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Implementing USL University of Sydney Library Jane Barton and Isis Bibaoui, November 2012.

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1 Implementing Sierra @ USL University of Sydney Library Jane Barton and Isis Bibaoui, November 2012

2 SIERRA Coordinated by Integrated Library Systems Management Group (ILSMG) ILSMG consists of functional experts from all service areas and head of Library IT Services ILSMG liaised with III, Library staff, Library groups and Library Management as required Designed and delivered staff training sessions Responsible for all communication to library staff on migrations (email, Intranet Page, InfoBlog, presentation at various meetings Sierra list invaluable source of support and information 2 Coordinating the Migration

3 SIERRA 3 Overview of Pre-Live work Technical requirements pinned down and implemented Record of Millennium settings Access to III hosted Sierra 3 weeks prior to go live date – Sierra Preview Access Verifying required specs Purchasing / set up of hardware Back up of Initials & associated authorisations Backup of Settings and preference for all Millennium module logins (printer settings, print templates, macros, item/bib templates, options groups, stats groups, ILL departments etc) Full access to most functionalities to see it all in action Useful for screen shots of the various functions to run presentations for staff Opportunity to explore Sierra users and workflows and develop and understanding of how they work Staff consultation on appropriate workflows Limited access Most time spent in Sierra admin setting up Sierra users and workflows Staff training / Familiarisation Permissions had to be fixed – there was a slight numbering change that impacted some permisisions

4 SIERRA Sierra Database – Virtual Machine: -Platform: VMware Infrastructure (vsphere) 4.1 -Operating system: Redhat Enterprise linux, 64bit, release 5.8 -Memory: 32GB RAM -CPUs: 8 x virtual CPUs - Disk space is provided by Fibre Channel SAN administered by our Central IT department, the sizes are as per III specifications Millennium server, which became the Sierra Application server: - Its specs are similar but a bit smaller - Platform: VMware Infrastructure (vsphere) 4.1 -Operating system: Redhat Enterprise linux, 64bit, release 5.8 -Memory: 24GB RAM -CPUs: 4 x virtual CPUs 4 Technical specs @ USL

5 Sierra Users vs Millennium logins and initials

6 SIERRA 6 Sierra users Millennium Login Millennium Initials Sierra User Location Options Settings Preferences Permissions Location Options Settings Preferences Permissions + Workflows

7 SIERRA 7 Two Types of Possible Sierra Users Current millennium initials and password become Sierra User Individual Settings, preferences, Workflows & Permissions Personal user Shared settings, preferences, workflows attached Prompted for initials & passwords after login in Have to request III to activate Context user setting prior to Preview installation Context User

8 SIERRA A generic login, prompts only for initials only for financial functions Some individual personal users exist for staff with specialised workflows 8 USL Service desk users (generic personal user) Location Templates Macros Workflows Permissions Settings Location Templates Macros Workflows Permissions Settings Sierra Session

9 SIERRA 2 tier login process 9 USL Workroom users (context user) Location Doc del files Templates Macros Workflows Settings Permissions Sierra Session (similar to a Millennium login) (similar to Millennium initials)

10 Sierra Workflows Vs Millennium Modules

11 SIERRA 11 Modules Vs Workflows Millennium Modules Modes within modules WORKFLOW Functions becomes

12 SIERRA A workflow has to be assigned to a Sierra user in order to use the functions listed in the workflow You can assign workflows to personal Sierra user and to context users Default workflows – by Millennium module, with all the functionalities listed While a person might be assigned a workflow, can only use the functions in that workflow if they have the permission to do so Can tailor workflows, workflow names and order of position of workflow in functions menu Workflows can be made up of different functionalities, regardless of previous mill module The same function can be listed under more than one workflow Need permission to work with workflows 12 About workflows

13 SIERRA 13 Workflow Example @ USL – Workroom Workflows Workroom – Core Checkout (circulation desk) Check-in (no patron) Search / holds Course reserves Serials checkin Claiming Funds Reports Workroom – Extra Create lists Fines Paid Notices Data exchange High-demand holds View outstanding holds Bookings maintenance Catalog Document Delivery New requests Pending requests Process returns Filled requests Cancelled requests Enter requests Process paged requests Mediate requests View requests Program Registration Program management Registration desk Circulation Serials Acquisitions Cataloging Interlibrary Loans Program Registration Reports Article Reach

14 Staff Familiarisation 14

15 SIERRA Run Millennium at the same time as Sierra Train staff in Sierra a group at a time Slowly migrate staff across to Sierra BUT ….. 15 Initial thoughts on Introducing Staff to Sierra ….

16 SIERRA 16 Decided to migrate all staff STRAIGHT to Sierra Can run Millennium side by side but has to be reloaded, and there is an icon for each module Uses the same users and initials and data as the Sierra system – so any problems with this would also impact Millennium users Some functionalities (such as create lists and ArticleReach) only available in Sierra once migrated. Once we had access to Grizzly became clear that Sierra had exactly the same functionality as Millennium, with a different look and feel and some changes in navigation Wish to have all staff using Sierra before the second phase of Sierra started Didnt want to see Millennium hanging on in use like telnet – we still had diehard telnet users up until last year! Experiences being reported by other libraries on the Sierra list …….

17 SIERRA 17 Sierra vs Millennium – migrated libraries experiences We migrated everyone to the Sierra interface on day 1. This move met no resistance, unlike when we migrated from telnet to Millennium. Appalachian State University Library We have been live for two days… None of the issues reported have been with staff not knowing how to perform a task. That part is genuinely easy. MARINet Consortium of Academic & Research Libraries

18 SIERRA 18 Staff training Focused on the idea of managing change and anxiety rather than on the idea that training was required Staff Familiarisation rather than training Sierra Page on Intranet created – link to III presentations on it, link to Familiarisations session presentations Staff sessions run every day in two weeks prior to go live date Power point presentation: Side by side slides of Millennium Screen Stressing same functionality, different look and feel About logins and workflows Detail of what was different (enhanced searching, underlying structure)

19 So what happened when we went live? 19

20 SIERRA Now been live for just over a week Catalogue down during go live for 10 hrs, library notices not sent during period – switched on ability for clients to use Cross Search. Used training server as back up for staff. ArticleReach supply and mediation switched off Off line circulation utilised Took much longer than anticipated; problems at both ends. Within 14 hours all functionality except ILL and ArticleReach. After testing of functions, rolled out by login 20 Going Live – Overnight Tuesday 6 th November 2012

21 SIERRA Docdel files not displaying ArticleReach not accessible Web services module – used to import patron data and web fine payments had problems. Fine mop up because of off line circulation limitation Many emails and calls to III during process. About a week of fine tuning needed. 21 Going live: problems encountered

22 SIERRA Make the day of the implementation a day closed in your days closed table so that nothing is due Download Pending and New docdel files – just in case. Expect system to be down for a whole day, advise staff and clients Negotiate as early a start time as possible Get as much information on what ports need to be open (if applicable) IT services ccd on all communications during live deployment If you have a training server, synchronise with production as close to migration as possible. Training servers webopac can be used by staff. 22 What would we do differently

23 Any further questions? 23

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