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Innovative Wireless Solutions from FREELINC June 2010.

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1 Innovative Wireless Solutions from FREELINC June 2010

2 Product Overview Wireless Speaker Microphone for Public Safety Noise Canceling Microphone Rugged Design Up to 50 hours of talk time Near-Field Magnetic Induction Technology (NFMI) FREELINC 2000

3 Product Overview (Continued) Alert Tones LED Status Indicator Range: Up to 5 feet from radio Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Battery FREELINC 2000

4 Package Includes: Wireless Speaker Microphone AC Wall Charger Tether Cord Built-in Rotating Clip User Guide

5 Product Highlights FREELINC 2000 High Quality Speaker Microphone Volume/VOX Sensitivity Adjustment Control Push-to-Talk 2.5 mm Earpiece Jack Wall Charger Connection Port Spring-Loaded Rotating Clip on back side LED Status Indicator

6 Product Overview Wireless Dual Muff Headset Premium Silicone Ear Pads Noise Cancelling Microphone Dual Push-to-Talk Buttons Adjustable Boom LED Status Indicator On/Off and Volume Control Noise Reduction Rating = -25dB Near-Field Magnetic Induction Technology Up to 150 hours talk time FREELINC 3000

7 Product Highlights FREELINC 3000 Adjustable Boom Noise Cancelling Microphone On/Off and Volume Control Premium Silicone Ear Pads Adjustable Headband Dual Push-to-Talk

8 Security & Surveillance FREELINC 1000

9 Product Overview FREELINC 1000 Wireless Headset with Noise- Cancelling Microphone Push-to-Talk Up to 20 hours talk time Magnetic Charging Dock with Wall Charger ( V; 50-60Hz) 5V USB Adapter Cord Volume Control On/Off Switch Comfortable Wire Hook for Ear Support Range: Up to 5 feet from radio Near-Field Magnetic Induction Technology (NFMI)

10 FREELINC 1000 Headset with Microphone Magnetic Charging Dock Tether w/Clip Wall Charger Assorted Ear Gels 9 Assorted Ear Hooks each w/Loop for Tether User Guide Package Includes:

11 Product Highlights FREELINC 1000 Push-to-Talk Volume ControlEarpiece w/Replaceable Ear Gel On/Off Switch Ear Hook Noise Canceling Microphone LED Status Indicator Light

12 Magnetic Charging Dock With Wall Charger and 5V USB Adapter Cord LED Status Indicator Red light for charging Green light for fully charged Charging Dock FREELINC 1000

13 Current Adapters Adapter FA01 Compatible with Motorola two- way radios for Public Safety and Security. Potential clients may include Law Enforcement, Public Safety Agencies, Government Agencies and Security Companies. Adapter FA03 Compatible with mid-tier Motorola two-way radios for use in Business & Industry. Potential clients include mining industry, railroad, casinos & hospitality. Adaptader FA02 Compatible with two-way radios from M/A-Com Adapter FA04 Compatible with Kenwood two-way radios for Public Safety. Two-Way Radio Adapters for use with FREELINC products

14 FA01 GP 900 GP 9000 HT 1000 JT 1000 MT 2000 MTS 2000 MTS 3000 MTS 5000 MTX 8000 MTX 838 MTX 9000 MTX 960 MTX LS Adapters for Motorola High-Tier Two-Way Radios FA01 / FA01.B FA01.B XTS 1500 XTS 2500 XTS 3000 XTS 3500 XTS 5000

15 GP 1280 GP 140 GP 320 GP 328 GP 329 GP 338 GP 339 GP 340 GP 360 GP 380 GP 640 GP 650 GP 680 HT 1250 HT 1250LS Adapters for Motorola Mid-Tier Two- Way Radios FA03 HT 1550 HT 1550LS HT 750 MTX 8250 MTX 8250LS MTX 850 MTX 850LS MTX 9250 MTX 950 PRO 5150 PRO 5350 PRO 5450 PRO 5550 PRO 5750 PRO 7150 PRO 7350 PRO 7450 PRO 7550 PRO 7750 PRO 9150 PTX 700 PTS 760 PTX 780 FA03

16 TK 2140 TK 3140 TK-2180 TK-3180 TK 5210 TK 5310 TK 5400 TK 280 TK 380 TK 480 TK 481 TK 190 TK 290 TK 390 NX 200 Adapters for Kenwood Two-Way Radios FA04 NX 300 NX 210 FA04

17 100% Wireless Voice Communication FA04 Adapter 100% Wireless Microphone model FREELINC 2000 with Near-Field Magnetic Induction Technology (NFMI) No Wires – No Cables – No Cords

18 Accessories for FREELINC Products Earpieces for use with FREELINC 2000 microphones

19 Product Photos Various Charging Units for FREELINC Products

20 FREELINC Accessories Carrying Case

21 Ergonomically Designed Ear Gels Extensive Selection for Maximum Comfort and Adjustment Current Products Accessories – FREELINC 1000

22 Ear Hooks for Support Extensive Selection for Maximum Comfort and Adjustment Current Products Accessories – FREELINC 1000

23 Tactical Use Current Products Accessories for FREELINC 1000

24 PATENTED NFMI TECHNOLOGY Near Field Magnetic Induction is a short range, wireless, physical layer that communicates by coupling a tight, lower power, non- propagating magnetic field between devices. These magnetic fields remain localized around the user creating a communication bubble. The magnetic energy contained resonates around the user, but does not radiate into free space. This makes interception of secure transmissions nearly impossible. The energy inside the bubble provides high signal-to-noise ratios over traditional RF systems virtually eliminating communication problems like reflection and fading.

25 PATENTED NFMI TECHNOLOGY Why Choose Near-Field Magnetic Induction Technology over other wireless technologies: Cutting-Edge Technology Mobility and Freedom-of-Motion (no wires or cables) Exceptional Battery Life over other wireless technologies Audio Integrity Ease of Use Durability Secure Communications

26 Frequently Asked Questions What happens if I go out of range and lose the link between the speaker microphone and the radio adapter? The speaker microphone will beep with an alert tone and the adapter on the radio will blink red. To re-establish the link, move the speaker microphone within range of the radio adapter. Will my speaker microphone communicate with more than one adapter at a time? No. When the speaker microphone and radio adapter are paired they exchange a unique and individual ID. This exchange ensures that communication occurs only between the linked speaker microphone and radio adapter. Do I need to modify my radio in any way for the speaker microphone and adapter to work? No. The only requirement is that the FREELINC adapter must be the one specified for your two-way radio model. What happens if I lose my speaker microphone and need to use my radio to communicate with others? Simply turn the adapter switch to Off. With the adapter off, your two-way radio functions as if the adapter were not attached. Can I charge my speaker microphone through the USB ports on my computer? No. The levels on other USB ports are not the same as they are on the FREELINC charging cables. Failure to comply could cause damage to your speaker microphone.

27 Future Development Adapter FA05 For Vertex-Standard Two-Way Radios

28 Adapter FA06 For Motorola MOTOTRBO Two-Way Radios Future Development

29 Adapter FA07 For ICOM Two-Way Radio Future Development

30 Remote PTT Adapter for Motorola EX500/600 Adapter for Motorola two-way radios with a 2-pin connector (EP-450, EP- 350, etc.) Adapter for Kenwood two-way radios with a 2-pin connector (TK-2360, TK- 2170, etc.) Microphone for Military use Additional Future Developments

31 Current Certifications

32 Current Patents U.S. Patent 7,532,901 Issued (No. 14) Methods and Apparatus to Detect Location and Orientation in an Inductive System U.S. Patent 7,565,187 Issued (No. 15) Transceiver Device and Fastener U.S. Patent 7,574,173 Issued (No. 16) Wireless Communication Over a Transducer Device (NFMI Tuning Techniques) CIP #1 - US Patent App # 11/264,169 NFMI Remote PTT Device Headset, Speaker Mic, and Remote PTT CIP #2 - US Patent App # 11/469,751 Remote Microphone Device and Radio Adapter Mobile Mic - Battery Charge via Cord Non Provisional #1 System and Method for Near Field Communications Having Local Security Non Provisional #2 Near Field Communication System Having Enhanced Security Non Provisional #3 Secure Programming and Encryption of a Wireless Device / System Non Provisional #4 Point to Multipoint Passive Inductive Communication System Provisional #1 and #2 (Work in Progress) Consumer Applications

33 IPTEL NETWORK, INC NW 82 Avenue Miami-Lakes, FL Office: (305) Fax: (305) Authorized Distributor

34 Thank you for your attention!

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