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ALICE 2010. Alice at LHC : Detector and Physics Overview The LHC as Ion collider SPS-RHIC-LHC Global properties in the LHC regime ALICE and its experimental.

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1 ALICE 2010

2 Alice at LHC : Detector and Physics Overview The LHC as Ion collider SPS-RHIC-LHC Global properties in the LHC regime ALICE and its experimental strategy Suite of detectors Performance Status 15 march 2010Valerie Huret

3 Table : budget HR 15 march 2010Valerie Huret Postejanvierfévriermarsavrilmaijuin Salaires50,00057,80038,72648,26350,22767,304 Fournitures15,00017,34011,61814,47916,44322,034 Equipement22,87526,44417,71722,08124,04532,220 Immobilier48,00055,48837,17746,33348,29764,718 Publicité7,5008,6705,8097,2409,20412,333

4 Chart : budget BE 15 march 2010Valerie Huret Text pour commentaire Du graphique…

5 HADRON AND LEPTON IDENTIFICATION Under study: extension of PID to higher momenta Combine TPC and TRD dE/dx capabilities (similar number of samples/track) to get statistical ID in the relativistic rise region 15 march 2010Valerie Huret

6 Movie 15 march 2010Valerie Huret

7 Novel aspects… Multiplicity 15 march 2010Valerie Huret

8 LHC as Ion Collider Running conditions: Other collision systems: pA, lighter ions (Sn, Kr, Ar, O) 15 march 2010Valerie Huret

9 Novel Aspects… soft processes Probe initial partonic state in a novel Bjorken-x range (10-3 - 10-5): nuclear shadowing, high-density saturated gluon distribution. 15 march 2010Valerie Huret

10 Novel Aspects…Hard processes Hard processes contribute significantly to the total AA cross- section Bulk properties dominated by hard processes Very hard probes are abundantly produced Weakly interacting probes become accessible (γ, Z0, W±) 15 march 2010Valerie Huret

11 List with SmartArt Graphic Tom Cruise Johnny Depp Brad Pitt Height : 1.84 Weight : 80 kg 15 march 2010Valerie Huret

12 Alice re….

13 Alice Physics Reach… Global properties Multiplicities, η distributions Degrees of Freedom vs Temperature Hadron ratios and spectra Dilepton continuum Direct photons Collective effects Elliptic flows 15 march 2010Valerie Huret

14 And experimental consequences for ALICE Large Acceptance Coverage Large Momentum Coverage (from 100 MeV/c to > 100 GeV/c) Excellent photon detection ( in Δφ =450 and η = 0.1) Large acceptance… calorimetry very desirable, for which only the infrastructure exists, but not yet the detector 15 march 2010Valerie Huret

15 Alice Layout: Tracking NOMSPRENOMSDEP.TEL. BARKER-PYTHOUDCatherineHR-DI74821- DUNANDArielleFP-PI74625- MADDENJoanneDGS-RP7215679362 GALVINVirginieHR-RPM72855- 15 march 2010Valerie Huret

16 Tableau dExcel 15 march 2010Valerie Huret Postejanvierfévriermarsavrilmaijuin Salaires37,50043,35029,04536,19838,16251,137 Fournitures10,00011,5607,7459,65311,61715,567 Equipement40,00046,24030,98138,61140,57554,371 Immobilier41,00047,39631,75539,57641,54055,664 Publicité12,50014,4509,68212,06614,03018,800

17 Alice Layout: PID Ricatti ManagementJurgenPaulPauloFinancialComputingFederico Catherine YvesPhysicsKarl 15 march 2010Valerie Huret

18 Chart… 15 march 2010Valerie Huret

19 Silicon Pixel Detector SPD successful system beam test Oct. 03 including full FEE and DAQ bump bonding at VTT (Finland) series production started ( > 99%) Three assembly sites operational 15 march 2010Valerie Huret

20 Silicon Strip Detector SSD Production: sensors from three vendors under production FEE electronics: all chips in production micro-cables & hybrids (Ukraine): very advanced technology; need to reach production speed Assembly shared between 4 ( later 5) sites (Finland, France, Italy); pre-production validated Status viable, but very tight schedule 15 march 2010Valerie Huret

21 TPC – FEE FEE: 48 channels with digital signal processing Serves also for other ALICE Detectors: PHOS, FMD Also considered for RHIC detector upgrades 15 march 2010Valerie Huret

22 ALICE TRD : Ionization, Tracklet, Triggering 15 march 2010Valerie Huret

23 Marc, le voisin de Arielle 15 march 2010Valerie Huret

24 Muon Tracking System Advanced Pad-chamber system with 1.2* 106 readout channels Sagitta resolution of < 50 μm for Mass resolution of ~ 80 MeV at Upsilon Production of chambers started in France, India, Italy, Russia 15 march 2010Valerie Huret

25 JETS AND JET QUENCHING (I) Jets : reflect interactions of partons in partonic matter Effects 15 march 2010Valerie Huret

26 Jets and Jet Quenching (II) Experimental Consequences Measurement of Jet Energy is important In present configuration Alice measures only charged particles ( and electromagnetic energy in PHOS) Large EM Calorimeter would provide significant performance bonus Measurement of Jet Structure very important Requires good momentum analysis from ~ 1Gev/c to ~100 Gev/c Alice excells in this domain pp and pA measurements essential as reference for physics in cold nuclear matter 15 march 2010Valerie Huret

27 Animations 15 march 2010Valerie Huret

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