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Tuning plan for my AE104.

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1 Tuning plan for my AE104

2 fIRST AN eNGINE SWAP Option 1 4AGE HP Option 2 3SGE 2.0L 200HP

3 Next a new ECU TO properly manage the power of the new engine a new engine computer is needed

4 Forced Induction To increase the horsepower of the car, we add a turbo to feed controlled amounts of compressed air into the engine.

5 Handling Improvements
To help the car to be properly able to hand the power as well as for safety reasons we will a d improved brakes (top) and suspension(bottom) along with a new gear box. (left)

6 Exhaust To help the flow of exhaust gasses out of the vehicle and to give it a distinctive sound, a high flow exhaust system is fitted.

7 Interior Changes

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