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Whats New in Progress OpenEdge 11 )"> KD )"> KD Whats New in OE11.

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1 Whats New in Progress OpenEdge 11 )"> KD )"> KD Whats New in OE11

2 2 Introduction - Dan Foreman Progress User since 1984 Author of: Progress Database Administration Guide Now updated through V10.2B SP5 Progress Performance Tuning Guide Now updated through V10.2B SP5 Progress System Tables Guide - NEW VST section updated through V10.2B SP5 V11 Database Administration Jumpstart Expected Release Q1 2012

3 Introduction - Dan Foreman Pro Dump & Load ProMonitorProCheck Balanced Benchmark Whats New in OE11 3

4 4 Audience Survey Progress Database Version V8 or earlier V9V10.0*V10.1*V10.2AV10.2B V11 Beta

5 Audience Survey How many use the online Progress Knowledgebase frequently? Whats New in OE11 5

6 Audience Survey How many are happy with the new Knowledgebase? Whats New in OE11 6

7 OpenEdge 11 Release Before the end of 2011 Whats New in OE11 7

8 Main Topics There is too much to describe in one presentation but we will cover: Multi-Tenant – the main focus of OE11 in my opinion (in addition to BPM) Database Changes ABL/4GL Changes Whats New in OE11 8

9 What I am Not Covering The Cloud (Progress Arcade) BPM (Thank you Jean) OpenEdge 11 Architect Install location and Windows launch menu changes Branding Changes Ships with Eclipse 3.6 Whats New in OE11 9

10 Multi-Tenant - Terminology Tenant Named group of users Share same application and data Default Tenant Users who do not establish Tenant identity Whats New in OE11 10

11 Multi-Tenant - Terminology Super Tenant Has ability to access/manage data of any Tenant Multi-tenant Group Multiple Tenants sharing data for a specific Multi-Tenant table Whats New in OE11 11

12 Multi-Tenant - Terminology Table Instance Defined by a single table definition (schema) Each Table Instance contains A data segment for the record data A separate data segment for each index/Lob of the table Each tenant/group has a different table instance A Tenant need not instantiate every Multi-Tenant table Whats New in OE11 12

13 Multi-Tenant - Terminology Data Segment Tenant/Group specific (Type 2) chain of data for each table/index/Lob Stored/encapsulated in its own physical data partition Physical data partition Managed storage for each object of a Multi-Tenant table instance Do not span Storage Areas Whats New in OE11 13

14 Multi-Tenant Basics A Tenant is a separate organizational entity within a Multi-Tenant database with: Its own private data segment for each Multi-Tenant table Except for Groups and Super-Tenants One or more ABL security domains Its own users Whats New in OE11 14

15 Multi-Tenant Basics Each Multi-Tenant database Client belongs to some Domain and some type of Tenant Default Tenant Regular Tenant Super-Tenant Whats New in OE11 15

16 Multi-Tenant - Basics Non-Multi-Tenant tables (shared tables) Are tables in a non-Multi-Tenant database, or tables in a Multi-Tenant database that are not Multi-Tenant: Sports DB State table with AK, AZ etc, Temp-Tables Schema tables Can be accessed by users of any type of Tenant subject to normal access privileges Act like V10 tables Whats New in OE11 16

17 Multi-Tenant - Basics Multi-Tenant tables Have been made Multi-Tenant in a Multi- Tenant database Are in a single private Data Segment for each regular Tenant Except for Groups where the Group has the private Segment Have a default Data Segment for the Default Tenant Mostly for use during migration Whats New in OE11 17

18 Multi-Tenant - Groups A user of any Tenant in a Group can create, read and update any row in the table that is grouped Only Tables can be grouped Whats New in OE11 18

19 Multi-Tenant - ABL TENANT-NAME()TENANT-ID() Return the current session Tenant Id and Name. Take an optional DB Name parameter if there is more than one database connection in the session Now is the time to learn about the CLIENT-PRINCIPAL Object Whats New in OE11 19

20 Multi-Tenant – Database Data definition files (.df) ADD TABLE Customer MULTITENANT yes AREA "Customer/Order Area Whats New in OE11 20

21 Multi-Tenant – Database Some of the screens inside promon are changing Any screen that has a 'user' column will now also have a 'domain' column since you cant have one without the other If you have any scripts that scrape or parse the output of any promon screen be prepared to visit those for OE11 Whats New in OE11 21

22 Multi-Tenant – Database User Control: by user number Usr:Ten Name Type 0:0 dbadmin BROK 5:2 SELF/ABL 6:1 SELF/ABL 7:0 dbadmin SELF/ABL Note:User#:Domain# Userid:Domain Whats New in OE11 22

23 Multi-Tenant – Database Currently Connected Tenants Tenant Id Name User Count 0 Default 3 1 RU 1 2 US 1 Whats New in OE11 23

24 Multi-Tenant – DB Utilities Some Examples proutil -C dump tenant proutil -C dump tenant proutil -C dbanalys [ area ] [ shared | tenant | group ] Whats New in OE11 24

25 OE 11 Database OE Management can now monitor and control remote jobs DB Interceptor in Actional can detect record locking conflicts Whats New in OE11 25

26 Language – TEMP-TABLEs Temp-Table Monitoring with Virtual System Tables _TableStat _IndexStat _ActSummary Whats New in OE11 26

27 Language – TEMP-TABLEs Built-in OOABL Class Progress.Database.TempTableInfo Provide info on (static or dynamic): Number of Temp-Tables in scope List of Temp-Tables Temp-Table name Name of procedure or class that instantiated it Access to Temp-Tables Handle Whats New in OE11 27

28 Language - TABLE-SCAN Table Scan – used when accessing ALL records via FOR EACH Table must be in Type 2 Storage Area Does not use index to access data Access records sequentially Data maybe in a different order than using an index Whats New in OE11 28

29 Language - TABLE-SCAN FOR EACH TABLE-SCAN : It will be interesting to see how COMPILE XREF describes this option Whats New in OE11 29

30 Language – R-Code MUST recompile in V11 32/64-bit compatibility restored Frame Segment Size 32K to 4Meg limit increase R-code Header Segment 64K size limit lifted Procedure library Can now be > 4GB in size Whats New in OE11 30

31 Language - Other Built-in OOABL classes for creating and parsing JSON JSON: JavaScript Object Notation Lightweight data exchange format Useful for iPad (and other) Interfaces Whats New in OE11 31

32 OE 11 - Other Progress OpenEdge 11 Eases Web Application Development Whats New in OE11 32

33 AppServer/DB Info Exchange Want promon ability to shutdown Secondary Login Brokers Full control of Statement Caching (enable/disable) from VSTs, not just promon All dsrutil (OE Replication) information in VSTs Online re-ordering of AI extents Fix performance of _lock VST Whats New in OE11 33

34 Future Horizontal Partitioning of Tables (not just for Multi-Tenancy) Whats New in OE11 34

35 More Information See Progress Revolution presentations tent/progressrevolution2011archive tent/progressrevolution2011archive Whats New in OE11 35

36 Whats New in OE11 36 Conclusion Questions? a =+ A=3;!_

37 2008 Conference Whats New in OE11 37

38 2008 Conference Whats New in OE11 38

39 2008 Conference Whats New in OE11 39

40 2008 Conference Whats New in OE11 40

41 2008 Conference Whats New in OE11 41

42 2008 Conference Whats New in OE11 42

43 Whats New in OE11 43 Conclusion Thank you for coming! Thank you for the invitation Contact Information: (but not right now please…it will cost me hundreds of Rubles per minute)

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