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Performance upgrade portal WothRline

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1 Performance upgrade portal WothRline
Bosch M4.x re-flashed via flash tool in the ECM. Bosch M4.3 MY Bosch M4.4 MY Following systems are re-flashed via flash tool in the ECM or if possible directly in the vehicle. Bosch ME7 MY Bosch ME9 MY 2004- Bosch EDC15 MY Bosch EDC16 MY Denso MY 1999-

2 Many Volvo owners have asked me about tuning SW over the years and I have been forced to turn them down. I am sad to say that I can't personally provide tuning SW! What I can offer is help and valuable information to owners who are thinking about an upgrade. If you are thinking about getting your car tuned, I can provide you a portal to help you get a high quality SW with trustworthy performance figures that will fulfil the WothRline philosophy to a competitive cost. If you are interested in an ECM upgrade for your petrol or diesel engine MY94 or later, then send an and I will put you in contact with professional tuners. Only flash-upgrades (no chip upgrades) either directly in the car or through the flash-PIN in the ECM. HP - In general, expect 7-10% power gain from a HP (high pressure) engine like T5 or D5 with SW upgrade alone and % torque gain. LP - low pressure engines in general will gain more from a SW upgrade and in most cases gain better over all performance compared to the comparable stock T5 model. For a LP (low pressure) engine like 2.5T or 2.4D you can expect 20% power gain and 20-30% torque gain from a SW upgrade alone and you will get a much more refined nature with greater feel in the higher engine speed range.

3 Bosch M4.3 P80 (850) turbo model MY 1994-1997.
850 Turbo/T5 Eu/US 225hp/300Nm SW upgrade 255hp/390Nm 850 T-5R/850R aut Eu/US 240hp/330Nm & 240hp/300Nm 850R man Eu 250hp/350Nm SW upgrade 265hp/410Nm

4 Bosch M4.4 P80 (855/x70) turbo model MY 1996-1998. 855 AWD 193hp/270Nm
SW upgrade 235hp/370Nm S/V/C70 2.5T/AWD Eu/US 193hp/370Nm S/V/C70 T5/R aut Eu/US 240hp/330Nm SW upgrade 265hp/410Nm S/V70R man Eu/US 250hp/350Nm SW upgrade 275hp/430Nm V70R AWD aut Eu/US 240hp/310Nm

5 Bosch ME7 P80 (x70) turbo model MY 1999-2005.
S/V/C70 2.4T/AWD Eu/US 193hp/270Nm SW upgrade 235hp/370Nm S/V/C70 T5 Eu/US 240hp/330Nm SW upgrade 265hp/410Nm V70R AWD aut Eu/US 250hp/310Nm SW upgrade 280hp/410Nm V70R AWD aut Eu/US 265hp/350Nm SW upgrade 295hp/430Nm C70 T5 Eu/US 245hp/330Nm

6 Bosch ME7 P2x turbo model MY 1999-2009.
S60/V70/S80/XC70 2.4T/AWD Eu/US 200hp/285Nm SW upgrade 235hp/370Nm S60/V70/S80//XC70XC90 2.5T/AWD Eu/US 210hp/320Nm SW upgrade 245hp/380Nm S60/V70 T5 Eu/US 250hp/330Nm SW upgrade 265hp/410Nm S60/V70 T5 Eu/US 260hp/350Nm SW upgrade 295hp/430Nm, 7000rpm, +270km/h S60R/V70R AWD Eu/US 300hp/400Nm SW upgrade 330hp/450Nm, 7200rpm, +280km/h

7 Bosch ME9 P1x turbo model MY 2004-. S40/V50 T5 Eu/US 220hp/320Nm
SW upgrade 250hp/390Nm C30/S40/V50/C70 T5 Eu/US 230hp/320Nm

8 Bosch EDC15 P2x diesel model MY 2002-2005.
S60/V70/S80 2.4D 130hp/280Nm SW upgrade 190hp/410Nm S60/V70/S80/XC70/XC90 D5 163hp/340Nm

9 Bosch EDC16 P2x diesel model MY 2006-2009.
S60/V70/S80 2.4D 163hp/340Nm SW upgrade 220hp/470Nm S60/V70/S80/XC70/XC90 D5 185hp/400Nm

10 Denso Denso only 140hp Naturally Aspirated with automatic gearbox!
MY S/V70 aut Eu/US 140hp/220Nm SW upgrade 170hp/230Nm MY S60/V70/S80 aut Eu/US 140hp/220Nm MY 2004- C30/S40/V50/C70 aut Eu/US 140hp/220Nm

11 TME catback exhaust system
Add a catback exhaust and you will get another 10-20hp depending on model and better response, but most importantly, you will lower the temperature impact on the HW and most often also improve fuel consumption. If you'd like to add an exhaust system to your car, I recommend the TME exhaust system and can provide a direct link to them to help you get a good price. Send me your enquiry and I will forward this to TME to see if it's possible to arrange a delivery to your location.

12 It's possible to reach higher torque figures but that will stress the HW and the sporty characteristics will vanish. Read more about Torque and power and Engine performance and tuning on If you think that the figures seems to be on the low side compared to what many tuning companies claim, these are real figures and not just numbers to state the highest figures compared to other tuning companies. It's sad that tuning companies has to lie in order to get customers. Since people don't want to think before they buy, they just go for the company that states the highest figures... With the same HW, tuning companies have the same limitations to work with and it can't be that much difference in maximum power. You will not find performance figures here that's just not possible to achieve in reality and for me it's very important to maintain the durability and deliver a sportier nature. The S60R/V70R SW upgrade with 7200rpm rev limit and a real top speed of +280km/h will feel nothing like the stock vehicle. The T5 24HT will reach +275km/h and the performance between 5000rpm and 7000rpm is not what you would expect from a Volvo and together with the low end torque you will also get greater comfort. Also the older T5 model with smaller turbochargers will end up with a new characteristics with a smoother drive and a great driving pleasure and high end performance. If you have a special request for a more extensive tuning with a SW calibration for a turbocharger upgrade, bigger fuel injectors etc, this can most likely be solved. Let us know what you're looking for and we will se what we can get for you and your car.

13 E-mail:
Write any information that you think might be needed and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Include the following information in an if you are interested. Example 1: Vehicle: Volvo S60 2.5T Country: Germany MY: 2006 Gearbox: Aut Chassis number: Turbocharger: Stock Injectors: Stock Exhaust: Catback system Notes: Sport air filter in box Example 2: Vehicle: Volvo S60 T5 Country: USA MY: 2001 Gearbox: Manual Chassis number: Turbocharger: 19T Injectors: 468cc green Volvo OEM Exhaust: Complete exhaust system with race cat. Notes: Front mounted intercooler, AVR external boost controller, adjustable fuel pressure regulator Example 3: Vehicle: Volvo S60 D5 Country: Sweden MY: 2007 Gearbox: Manual Chassis number:

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