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Mrs. Busby 8 th grade Language Arts.

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1 Mrs. Busby 8 th grade Language Arts

2 Consistency is the key!! Every Monday, students must write the homework assignment & other information in their agendas. Then, they raise their hand for me to sign and give them a warm up sheet for the week. If they are absent, the first day they are present in the week, they must do the same to get a warm up. Students are responsible for completing the warm up by Friday whether they are in class or not!! Homework is assigned on Monday and due on Friday! Students must have LA notebook in class every day! The LA notebook is very helpful when doing the homework.

3 Warm Ups: Use It Dont Lose It! There is a 10 question multiple choice quiz every Friday Students can get +10 on the quiz if the warm up is complete If the grade is not acceptable, they can go to the school website, click my name, and click forms for the re-do quiz Look up answers in notes, computer, etc. Turn in re-do quiz anytime before the following Friday.

4 Students must recite a poem every quarter! Jimmy Jet And His TV Set by Shel Silverstein Ill tell you the story of Jimmy Jet And you know what I tell you is true. He loved to watch his TV set Almost as much as you. He watched all day, he watched all night Till he grew pale and lean, From The Early Show to The Late Late Show And all the shows between. He watched till his eyes were frozen wide, And his bottom grew into his chair. And his chin turned into a tuning dial, And antennae grew out of his hair. And his brains turned into TV tubes, And his face to a TV screen. And two knobs saying VERT. and HORIZ. Grew where his ears had been. And he grew a plug that looked like a tail So we plugged in little Jim. And now instead of him watching TV We all sit around and watch him. October 3, 2012

5 Students or parents can email me with questions or concerns! I can electronically send notes I give grade printouts every Friday when I pass back graded papers

6 My wish list Dry erase markers Kleenex Masking tape Clear tape (dispenser) File folders Large paper clips

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