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Partners: In order to provide our Customers with top quality service, ProvN/Legacy has formed partnerships with the following companies:

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3 Partners: In order to provide our Customers with top quality service, ProvN/Legacy has formed partnerships with the following companies:

4 SecurityGuard TM WordPerfect TM TAPESYS TM THRUway TM RaxcoSupport TM RaxMaster TM Product Line:


6 AUDIT: OpenVMS Security Software Audit enhances native security by providing terminal session logging, audit trail reduction, analysis, and reporting, not otherwise available on OpenVMS. Analysis by SECMAN Customization of reporting analysis Selective auditing of users Selective auditing by date and time Selective auditing by file access AUDIT

7 Intruder Alert: OpenVMS Intrusion Detection Intruder Alert provides real time intrusion detection and response capabilities, which enable administrators to proactively manage computing environment security. Intruder Alert Real time intrusion detection Can notify via e-mail specified users of security violations Can take specified actions against intruders INSPECTOR tool allows for reading of open AUDIT logs Interacts with AUDIT

8 KBLock: OpenVMS Terminal Protection KBLock enhances native OpenVMS Security for VAX and Alpha systems, by providing easily implemented protection to unattended active terminals. Such functionality is not otherwise available in standard OpenVMS environments. Users can lock their terminal with a single key stroke Security Managers can remotely lock terminals Customer defined monitoring criteria Customer defined action taken on idle terminals Easily configured to site security policy KBLock


10 The most versatile and powerful communications solution for todays OpenVMS users. Standardize your corporate word processing across platforms Integrate text and graphics Print to any of the over 1000 printers supported by WordPerfect Link spreadsheets and graphics to your documents Keyboard mapping available Users from other platforms easily trained Available in multiple languages WordPerfect

11 Software Partners/32 TAPEsys TM THRUway TM

12 TAPESYS is an automated data protection tool that manages a corporation's most valuable resource - its data. Operating in an OpenVMS environment, TAPESYS provides a menu-driven suite of functions including backup, restore, media management, and archiving Provides a full set of features for automating the backup and restore of corporate-wide data Provides all the tools needed to manage your tape or cartridge library Provides full archiving facilities in addition to media management Provides multiple security features Users can independently restore files Report Menu enabling the operator to produce reports quickly on all volumes in the library TAPEsys

13 THRUway, The OpenVMS Remote Device Access System, bridges the gap from a remote VAX or AXP to a central VAX or AXP, simplifies file access, and provides easy and safe management of remote data from the main site. Transfer data in the context of any standard VMS I/O format, including BACKUP Makes a clustered tape drive appear as a local drive to remote users Makes a remote disk drive appear as a local drive Works in conjunction with TAPESYS® to schedule drive backups of remote disk Eliminates the need for operator involvement at a remote site Uses DCL and menu interfaces THRUway

14 RaxcoSupport

15 RaxcoSupport is a package of software tools that makes user support on your OpenVMS computer systems more efficient and more effective. Interactive user assistance, tutoring, and collaboration on joint projects Session recording for troubleshooting and documentation Remote computer connections and dial-in, remote-site support User training and group software demonstration Multiple terminal sessions and screen displays Log file formatting

16 RaxcoSupport Applications CONTRL RTMon INSTRUCTOR ATTEND Carbon Copy FRAMER Window CALOUT

17 CONTRL An interactive monitoring, training, and user support Software for OpenVMS VAX, & AXP systems, as well as running on Itanium. This product contains two separate programs, CONTRL & BLOCK Contrl allows you to interactively monitor terminals logged onto the system. It has four basic modes (WATCH, ASSIST, RECALL, SEND).

18 CONTRLs monitoring modes: WATCH – Enables you to connect to and monitor a target terminal ASSIST – Allows you to connect to a target terminal and enter data to the target process RECALL – Allows you to obtain the DCL-command recall buffer for a target terminal, and either view it on screen or write it to a log file SEND – Allows you to send input to the target terminal without leaving the CONTRL command line

19 Block program: The BLOCK program is designed to prevent system users from monitoring your terminal without permission. It can be accessed at the DCL command line or automatically executed through system/personal login procedures.

20 RTMon: RTMon is a program that allows RaxcoSupport and CONTRL, to watch remote (RT) devices. However, it will not allow you to enter or send data to the process of a user on a remote device. Once installed, RTMon operates transparently. Connect to an RT device and watch a user on this remote terminal Obtain DCL-command recall buffer for a remote device, and view it on screen Utilize the BLOCK command to prevent system users from watching the remote device without permission

21 INSTRUCTOR: A program within CONTRL or RaxcoSupport that allows a single instructor to generate information or demonstrate application software to selected students at one time. It is an instruction delivery tool. Instantaneous two-way communication between instructor and students More proactive instruction sessions Control over the content of your instruction sessions Financial and time saving in eliminating the need to travel to different sites to attend training More frequent and varied training of staff

22 ATTEND ATTEND is used by both RaxcoSupport and CONTRL as an attendance tool for multiple students. It allows students, with the appropriate identifier, to join an INSTRUCTOR course. Once admitted to a course a student can immediately view all materials generated by the instructor. In addition, the students can send messages to the instructor at any time. Allows a student to quickly join an available course Enables multiple students to be connected to a single instructor and course Permits a student to join a course that has already been started and preview previously generated information Contains an on line help utility Enables the student to communicate directly with the instructor by sending and receiving messages

23 CarbonCopy CarbonCopy is a program within RaxcoSupport that creates a log file of your terminal session. You have the option of recording every byte of information that passes between your terminal and the system, or only your input into the system. It allows you to preserve a record of anything done at your terminal, for later review and analysis. As a diagnostic tool – For instance, if you are running into problems with a particular application, you can create a log file of your activity so that support personnel can see exactly what you did without having to duplicate the procedure, As documentation – At some sites these log files are created, edited, and then included in documentation. As a tool for detecting software problems – You can place a command to turn on CarbonCopy in a DCL command file so that unexpected events or errors with code can be captured as the occur. This is especially useful in tracking random problems that are occurring internally and that would otherwise go unnoticed

24 FRAMER FRAMER is designed to convert log files for output to a specified terminal or printer. For example, you can use FRAMER to convert the CarbonCopy log files that were left in virtual format. Format log files for output to a printer for documentation or hard copy records View a log file one frame at a time, saving to an output file only selected frames Convert an entire log file

25 Window WINDOW allows you to run multiple sessions from a single physical terminal. You can switch from one session to another, at any time, as if there were several terminals sitting on your desk. Each WINDOW session occupies the entire screen, exactly as though it were the only process running. A record of each sessions screen is maintained. In addition, your display is automatically updated when you change sessions. WINDOW is also a valuable documentation tool. When you are in a WINDOW session, you can save a screen full of information to a file. One method is to issue WINDOW commands at the WINDOW> prompt. WINDOW commands are DCL-like in appearance A second method involves defining a key to execute one or more WINDOW commands with a single keystroke. A third method is to place a series of WINDOW commands in command file. There are a number of ways to execute WINDOW commands.

26 CALOUT CALOUT is designed to provide you with extended communications capability. It is responsible for establishing the link between your host system, modem, and a remote system. CALOUT operates in two distinct modes (command, terminal). In command mode you directly enter CALOUT commands. These commands allow you to: 1) control the host-modem-remote pathway; 2) transfer files, and execute macros and command files. CALOUT commands are entered at the CALOUT> prompt. In terminal mode you send commands to the modem. While in this mode, you execute modem commands to dial the remote system. Once you connect to the remote system, commands are sent as though you were directly connected to it. In terminal mode, everything you type is interpreted by the modem and remote system as a command

27 CALOUT allows you to: Access a number of common information networks, such as Western Unions TELEX, EASYLINK, and WESTLAW. Access a remote system from a host system, and then use the remote system as though you were connected to it directly. Transfer all types of files between the host system and a remote system, running the OpenVMS operating system. Transfer all type of files between the host system and a remote system that supports XMODEM protocol (including personal computers). Transfer text files between the host system and any remote system that has an asynchronous ASCII port. Create and execute macros and command files to automate the communication link. Create and display log files of remote system activities.

28 RAXMASTER The Performance Suite is a comprehensive OpenVMS performance solution, which integrates disk optimization, caching, dynamic system tuning, and RMS file restructuring to solve the most common performance problems. Improves I/O performance by utilizing unused main memory to store data, reducing I/Os to physical disk. Eliminates file fragmentation with a single pass on the disk, open-file defragmentation included. Intelligently positions files on the disk to minimize average seek times and delay re-fragmentation. Tunes the system automatically in response to changing workloads and interactive usage. Eliminates RMS index file fragmentation on-line and tunes FDL settings.

29 Performance Suite applications PerfectDisk UltraDisk PerfectCache PerfectTune

30 PerfectDisk PerfectDisk is system software that is designed to aid disk management operations. A Disk Optimizer/Defragmenter A Disk Monitor/Reporter PerfectDisk provides the system manager with a comprehensive Disk I/O System. Disk optimization makes disk files and free space contiguous. Files and free space are optimally placed on the disk to minimize the number and duration of seeks. Disk optimization improves overall disk I/O performance by focusing on seek activity, in addition to correcting the basic problem of file fragmentation.

31 PerfectDisk Features Single pass defragmentation and optimization Optimal file placement Schedule & throttling Real-time monitoring Continuous operation Menu and DCL interfaces Flexible implementation Disk and file utilization statistics Integrated with PerfectCache Works with UltraDisk

32 UltraDisk UltraDisk is Raxcos performance software for VAX and ALPHA systems that provides: Move open file capability and Disk fragmentation operations. UltraDisk operates continuously and online, requires no modifications to your existing applications, does not interfere with your normal processing, and is fully customizable.

33 UltraDisk Features and Benefits: Enhances the disk optimization process by moving open files while they are being accessed by users. The entire process is transparent to users. Performs clusterwide disk fragmentation control operations. Significantly reduces the number of newly created file fragments that occur during the course of normal operations. Results in better disk performance because I/O processing occurs with fewer split I/Os and window turns. Reduces CPU overhead in creating and extending files. Complements disk optimization (particularly effective with PerfectDisk because of its dynamic file strategy). Reduces frequency of running disk defragmentation software. Keeps critical files such as system files in same location. Provides an online help facility with information about how to run and customize the software.

34 PerfectCache PerfectCache is system software that is available for VAX and ALPHA or both. PerfectCache provides both caching and virtual disk functionality to your system. It can intercept and Service I/Os (through caching) and data access (via virtual disks) at the software level to reduce disk I/O traffic. PerfectCache can give you significant gains in Performance and Faster throughput rates, particularly on systems with many interactive users and applications. Its power comes through three distinct components: Disk Cacher Virtual Disks I/O Monitor

35 What is Caching? Caching is the use of memory to hold frequently accessed data so that physical disk I/Os can be avoided. The memory holds contents of logical blocks on the physical disk. Disk I/O requests for reading data will speed up significantly using caching. This includes request to start programs and Compilers. If caching software is running, your system can complete user Disk I/O requests immediately rather than waiting for the disk to transfer data. By significantly decreasing the number of I/O requests satisfied from disk, caching can improve response time.

36 Virtual Disk PerfectCache provides the ability to create virtual disks in memory. One or more virtual disks may be created; they are operationally indistinguishable from physical disk and have access roughly 10 to 100 times faster than physical disks. A virtual disk is part of memory set up to appear to the operating system to be a real disk drive. Just like physical disks, virtual disk are listed using the $ SHOW DEVICE command. Virtual disks are faster than physical disks. Users can create files, show directory listings, and perform any other command normally used for physical drives. Use of virtual disks can substantially speed up user data access.

37 You cannot cache virtual disks. If you are not sure whether you should be using caching or virtual disks, follow these guidelines: Use caching to speed up your system overall. Add virtual disks as necessary when you: Have lots of temporary files that you want to put on a virtual disk to speed specific operations (e.g., compiles). Need a small disk for specialized purposes, such as testing. Want to decide which files and/or users to service from memory. When Do I Need Virtual Disks?

38 Virtual Disk Features and Benefits Performs Data Requests at CPU Speed Uses Only A Small amount of Non-paged Pool Allows Shadowing to Prevent Data Loss Easy to Use The following list summarizes the key features and benefits of PerfectCache Virtual Disks:

39 I/O Monitor PerfectCaches I/O Monitor is easy to use and will provide a number of system statistics (about disk I/O usage) that will help you to identify potential I/O performance bottlenecks. What is I/O Monitor? The I/O Monitor is a software utility that will: Collect detailed statistics about disk usage on your system. Display those statistics. Analyze and display file usage statistics.

40 I/O Monitor The I/O Monitor consist of three modules: IOM, DMON, and FMON. IOM is used to collect systemwide disk activity statistics including number of read and write I/Os performed for each disk on the system. IOM Module DMON Module DMON is a program that displays the disk statistics as they are being collected by I/O Monitor. FMON Module FMON is the program that analyzes and displays file statistic usage.

41 PerfectTune PerfectTune is Raxcos dynamic system tuning and monitoring Software that is designed to enhance: a) process scheduling; b) system process efficiency; c) overall system performance; and d) system throughput. It runs as a detached process on your system. PerfectTune frees system managers from very the time-consuming and often tedious job of statistically setting and re-setting parameters due to workload changes in order to maintain peak system performance.

42 PerfectTune consist of the following components: System Tuner – Evaluates system and per process parameters and dynamically adjusts them (as needed) to accommodate fluctuating workloads. ANALYZE utility – Detects up to 70 conditions that may exist on your system and can adversely affect system performance. These conditions include: a) non-dynamic parameters that PerfectTune can not override but you may want to change; b) system conditions impacting negatively on performance that you may be able to affect; c) system conditions that warn of hardware or software difficulties. System Monitor – Profiles your system activity and workload, In addition, you can view some of the key tuning adjustments made by the System Tuner or enhance your overall system performance and throughput.

43 PerfectTune consist of the following components cont.: Process Monitor – Displays statistics related to process efficiency and scheduling; and provides you with a snapshot of some adjustments made to key parameters by Tuner.

44 "OpenVMS - standing the test of time a ProvN-Legacy for the present and the future…"

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