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Annual General Meeting September 26, 2009 Mickey Wener, Chair Kellie Hildebrandt, Registrar/Exec Director.

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1 Annual General Meeting September 26, 2009 Mickey Wener, Chair Kellie Hildebrandt, Registrar/Exec Director

2 Meeting Agenda Call to Order Approve 2008 AGM Minutes Reports: Chairs Report & Table Activity – Mickey Wener Registrars Report and Review of Financial Statements – Kellie Hildebrandt Complaints Committee Report – Cindy Isaac-Ploegman By-law Changes – Discussion & Vote Election of New Council Members Nutrition Break Continuing Competency Quality Assurance Presentation – Joanna Asadoorian Committee Report & Table Activity – Alayna Gelley Other business Alumni of Distinction Gala Dinner – Salme Lavigne WISH Clinic – Kyle Conrad Greetings from the MDHA – Deanna Mackay Adjournment

3 Sept 2008 AGM Minutes Discussion & amendments

4 Chairs Report What were proud of! Establishing responsible, accountable governance Meeting regulatory requirements, registration and complaints investigations Interaction with other stakeholders Physical presence and communication Solidifying employees - salaried Registrar/Exec Director and a new Registration/Program Coordinator effective Sept 09

5 The role of the governing body… your CDHM Council To uphold the Act, Regulations and By-laws To establish strategic outcomes To provide accountability To measure progress and success To establish responsibilities of Council members To decide what can/cant be delegated To train Council members so they can govern accountably

6 CDHM Council The CDHM Governance Metaphor Moral Owners: The Public Legal Owners: Dental Hygienists Outcomes Registrar Directs Staff & Volunteers Works toward goals within limitations according to policies Sets goals and limitations in the form of policies

7 Establishing Strategic Outcomes Ambitious yet achievable Dynamic Priorities drive the CDHM

8 2009-2010 Strategic Outcomes 1.The CDHM exists so that the public will have safe, competent dental hygiene care and expertise that contributes to oral and overall health. 2.The public is assured of quality dental hygiene care. 3.The public recognizes, values and seeks dental hygiene care. 1.More people, especially under-served populations, will have access to dental hygiene care 2. The public will have reliable oral health information to make informed decisions. 4. A wide range of private, public and not for profit entities seek the professional expertise and comprehensive services that dental hygienists provide. Initial impetus for their development… where do we want dental hygiene to be in the next 5-10 years?

9 2009-2010 Strategic Outcomes cont 5.Dental hygienists will explore the roles and responsibilities of the profession as oral health providers and promoters, client advocates, educators, administrators and researchers. 1. They provide a high standard of care while maintaining and improving competence and quality of practice. 2. They recognise and represent themselves as professionals 3. They demonstrate pride in, respect for and commitment to the continued development of the profession 4. They have opportunities for alternative practice settings and utilize a broader scope of practice as entrepreneurs or employees 5. They have the information and support they need for effective practice and professional growth 6. They are aware of educational opportunities for re-entry and maintenance of competence 7. They have opportunities for advanced education 8. They seek interdisciplinary collaboration with other health professionals

10 CDHM Members input: Rate the Strategic Outcomes! Please find the white Rating our Outcomes Survey at your table Outcomes are the results that we want the CDHM to achieve Rate how important you feel the Outcomes are to you Comment if you would like to further explain your rating 5 - 10 minutes, individually Please return your completed surveys in the designated envelope at your table

11 CDHM Members input: P.R.E.S.T.O. Identifying the winds of change As a table group (10 minutes small group + 10 minutes reporting): Everyone provides a 30 second self-introduction Identify a recorder, a reporter and a timekeeper Using one of the P.R.E.S.T.O. Worksheets (yellow)… Discuss and record what current or emerging big picture trends or issues you see that will impact the dental hygiene profession in the near future Each table will focus on either the P-political, R-regulatory, E-economic, S-sociological, T-technological and O-other factors Be prepared to share one of your ideas with the large group Please return your completed worksheets in the designated envelope at the table so that Council can capture everyones ideas ~ THANK YOU!!!

12 Registrars Report Registration Statistics National Responsibilities Provincial Responsibilities Regulated Health Professions Act Continuing Competency Program CARP Office Space Registration/Program Coordinator – Melody Chaudhary Open House – November 9, 2009 October

13 CDHM Office 109-420 Des Meurons Street OPEN HOUSE: Please join Council and staff on November 9, 2009 for the CDHM Grand Opening. 109-420 Des Meurons 5:00 to 8:00 pm

14 Financial Report Robert Yamishita – CA Financial Statements as of April 30, 2009 Office Start-up Expenses Reserves Customized database that allows for online renewals and updates Legal Continuing Competency Programs Future staff/programs

15 Complaints Committee Report Chair: Cindy Isaac-Ploegman Members: Lisa Grayson, RDH Kelly Tye-Vallis, SLP – public rep

16 By-Laws Discussion & Vote Why make amendments? to align the bylaws with current, exemplary governance practices to eliminate duplication between the bylaws and our policies, and to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the College How to make amendments? The CDHM by-laws may be repealed or amended at a general meeting by a majority vote of the membership. How will we proceed? Membership had opportunity to review by-laws prior to meeting Will review by section, highlighting changes, then voting by section THE ACT BY-LAWS REGULATIONS POLICIES MINUTES

17 Article 1: Interpretation Definitions updated: Words: singular/plural words; gender/opposite gender Council is governing body Registrar accountable to Council Special Resolution (2/3 majority vote)

18 Article 2: Membership Members, Non-Members, Temporary, Student Registers Minor editing for clarity

19 Article 3: Membership & Related Fees The addition of an annual renewal due date prior to the termination of the membership year (January 14th) is being proposed to allow the CDHM office sufficient time for registration/ renewals to be reviewed and approved by January 15th each year. Minor editing for clarity

20 Article 4: Meetings AGM agenda items listed Chair presides at AGM Resolutions to Chair > 5 days prior Fine tuning re types of meetings (AGM & Special General) 5% of membership may call a Special General meeting Notice given before meetings Minor editing for clarity

21 Article 5: Election of Members of the Council Minor editing for clarity

22 Article 6: Council Members Responsibilities detailed Terms of office further defined Protocol for filling vacancies Attendance requirements Reasons/protocol for removal from office Return of property Chair, Vice-Chair & Registrar responsibilities

23 Article 7: Standing Committees Deletion of by-laws that are repetitious of policies Minor editing for clarity

24 Article 10: Administration of the College Use of corporate seal Deletion of by-laws that are repetitious of policies Minor editing for clarity

25 Article 12: Distribution of information Mechanisms for college to distribute information and notices to members, i.e. mail, electronically, website…

26 Election of New Council Members Nominees Patricia Hawthorn Terry Phillips Nominee Presentations

27 Terry Phillips

28 Nutrition Break

29 Continuing Competency Quality Assurance & Continuing Competency Programs Joanna Asadoorian Committee Report Table Discussion & Feedback

30 CONTINUING COMPETENCY PROGRAM FEEDBACK FORM Your feedback is appreciated. Please feel free to comment on the questions below and return them to the CDHM office. This feedback will assist us in further development of the program. Once the Continuing Competency Program is in place, and considering your learning style, which activities do you expect to take part in? (Please check all that apply) In person courses (i.e. those offered locally by the MDHA, CDHM, U of M, MDA, etc) Online courses (i.e. those offered on the CDHA website) Researching and review of journal articles Study/Journal Clubs Watching dental hygiene videos/DVDs Other: _________________________________________________________________________ What could the College do to support you during the implementation of the Continuing Competency Program? _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

31 Other Business Alumni of Distinction Gala Dinner – Salme Lavigne WISH Clinic – Kyle Conrad DH2 Student

32 Greetings from the MDHA Deanna Mackay - President

33 Adjournment Thank you for your attendance and participation!

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