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Software Tour: Power PMAC IDE

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1 Software Tour: Power PMAC IDE
Support for All Power PMAC Products (included with CPU purchase) Built in configuration tools, tuning, programming editors. Product configuration Database. IEC Option. Power PMAC IEC A0-0PPIEC-35X $1495 -The Power PMAC IEC is a Windows based program development environment and a Power PMAC firmware addition. -The development environment enables the writing, monitoring, and debugging of programs in accordance with the IEC standard. -The package supports ST, IL, SFC, FBD, LD, and CFC languages. -The Power PMAC firmware addition allows the Power PMAC to execute the IEC programs. -Included in this package is the source code to a custom function block library of common Power PMAC tasks. Requires Hardware key.

2 Software Tour: PMAC Pro2 Suite
PMAC EXECUTIVE PRO2 SUITE 3A0-9PPRO2-35x Supports All Turbo Products ($799 First Seat, $199 additional seats) Includes Executive, Tuning, Plot, Setup tools Essential for System Development and Maintenance (Upload/Download PMAC programs)

3 Software Tour: NC PMAC NC PRO2 (Soon Power PMAC NC Available !)
Supports Turbo Product CPU’s. ($1299 Runtime, $199-$399 additional, $2598 Designer) Can be Fully Customized with Designer Version.

4 Software Tour: PMAC Project
PMAC Project (new release end 2012) Included with All Brick & Clipper Turbo Products. Provides Out-of-Box to System-Ready Setup and Project development. Creates basic Project files, programs, PLC’s to get project started. Motor/Drive Database setup with Step by Step component testing and setup.

5 Software Tour: Libraries
Component Libraries PComm Server Library for Turbo Products 3A0-9PPRO2-35x ($499 Royalty-Free Single user development license). Power PMAC Component Library 3A0-PPCOMM-35X ($799 Royalty-Free Single user development license ). PMAC LabView Interface Library (soon updated for Power PMAC) 3A0-9PLPR2-35x ( $999 First license, $259 additional)

6 Software Tour: Servo Analyzer
Servo Analyzer 3A0-PMSRVA-35X ($1795) Power PMAC or Turbo PMAC supported. Consult factory if interested in this product. For sophisticated users. Servo Loop Tuning software tool for design and analysis of robust and high performance motion control systems.

7 Software Tour: Compensation Table Calibration
PMAC Laser Calibration (Turbo PMAC) 3A0-LASERC-35x ($499) Developed to simplify and accelerate the process of implementing both Leadscrew and Backlash Compensation tables in PMAC. The software automatically gathers data by moving in both positive and negative directions, gathering control and laser feedback data at user specified increments. Once the data is acquired, PMAC Laser Calibration assembles leadscrew and backlash compensation tables automatically. The user can then download these tables and view the correction immediately. Graphing and Printing Utilities are included so the operator can view, document and analyze the system. Export tools are also included so further analysis can be conducted with external software.

8 Software Tour: 3rd Party Recommended
WARDJet NC Open development package. ( Motion Commander Foundation for Machine Control (

9 Software Tour: 3rd Party Recommended
CodeEditor for PMAC. American Controls & Automation Inc. ( DevExpress Multi-Platform Development Tools

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