Trihedral is the way to go. I tell everybody that. I wouldnt even look at anyone else. The support that I receive and the functionality I get from the system are more than I could have asked for. Mark Utesch, SCADA Instrumentation, City of Altamonte Springs, FL

52 Call us 1 (800) 463-2783 (Toll-free in North America) Write us Visit our website Visit the VTScada Software Forum © Trihedral Engineering Limited 2011

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